Are pole saws safer than chain saws?

To be honest, there are no 100% safer ways when it comes to cutting down trees and other materials. But the tools can be more or less safer than each other if we compare by nook and cranny.

How the chain saw works might sound so simple; you just have to put the saw on a chain and the small petrol engine will do the job. But a chain saw makes a mess if it is not handled in the right way. Even the slightest mistake can severely damage the wielder. Did you know that dodging the chain can cause chain failure and is more likely to hurt the wielder?

Pole saws, on the other hand, are lightweight and discards the need of using a ladder to cut down trees. Besides, when your hands is full and suddenly want to stop the chain saw it becomes a bit difficult to do it all on a sudden for chain saw. Polar saw does the polar opposite in such cases as it is easy to turn off, doesn’t make mess if you drop it.

So, a pole saw is safer comparing to a chain saw in the sense that it doesn’t require gasoline attachment which is harmful to the environment.

Also, the vibration being produced from the chain saw makes it a little bit complicated to handle, just a slight falter can cause damage. So, it is certain to some extent that pole saws are safer than chain saws, easier to use for people of all ages and positions; be it professionals or beginners.

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