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9 Best Camping Saw [2023 Guide]

Are you the person who loves to on new trips for adventure? Do you get excited to go camping over any other outdoor activities? Then while packing, the most useful item you need to have is the best camping saw.

Vincent – is a young man who loves camping. He has been going with his friends for quite a time. He shared the experience of having the tool. To him, these saws make camping a lot easier. And also more enjoyable. So, one should not forget to pack this for a carefree trip.

People who like to travel often go for outdoor activities. Among the common ones, camping is one of them. So, if you are spending the night outside, saws will be valuable to lessen your burden.

I think Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw is the best saw for camping. (Our Top Recommended).

Though you think you need an Axe, that’s not true. Instead, it can become an annoyance. For that, get a camp saw.  Do the activities without worrying and enjoy your trip.

Comparison Of Best Camping saw

We have analyzed the top 6 camping saw based on their weight, blades Length, item dimensions, and other features like price and everything. Here you go and pick the right one.

Corona Tools 10-Inch RazorTOOTH Folding Saw | Pruning Saw Designed for...
Blade Length
10 Inches
Item Weight
14.4 ounces
12 x 2.5 x 1 inches
Best Seller
Corona Tools 10-Inch RazorTOOTH Folding Saw | Pruning Saw Designed for...
Blade Length
10 Inches
Item Weight
14.4 ounces
12 x 2.5 x 1 inches

Quick List of Our 9 Best Camping Saw Reviews

1.Best Folding Saws For Camping⇔ Silky Professional BIGBOY Folding Saw

2.Best Camping Saw⇔ Gerber Freescape Camp Saw 

3.Compact Folding Saw For Camping⇔ Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw Best Compact Folding Hand Saw

4.Lightweight & Portable Camping Saws⇔ Zippo 3-in-1 Axesaw

5.Best Camp Saw⇔ Corona Razor Tooth Folding Pruning Saw.

6. Best Bow Saw For Camping⇔ Sven Saw

7.Best Camping Folding Saws⇔ Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw

8.Best Survival Saws For Camping⇔ TABOR TOOLS Folding Saw 

9.Best Silky Saw For CampingSilky Gomboy 240 Professional

What is a Camping Saw?

Outdoor activities require special tools that will alleviate the extra hassle during the period. A camping saw is a type of utensil for prepared for camping activities. Campers find it as a must-have item in their backpack.

A regular saw is not a fit for occasional activities. When you go camping, you need to cut wood, meats, plastic, or metal. Also, gather woods to create fire or build the camping site. All these require the best camping saw.

Therefore, campers, survivalists, and hunters use this tool for performing those activities. They prefer something that will quickly set in the backpack or pocket. Nowadays, these tools come with safety features to avoid unwanted accidents.

The 9 Best Camping Saw Review & Buying Guide.

1.Bahco 396-LAP Laplander-Best Camping Folding Saws

The next one we added to the list is one of the most affordable saws in the market. Campers love it for the lightweight. It is also a general-purpose serving item. The finishing of the product gives it an appealing appearance.

The quality is satisfying if you consider the overall features. You can cut woods, brush, animal, and even bones easily with the 7.5 inches blade. The forest green leather strap handle has a good grip for users. Additionally, it comes with a safety lock to avoid any uncertain incidents.

This camping folding saw has 7 TPI, and the blade has a coat to protect it from rust. Hunters and campers will have a smooth experience on their trip with this saw.

  • The sturdy blade can cut through green and dry woods.
  • It has a plastic handle with two components and an anti-skid.
  • Operating is simple with good balance.
  • It is an extensive purpose saw.
  • The saw has a dual lock system.
  • The cutting speed is slower.

2.Corona RazorTooth Folding Pruning Saw For Camping

corona razor folding saw review

Corona Razor tool is another affordable saw you can find in the market. The manufacturers have emphasized the tooth to provide a sharp and smooth cutting experience. That is why the low TPI does not act as a barrier.

If you are looking for a saw at a low price, this is for you. The three-sided teeth can do the work due to impulse-hardened technology. Even if you scratch them, it will not lose the cutting capability.

The ergonomic handle has a soft grip and gives you a comfortable feel while working with it. We would recommend the 10 inches model to cut thick boughs. Small and medium branches will easily cut through the blades.

With the six teeth per inch and curved blade, it works better than any traditional knives. Moreover, you can replace the blade whenever in need.

  • It is a folding saw.
  • You can use it safely.
  • Long-lasting due to replacement option.
  • The build quality is excellent.
  • The big size may reduce portability.
  • It is not suitable for thick boughs.

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3.Sportsman Best Compact Folding Hand Saw For Camping

Best Compact Folding Hand Saw

The bi-directional saw is also a self-cleaning product. It offers fast cutting with razor-sharp blades. To store the tool, it comes with a nylon storage bag and a loop belt.

This version of the Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw is a 36 inches long chain. There is a possibility of expecting a superior performance. It is installed on grips to use without a heavy chain saw around. You can call it the ultimate survival saw for the features.

There is a unique trait of this saw. You can resharpen it. This criterion is not available on other camping tools in the market. With this, it becomes a long-lasting product. The lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer ensures quality and durability.

The material for the blade is 65Mn high carbon steel. That makes it rust-resistant and allows last more than a couple of uses. Handles are capable of heavy-duty due to metal support providing a firm grip.

  • The 36 inches long chain
  • You can sharp it when in need.
  • Lifetime guarantee product.
  • Perfect amount of TPI.
  • It has ergonomic handles.
  • It is hard to cut dry wood with the saw.
  • Thick bark is tough for shirking.

4.Silky BIGBOY Folding Hand SawBest Folding Saw For Camping

best camping saw

The first product in our review is the Silky professional BIGBOY 2000. It is a must-have item in your collection without any disagreement. The long blade and the teeth density are the attention-seeking features. Japanese company “Silky” is successful in the market for this product.

The best silky saw for camping is a high-quality product with a sleek design. In this folding saw users get a double-fist rubber holder for holding. With that feature, a comfortable grip will be possible. You can store it in the pocket, toolbox, backpack, or even in the glove chamber.

This tool has a lightweight blade. The carbon-steel blade weighs light and yet can cut through hard objects. It will not get stuck in the midway of cutting. You can expect better performance than average camping saws use effectively.

The blade is 1.4 mm thick and has a length of 360 mm with a TPI of 5.5. With the Japanese impulse-hardening technology, the product has sturdy teeth than the regular ones. This technology gives the saw up to three times longevity compared to other items.

The saw is capable of multifunctioning. It gives the benefit of cutting branches, pruning, trimming- all at once. This camping folding sawtool will be your best friend for camping.

  • Amazingly sharp and lightweight folding saw.
  • The tool is large and durable.
  • You can easily fold and unfold the tool.
  • The saw blade is robust
  • It comes with a case.
  • It may not be waterproof mentioned in the features.
  • The case material is plastic that is easy breakage.

5.Gerber Freescape Camp SawBest Saw For Camping

camping saw reviews

Gerber is a well-known brand for making camping tools. The Freescape camp saw is one of them.  When you fold the twelve inches blade, it becomes flat. Now, that is something nifty because it saves space and increases portability. It is a good combination of durability, comfort, and usability.

It is about a foot long and only one inch thick upon folding. And the blade is comprised in the closed mode. So, there is o no need to bother about accidents when not in use.

The extremely sturdy blade will not shake or bend while cutting. The rubber handles another addition to the comfort level. This saw is the best companion if you are expecting heavy duty.

  • When you fold, it becomes thin.
  • It comes with a stiff frame.
  • The rubber in the handle makes a pleasant grip.
  • You can replace the sawblades
  • The price range is middle that may seem more to some people.
  • The saw is larger than a hand saw.

6.Silky Gomboy 240 Professional-Best Silky Saw For Camping.

best silky saw for camping

Special Features:

Power Source– Corded Electric.
Blade Length– 9.5 Inches.
Warranty – Limited Lifetime.

The Silky Gomboy Professional Folding Saw is an excellent pruning saw and cutting dry, hard timber. This is a brilliant camping saw and it will exceed most of your expectations. Therefore you can sometimes act like a bow by it. It has a 240mm long blade that helps fold the handle easily. It is still very portable for hiking or camping, and it’s another best silky saw for camping.

Product Details-

Silky professional Gomboy Folding saw has gained a reputation in the market as the best folding saw. It has a very smooth cutting process with multi-purpose folding and a 9-1 / 2-inch blade. This folding saw is best for Gardeners and woodworkers.

It works best to cut green or dry wood because it has solid and aggressive teeth. It uses MIRAI ME (smooth cutting) technology. Its strong teeth and reliable spring-loaded blade lock and textured rubber-paddle handle make the saw safe and comfortable to use. Also, you can use for camping bushcraft trip.

Blade-Tooth Design- It has 8.5 teeth per inch (10 teeth per 30mm).It has different types of blade length (210,240,270,300mm).It has a premium Japanese handle and more precision-ground, impulse-hardened EMD teeth that ensure superior performance to ergonomics professionals. Undoubtedly this is better than other folding saws in the market.

Variety of Applications- The Gomboy series folding saw You can use the product for pruning and trimming lawn and garden, construction work.

  • 9-1/2″ (240 mm) blade length.
  • 8.5 teeth per inch configuration.
  • Lightweight.
  • MIRAI-ME (Smooth Cutting) Technology.
  • Clear plastic hinged carrying case.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Some customers think the handle needs to be stronger. And if you are not very careful when cutting, the saw may fall off.

7.Zippo 3-in-1 Axesaw-Lightweight & Portable Camping Saws

zippo axe saw review

It is tough to find versatility in camping saws. But the Zippo Axe saw is a three in one product. That makes it a winner in the market among others.

For any outdoor activities, you can use it without hesitating. The blade is fifteen inches long with a 420 stainless steel material axe head. The tool is collapsible in style.

This stunning and innovative product is a combination of hatchet and saw in a single tool. When the blade cover is on with the blade in place, you can use it as a hacksaw. It is a lightweight and Portable Camping Saws tool.

If you remove the cover and lose the blade to store in the handle- it becomes an axe. This feature is handy for camping and other similar activities. The backside also has a mallet tip that you can use as a hammering tool for small jobs.

The excellent cutting experience will become a comfort for you. Also, the handle allows putting two blades together. It will permit you to carry different shanks according to your need.

  • It is a versatile product with an innovative design.
  • There are two blades storing capacity inside the cover.
  • The long sawblade allows a perfect cutting experience.
  • The product is heavy for camping.

8.TABOR TOOLS Folding SawBest Survival Folding Saw For Camping

pruning saw review

This product is a pruning saw. It has quite good reviews among users. So, we have included it in our review list for you. The saw will give you a worry-free experience for outdoor activities and folding saws for camping survival.

You can call it a power blade as it can cut up to four inches thick logs. You will be amazed to know that it is rust-resistant. The deep cuts are pleasing as it strokes backward.

It can easily fit into a pocket, making it a tool for several usages. Cutting bushes, building a camping site, or a campfire- you can do it all. The bright red handle will help you to work in low lights.

When locked, it is safe and turns into a sheath.

The firm handle from non-slip materials enables working for a long time. It contains enough stability with the blades as well.

  • This product has a durable design.
  • It has a non-slip rubber grip.
  • Lightweight camping saw.
  • The design is durable.
  • Sometimes you have to put pressure before cutting.

9. Sven Saw -Best Bow Saw For Camping

sevan saw reviews

The Sven Saw is a tool with a 15 inches long blade. If you combine convenience and durability, it will give this bow saw. It is also one of the most expensive saws in this category.

This folding saw is a good option for cutting wood. Dense logs do not matter to the product. It can also cut a tree without any problem. The product is a better alternative among all available ones in the market.

The blade material is hardened Swedish steel. You can use it for brushing trails, getting rid of bushes, or cutting firewood. The aluminum handle is anodized and can work under any weather. It will not rust.

Sven saw weights less than a pound. So, it is undoubtedly lightweight. It will not give you a heavy feeling while carrying.

  • The fifteen inches long blade.
  • It is a Hacksaw style saw.
  • You can easily fold it.
  • A lifetime guarantee is available.
  • The product is not as stiff as it you expect.

User Guide for Buying Best Camping Saw

As there are several types of outside activities, you will find many options for buying a saw. It is necessary to know which one will serve your target. Though all of them are full of attractive features, you should know how to find the right one.

If you are a new camper or someone looking for better options- this guide is for you. Have a look at all the features you should consider that we prepared just for you.


The saw handle design is a dominant element for a better user experience. If you are not comfortable using the tool, it will be hard to fulfill the purpose of using the product. So, buy the one that fits in your hand and gives a good grip. The design should not trouble you holding it in one hand.

When you fold, the blade should match with the handle. This feature will ensure safety and lock from inside. Camping saw handles with dense plastic are best. Metal handles are also good, but it should have a rubber coating for a soft grip.

Blade type

Camping is worry-free when you know your saw blades. Depending on the usage, types vary. You will find three different blades based on the angle, teeth positioning, and teeth density.

The angles are straight or curved. For cutting thick branches, a straight blade is necessary. To clip thin branches, buy a curved blade saw. So, it is up to you which blade is suitable for your activities.

Next is the teeth position. It is the area of the teeth pertinent to the handle. Some blades tilt towards the handle, where some tilt away.  This direction applies a vast influence. It affects the operability of the product. You are the one to decide which one to buy based on preference.

For measuring performance level, the density of teeth is the main element. Teeth per inch or TPI is the number of teeth a blade has. A higher value will give you a smooth and accurate cut. That is why you should buy a Camping saw with an 8-9 TPI.

Weight and Size

While buying weight, and size plays a vital role. Campers look for a lightweight saw that is also small in size. Mostly, they prefer something thing that fits into the pocket. If not, at least in the backpack.

A big one will be heavy and difficult to carry. So, do not buy this type of saw. Find one ultimate hand saw with multipurpose benefits. People do not go camping with heavy luggage.

A lightweight standard saw size is 8 inches when you fold. It can be a little bigger sometimes. If you want a smaller one, there is also 5 inches saw available in the market. This tool is best for survivalists.


It will decide how easily you can carry the item. Though you look for lightweight, that is not the only thing. While making a decision, look for the lock systems and safety of the product. Carrying cases and pouches make packing easy. So, checking it is also necessary.


Tools are for lessening your difficulty. You will find different tools for different needs. Camping saws are also the same. Buying one will not give the best experience.

There are several types of saws based on the activities. User-specific tools can do tasks like- carving, sawing in proper dimensions, trimming thin branches or cut thick boughs, and so on. So, a good idea of how you are going to use your saws will be beneficial.

Camping Saw and Axe -Which is the Better?

I think this decision depends on your plan and the wood to be processed. Both are required according to demand. However, saws are more accessible to carry than axes.
This question revolves around people interested in travel and camps, Axe or Camping Saw, which is the best? Especially beginners.

The camping saws are tremendous and help process lots of woodcutting, trail clearing, and general works. It is small enough and light.

The Axe Wise may be the best tool for you to travel, but it is better to have a small axe than a large one. But, carrying an Axe is a hassle compared to a Camping saw.

If you want to work fast and effortlessly and avoid the hassle of carrying, you choose the Camping saw, and if you want the spirit of the bushcraft, you choose the Axe. It will have a little carrying trouble.

So, both are pretty needs. The Axe works excellent for splitting, and the Camping saw works well for cutting the size of logs.

Types of Camping Saw

You will find different variants for this product. But all of them fall under three major categories. They are the following-

Pocket Chain Saw

This type is the smallest size you will find in the market. Pocket chain saw is popular due to its portability. It has a long chain that works as the blade. There two handles on both sides to cut.

The saw is not for long term use. It has short durability. The highest number you can use it for twelve times. It can be more or less depending on the usage. But it gives good service to the user.

If you want to cut a thick tree branch, this will do. You can also use this for fuelwood while camping. These are not long-lasting products. Still, the good news is you can replace blades for most of the saws.

Folding saw

The second type is the folding camping saw. If you are looking for something more durable than the pocket chain saw, this is it. The product is convenient for long-term use and can serve many purposes for camping.

The length of this item can be eight inches or more when you fold it. There are two different blades available- straight and curved. Straight ones are useful for cutting thick branches. If you want to clip the thin branches, curved ones are better.

Campers and survivalists love this tool. The blade material is stainless steel or high carbon steel that makes them more appealing. Additionally, the saws consist of coating to prevent corrosion. They also have the benefit of replacing the blade.

Bow saw

The last type is the bow saw. These saws are the biggest and expensive ones of all. Campers do not prefer this due to the large and heavy nature of it.

People will not recommend it often. But according to some, this is the best one for camping. It can cut dense trees and boughs easily. They are sharp for both green and dry woods. While camping, use it for collecting fuelwood.

You will experience longevity undoubtedly. It may be larger than the other two types. But when you consider the benefits- it is useful for most purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a foldable saw?

By definition, a foldable saw is a tool with a toothed blade that you can fold. It is similar to pocket knives but in a bigger size. This product is up to the mark for multipurpose usage in camping or any other outdoor activities.
You can comfortably put it in your backpack when you pack for the trip. You can use it to clear bushes on the way, cut wood, size for a cooker, and so many other things. You can also saw through bone when in need.
Since it is lightweight, you do not have to worry about it making your bag heavy. These tools work better than any camping hand saws and knives as well. The saws are a perfect example of functionality and portability.

2. What type of saw should I buy?

The answer to your question is, it depends. You will find many types found in the market. With all the available options, you must know what activities you are going to do, and which will be the best camping saw for that.
If you are going solely for camping, a folding saw will be enough. A bow saw is for cutting all types of woods. Finally, a folding pocket saw will be suitable if you a hunter or survivalist outdoors.

3. Is it easy to replace a saw blade?

It is not difficult to replace a blade for your saw. Camping saws usually have replacement blades, but not all of them. So, pay attention while buying.
If you need to substitute the blade, do the following-
First, unscrew the nuts that are holding the saw blade.
Change with the new one.
Then, put the screws back again.
Your new saw is ready for use.

4. Do I need to oil the saw?

We would recommend you to oil your saw. Doing so will keep it sharp and usable. It will also become long-lasting with good performance.
Every time after using, clean the scrapes and rinse them thoroughly. You can soak in the water for a few minutes if you want. Then make rust-free and let dry completely. Next, use a piece of cloth and gently apply oil all over the blade.

5. How to clean a blade that is full of resin?

It is better to know the proper process for cleaning saws. The process will determine durability. There are many products available to do. Avoid the solvents, and make sure to use degreasers. The products always provide a description and direction about how to use them.
At first, dilute the solution and put it in a large box. The length should be able to contain the saw blade. Depending on the waste amount, soak it in the solution. Then use a brushing tool for cleaning the resin.
Lastly, dry the saw with a towel or air compressor if possible. Lubricate the blade with proper ones to ensure functionality.

6. Do you need a saw for camping?

Although not all campers need these tools, however, you may need these camping tools at any time so it is best to keep a saw with you, as these tools will make your camping journey easier


Your camping experience will enhance when you bring the right tools. It is always best to go prepared for safety. Whether you want to cut wood for starting a fire or building a site- you must have it.

Some may think it is not necessary. But when you reach the destination and spend the time without one- you will know. On the next trip, you will pack it as a survival saw.

The saws are even easy to handle and require less energy. An axe is a large and heavy tool. And also, it is less likely capable of fulfilling the purpose. Therefore, we tried our best to provide you with a useful review for this product.

It is better to choose wisely depending on the destination and the activities you will participate in there. Different saws will give you a different experience. That is why having the best camping saw is an absolute necessity.


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