5 Best Battery Powered Pole Saw-Buying Guide In 2021

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Every day a new saw hits on the market. They are rigorous and have a unique shape or design, but not all of them are battery powered pole saw. Getting the most powerful and portable saw means you look for the best battery powered pole saw. 

Based on feasibility, longevity, multi-angled head, and convenience, we sort out the top 5 pole-saws for you. We will tell you about how it gives you more benefits and thus, we will bring more insights too. Because every type pole saw Like Corless Pole Saw, Electric Pole Saw, Manual Pole Saw has some stand-points regarding functioning for that, different clicks and models go on. 

5 Best Battery Powered Pole Saw Reviews

1.LiTHELi Battery Cordless Pole Saw

Best battery powered pole saw

LiTHELi has created this pole saw to avoid any accident and to cut thick trunks easily. Therefore, it ensures dual-action starts with a safety lock. Afterwards, the best part of it is to have the tool-less chain tensioning knob. Here is why you find it superb, flexible and no extra tool needed. 

Once it comes to your hand, you can easily put it together as the installation is that easier. It can cut in 4 different angles, making the cutting work a lot more functional! It weighs only 15 pounds and reaches up to 9 feet high turns out, this will satisfy you in the garden. 

LiTHELi saves time and effort which you have already got to see. Aside from it, the selling point of it is with the warranty. This tool offers 5 years warranty and the after service is pretty good hence, the 5 years service will be paid off. Moreover, you are getting this service for the maximum accessories of its battery. 

  • Easier to stabilize
  • moderate weight
  • Cut in a different angle
  • auto oiling system for bar
  • Somewhat expensive to all gardeners

Summary: We all struggle to go up and cut the twig or trunk of our tree. LiTHELi turns out an amazing bait since it is battery operated, lightweight and sifts around 4 directions. Moreover, it comes with the tool-less chain tensioning for that no-hassle comes-across. Thus, the cost of it meets without any discussion.

2.KIMO Battery Powered Pole Saw

KIMO Cordless Pole Saw

KIMO is an enchanting telescoping electric pole chain saw, which is a popular bait for its extended reach. Yes, it will go up to the peak of your tree height up to 15ft, making your work a lot easier. Having the amazing telescoping pole really nail it! If we delve into it then the chain bar shows up 8-inch long and easily cut planks of wood under 18ft per 60 seconds. 

We include this saw like a beast, the amazing thing is it is battery powered. Another great feature would be the no-hassle instant start where you won’t need gas or cord. If you choose pine wood it ensures 100 cuts in each charge infusing the 4″x4″ Pressure. Overall, we find it as the best professional battery powered pole saw.

Let not forget to share how convenient it is. We get to see this is a great pole saw to get face the hassle of the arm, back, hands straining while pruning. Moreover, the anti-rotation shaft makes the work easier so it won’t need an extra tool to get more fluid and roll on. You will find it as much as stable and comfortable as you will require in your backyard. 

  • Amazingly lightweight
  • Goes up the zenith of tree-twigs
  • Feasible and convenient while using
  • Not worthy to mention any

Summary: Finally, you will get to know the interesting part of this pole saw. If you are a female gardener, then hit on the cart for shopping right now. Why? Well, this is insanely lightweight (only 7lbs), and cordless. Here is why we recommend it as the best battery cordless pole saw

3.Oregon Battery Pole Saw Kit

oregon cordless ps250 8-inch 40v telescoping pole saw

Oregon is an industry leader for churning out saw equipment. If it is about buying a telescoping pole saw that comfortably goes up to the tree twigs, then it turns out a great bait for you. The best part of it is the instant start-up without warming it up or without facing hassle. The pole saw is compact enough to understand clearly how you should run it. 

The tool is quite good functional but the PS250’s ergonomic design makes it less bulky. Turns out, the mid-mount motor of it easily fits on the frame. Aside from it, the extendable reach is another selling point as you may reach up to 15 feet right from your foot. We enlisted it as the top battery powered pole saw since the battery will survive up to thousands of times. 

The chain speed is good enough to cut 2 or 3″ diameters of the trunk of trees so the 2817 fpm will nail it. If you find a hurdle while pruning then the shoulder strap of it comes to give you comfort and stability. 

  • Powerful battery backup
  • Lightweight and functional
  • Made of rigid fibreglass so it is durable
  • Chain combo allows to take down big limbs
  • Comfortable to run extra hours
  • The blade guard is made of mid-range quality plastic, however, it is fairly quick to fix.

Summary: The buying benefits of this amazing pole saw fall under two places. The first one is it is extremely convenient even though it is bulky and secondly, the battery holds up the standard charge so it gives you the constant power. If the price won’t be a matter for getting the best battery powered pole saw.

4.Milwaukee Battery Pole Saw Kit with QUIK-LOK

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Pole Saw Kit with QUIK-LOK

MILWAUKEE has brought this combo kit and saves the goal to have maximum features. So if you are looking for a pole saw for professional maintenance, it sounds perfect. Based on that, we recommend it as the best commercial battery pole saw for you. While digging deep into the product we found the winning feature of it is to have the M18 FUEL. Therefore, it saves your hassle and time, making your pruning work a lot easier. 

The automatic oiling is a default feature. Apart from it, you would truly love to see the QUICK-LOCK function as it helps to produce more power and thus increase performance. Moreover, the speed is quite satisfactory that is  2825ps also, smart enough to prevent any damage during heavy application.

  • Powerful
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to put together
  • It seems somewhat expensive to buyers

Summary: If chain oiling and quick lock function have already amazed you then you can bring it home right away. The pole saw is good enough but it is a bit pricey. 

5.VonHaus Battery Pole Saw Telescopic Pole for Cutting Branches

vonhaus 40v max 8 cordless pole saw

VonHaus is our last pick but it is as enchanting as the previous one. When we get to see it’s a feature, we come to know it is as rigid as you will bring the money back. The first feature of it is the adjustable telescopic movement which you may easily extend and minimize in between 8 to 10 feet long. The grip is quite good to hold and the weight is also satisfactory up to 11.8 lbs. 

The battery power will give you the amazing wizard to cut every branch of trees so it comes with a 4.0Ah Lithium-ion battery. The chain is from Oregon that is a leading equipment and over the chain the safety coverage fits on nicely. If you get to see the sudden drop of power then, then you can replace it, since you will find the warranty. 

VonHaus is a real competitor of any gas powered pole saw. Now you can cut the cost of fuel using electrical power, so once the battery is fully recharged then, you can run it seamlessly for half an hour. Indeed, it ensures a long lasting cutting experience.

  • Extra-long reach
  • Seems to have plenty of power
  • Effective in trimming
  • Heavy to carry as the weight goes more than a pound

Summary: We found VonHaus as an affordable bait and it is the best battery operated pole saw for the money. Since it is made in China, you can buy it at this price. It brings immense power and facilitates with instant pruning the trunks of a tree.  

How To Choose Battery Powered Pole Saw-Buying Guide

Buying a pole saw is so easy, you just read some reviews on it and then make a quick decision. But we will ask you to take more time on the following buying guide, then come to know which things to consider and which not to consider. 

Battery Life: 

Obviously, the key consideration of any battery-powered pole saw linked to the battery life. If the overall life-span of it is not satisfactory then you won’t invest in it. 


Aside from the battery longevity, you also take into consideration the power that remains. That being said, a quick battery back-up is always welcoming. But here is a heck with the amperage terminology. The higher amperage means the battery won’t last too long however it will bring more cutting power. So, the vice-versa would be the lower amperage will last long but bring the minimum power. 

Keeping this in mind, you will need to bring the pole saw. If you need to cut the bigger trunk of trees then obviously you need more power, also you need to understand the hassle of quick recharge. 


One of the main reasons why people look for pole saw is for its lightweight-ness. Here is why the weight of your pole saw plays a pretty important role. The more weight means the less convenient it will bring for you. We will recommend you to choose between 6 to 13 lbs. 

Another tip would be based on your gender. We recommend the most lightweight pole saw for women and comparatively minimum lightweight for muscle man. 

Angle Of Cutting Head: 

A pole is not just a regular saw that will cut straightforwardly rather it is multi-diagonal, turns out you can move the head at different angles. The head will not be fixed permanently instead of that, you can move it or tweak it in 3 or 4 different rotating angles, making the job easier to fix. 

Length of Pole: 

Since you are buying a pole saw so the length of it matters the most. The length is a relative term which depends on your usability. For a longer pole, you will find the lesser convenience no matter, you find the best bait. However, the average pole length is quite satisfactory which starts in between 9 to 12 feet. The extra bigger pole length would be 15 feet long that provides the extended reach to the top trunk of your tree. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):-

Are battery-powered saws any good?

Battery-powered saw brings excellence and convenience at the same time so it is somewhat more good compared to any corded powered saw. Thankfully, some good items come with the same immersive cutting performance as well. 

What is the best battery powered pole saw?

If you want to look for an ultimate bait for battery-powered saw then we recommend you with LiTHELi 40V cordless pole saw. It is a safe and high performing saw but the key reason for our recommendation is its 5 years of warranty. 

How big of a branch can a pole saw cut?

It depends and varies from one pole saw to another. Commonly the ranges would be 1.2″ diameter to 8-inches.

Does Stihl make a battery-powered pole saw?

STIHL is an amazing brand and they proudly churn out battery-powered pole saw. Also, you may find the cordless pole saw as well. Moreover, they tune-up the fixed-length choices and the chain-speed is amazingly immersive to cut a certain diameter of tree trunks.

Is a battery power pole the right choice for me as a newbie or DIYer?

This type of pole saw is user-friendly so a newbie can easily tackle it without facing many challenges. However, if you are pretty new into this then reading the manual of it will work. If it is about DIYer then the garden work would be great so you won’t need to hire a professional. 

Final Verdict: 

Best battery powered pole saws are of great innovation, they are portable, easy to install, and quick to cut. Among many of them, we have enlisted some reliable battery operated pole saw. Depending on your budget, you can pick any of them without any further ado. However, from our side, we will recommend you with LiTHELi 40V since it is the most compact pole saw ever. 

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