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7 Best Folding Saw Reviews 2023 [For The Budget]

If you prefer to do the cutting job yourself, you would understand how significant a saw machine is for such tricky work. While regular saws are generally very powerful cutting tools, using the best folding saw for small range tasks instead is more convenient. While the foldable saw options out there are numerous, not all of them can serve your purpose.

Hence, after conducting thorough research, we have arranged a list of top saws based on their unique features and performing ability. To make your quest easier, we suggest you check the Silky Professional Series PocketBoy Folding Saw among all these recommended ones. This is by far the best one right now in the market, and you would love to use every bit of it.

What is Saw Folding?

A folding saw is a type of saw with inwardly foldable blades. The mechanism is similar to a folded pocket knife or the compact folding survival bow. Just open it during the work, and close it back once you are done. There is no specific design of a folding saw. Hence, it can look different depending on where it is going to be applied.

But the most common ones usually come with rubber or plastic handles. You can find folding saws for bushcraft, camp setting, backpacking, and various purposes. A folding saw is one of the most multipurpose tools you should have in your tool kit.

The toothed edge can cut through materials like wood, metal, or stone. You can use it for pruning shrubs and trees, cutting wood, construction works, hunting, etc.

Now, let’s have a look at other folding saw reviews.

The 7 Best Folding Saw Reviews

1.Silky Professional Series PocketBoy Folding Saw

Silky Professional Series PocketBoy Folding Saw

The first entry in these folding saw reviews is none other than the Silky Professional Series PocketBoy. This lightweight yet large folding saw is cost-effective and perfect for general garden work.


  • Rust-resistant Blade: This Silky folding saw is built with a hard chrome-plate and narrow blade, giving it a rust-resistant finish. While it comes with a plastic carry case for easy portability, this lightweight folding saw fits easily in your pocket. The rubberized non-slip handle ensures you a firm grip when you are working.
  • Curved Blade: This saw is also available in a curved blade version in 170mm or 130mm blade lengths. You can use its robust cutting capacity for landscaping, pruning, camping trimming, trail maintenance, and general outdoor works. Using the dual locking mechanism, you can cut the materials from different angles.
  • Flip-Lock Carrying Case: Each of these pocket folding saws comes in a flip-lock carry case that you can attach to your belt with the clip. The 5 inches long blade can create precise and fine cuts through thin branches. Prune and shape your bush just the way you want!
  • Price is very affordable.
  • Perfect for cutting works in your garden.
  • Quick and powerful cuts.
  • Easy to hold.
  • Lightweight and portable

  • The blade is a bit short in length.

2. Tabor Tools TTS25A Folding Saw 

Tabor Tools TTS25A Folding Saw 

If you are looking for the best folding saw for camping right now, our next entry is the perfect choice for you. The Tabor Tools TTS25A folding saw is not only affordable but also a powerful one to serve you for a long time!


  • Powerful Handsaw: This long-lasting hand saw can cut up to 4 inches thick branch with ease. The curved blade helps the saw stay on track and allows you to cut faster by fitting the log perfectly. No matter what wood is there, this rust-resistant saw cleanly slices away through backward strokes.
  • Portable: When the saw is in the folded position, you can keep it in your pocket for later use. Use it for trail maintenance, construction shelter, or camping. Just take it out from the pocket, flip and extend the blade, and lock it open to do your work.
  • Non-Slip Grip: The rough handle is made of non-slip elements and gives out a grippy feel. The size of the grip is suitable for small to extra-large hands. The sharp blade tooth provides balance to create accurate cuts. You can easily open and close the saw using the lock system.
  • Incredibly low price.
  • Lightweight and sturdy design.
  • It can cut through 4 inches thick branches.
  • It comes with a non-slip rubber handle.
  • The handle is made of plastic.

3.AGAWA Folding Saw – BOREAL21

agawa boreal21 folding bow saw

If you want a folding bow saw with all the qualities of a standard saw, the AGAWA BOREAL21 is undoubtedly an all-rounder among all the options. Thanks to its extraordinary features and consistent performance, cutting logs will become more fun to do!


  • Versatile: To camping, canoeing, backpacking, trail clearing, off-trail, hunting, or around the home, take this folding bow saw anywhere you go. The ergonomic design of this saw helps you to perform your sawing task with ease.
  • Standard Structure: While the body is built with an anodized aluminum frame and handles are from fiberglass nylon, this hand saw is durable and efficient enough to sustain for a long time. The stainless steel hardware makes it rust-proof and weather-proof. The blades are also coated with a rust protection layer.
  • Easy Opening: You can open this saw just in seconds and start using it immediately. Simply unfold and position it to start cutting. The auto blade tension system makes sure no part is loose.
  • It can easily cut through large logs.
  • Automatic tension adjustment.
  • Quick and safe cuts.
  • Durable body structure.
  • Very lightweight.
  • You can not cut all sized logs with this.

4.Silky KATANABOY Professional Folding Saw

silky katanaboy 500 review

If you want a heavy-duty saw to finish the work session quickly, the Silky Katanaboy is here to fulfill your every demand. Just like the saw name suggests, this professional sword-like folding saw can cut through any object you want.


  • Ergonomic Design: This specialized handsaw has an ergonomic design blended with superior performance, making sure you can make the precise cuts fast and smooth. While the saw comes in a high-end synthetic carry case for convenience, the anti-slip rubber folding pull handle provides you comfort during the operation.
  • Multipurpose: This folding saw can prune, trim, cut branches, maintain the garden and lawn, do construction projects, etc. The work material can be soft or hard, but this versatile hand saw makes sure to finish all the cutting works with perfection. Besides, the blade flexibility and tooth hardness allow you to comfortably move through the tricky grounds.
  • Japanese Cutting Technology: The supreme quality cutting design of this saw is created using extraordinary craftsmanship. The Japanese steel blade cut through hard objects without getting stuck midway. Enjoy a unique cutting experience with this lightweight folding saw.
  • Heavy-duty saw.
  • Works well for heavy vegetation.
  • You can re-sharpen it.
  • Built with high-quality steel.
  • Durable and Versatile.
  • A bit costly.

5.Felco F-600 Classic Folding Saw

If you want a lightweight folding saw that you can carry around easily, check out the Felco F-600 to see how effective cutting saw it is! Due to the sharpness and convenient design, it is considered as the ‘emergency saw’ by most users.


  • Lightweight Saw: The Felco F-600 is built with hardened steel, which makes it durable and rustproof. This compact saw weighs only 6.4 ounces, so you can easily keep it in your pocket after folding it. You can cut woods up to 4 inches in diameter using this powerful saw.
  • Easily Replaceable Blade: If your saw becomes dull, just change the blade, and continue using it. The chrome-plated blades also feature 7 heat-treated teeth in every inch. The saw blade has a thick bottom and thin top to funnel away debris.
  • Anti-Slip Grip: The anti-slip handle has a hole at its end to keep the saw close. The red-colored grip holder is easy to find anywhere, so you won’t have to worry about losing it.
  • Made of high-quality steel.
  • Prevents clogging and binding.
  • Prunes small branches quickly.
  • It comes with a locking system.
  • Comfortable handle.
  • The tip is a bit fragile.

6.Folding Hand Saw Wood Saw

folding Hand Saw Wood Saw

Searching for a quality hand saw with a sturdy structure that you can use for multiple projects? Look no further, because this inexpensive folding hand saw by Home Planet Gear has gotten all the mandatory qualities to serve your purpose perfectly.


  • High-Performing Saw: The 8-inch blade of this folding saw is made with carbon steel, with which you can cut wood, plastic, or bone materials of 4-inch thickness. You can use this one as folding hunting saw, limb saw, pruning saw, camping saw, etc. according to your need.
  • Dependable Gear Lock: To ensure proper safety, the gear locking mechanism makes sure the open blade remains firm during the cutting session. You can also carry it securely as the blade fits properly into the handle when closed.
  • Triple-Cut Razor Teeth: The specially designed razor-sharp blade teeth are perfect for Japanese-styled pull cutting work. With the reduced friction, you can quickly make smooth cuts with precision. The thermoplastic rubber handle provides you a firm grip during the sawing.
  • Extremely reasonable.
  • Convenient folding saw.
  • It cuts pretty well.
  • Sturdy structure.
  • Sharp-edged blades.
  • The blade quality could be better.

 7.Coghlan’s Folding Saw

coghlan's folding saw review

Coghlan’s Folding Saw might be the last entry in our best folding saws list, but it is an equally efficient model when you think about its powerful performance.


  • Cutting Technology: The advanced cutting-edge tech makes it easier to slice across the dense vegetation with ease. The impulse-hardened teeth of the precision grounded blade help you to complete your sawing session without any trouble. The ergonomic handle allows you to comfortably hold the saw for a long time without feeling any physical stress.
  • Easy Operation: The blade has 10 teeth for every 30mm, which means this folding saw has the capacity to cut through properly. You will also get a plastic case for easy portability and safety measures. Just put the saw inside the box and take it wherever you feel the need.
  • Versatile Usage: The saw blade is perfect for trimming, pruning, redesigning the garden and lawn, etc. This well-built saw can last for a long time if maintained properly. Unlike the single-hinged blades, this one folds into a triangle. Thus, you can position it conveniently to back you up.
  • It features advanced Japanese cutting tech.
  • Impulse hardened sharp teeth.
  • Blade made of carbon steel.
  • Rustproof structure.
  • Compact design.
  • A bit troublesome to handle.

Benefits of a Folding Saw

As we have already stated, folding saws are quite popular among people who do wood cutting work frequently. These compact saws are easy to handle and minimize the risk of being hurt. However, the advantages of such a saw don’t end with just that!

Easy Storage: Folding saws are small-sized compared with regular hand saws. With the folding technique, it turns into a compact unit. Hence, you can store it in your backpacks, tool bag, canoes, survival kit with a limited area.

Portability: Portability is one of the most significant features of a folding saw. Due to its lightweight and compact structure, you can carry it in the backcountry, on the trail, work stations, etc. Even the largest folding saws are also easily movable.

Versatility: Each saw is built with keeping a specific use in mind, but many of them have the ability to do more than one job. Depending on the simple undercut designs a folding saw has, you can use it for trimming, cutting woods, pruning trees, etc.

Affordable: Apart from the easy using procedure and movability, the average price of a folding saw is quite reasonable. From the standard saw blade storage capacity to the long-lasting durability, you will get all within your budget.

Types of Folding Saws

Despite following the basic mechanism, folding saws can be of different types based on the usage category. You can choose the best folding saw by the nature of your work and the materials you want to cut.

Pruning Saws

Pruning saws are primarily designed to trim shrubs and trees. You can use it for felling trees with mini trunks as well. The blade is thick-bodied and curves inwardly. The ergonomic pistol grip is suitable for both-handed people.

While leaving a relatively smooth surface after the cutting session, the large and pointed teeth usually don’t hold any resin and sap.

There are times when you have to cut down branches of a tree to keep it healthy. A pruning saw will help you to clean-cut the selected branch without harming the whole tree. The design of this saw also allows the user to reach the lofty branches with ease. Hence, you won’t have any issue while cutting high limbs with a folding limb saw.

Bow Saws

Folding bow saws work great for quickly felling or trimming trees and cutting logs. Due to their stability and efficiency, these are considered the best camping saws among others.

While you are camping, you can use this frame saw to crosscut the tree branches or firewood. The bow-shaped metal design with the rough blade is positioned between the two tips.

The semi-flexible frame reinforces and retains the blade by adjusting the saw tension. The coarse blade can create easy undercut designs and rough cuts. Bow saws can cut through by both the pull and push strokes, which is not possible with other folding saws.

However, due to the bow-styled design, you can not use it in all types of situations.

Jab Saws

Jab saws are basically designed for drywalls or cutting softer woods. Instead of the campsite, you can use them at home or your worksite. They come with a long and slender blade with a straight grip handle.

Most jab saws cut using the push movements, but some of them are able to work on both push and pull motions.

The pointed blade can cut through and start holes in drywall with just a jab. Usually, these types of saw need more pressure than other saws.

Hence, it is a better option for relatively large-scaled jobs. A jab saw also features an ergonomic handle while most donning a rubberized grip. This ensures more comfort and less slipping during your working session.

Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Folding Saw

Things may seem easier at first when you are planning to buy a folding saw for you. However, it becomes trickier if you don’t know what to look for in the first place. To find the best folding saws, you must check some specific features for a clear understanding.


Folding hand saws shouldn’t weigh more than your handling or carrying capacity. Hence, you have to choose a saw that is compact and handy. The weight of a folding saw can differ depending on many factors. For pruning and clearing bush, a small folding saw is a perfect option. Besides, your arm won’t feel tired from holding the saw for a lengthy period.

Usage Type

Various types of folding saws serve different purposes. First, decide on what cutting job you intend to use the saw. You can’t use a pruning saw for cutting thicker logs. Similarly, having the best folding saw for backpacking doesn’t mean you can cut conventional campfire wood with it. If you are still confused, buy a good-quality multipurpose saw.


The blade of a saw determines how it will function. The quality, design, shape, tooth count, etc. are different factors but completes the folding saw as one. A poor-quality blade has the possibility of snapping while binding in the cut, exposing you to danger.

Hence, don’t forget to check if a blade has a concave or convex edge, curved or pyramidical teeth shape, a low or high number of teeth per inch, the tooth set, or kerf width.

Push vs. Pull

Some blade teeth cut when you push them outwards, while others cut when you pull them inwards. Triangular teeth can cut in both ways. Generally, pull stroking folding saws are a bit easier to manage than the other type.

Blade Lock

The risk of a folding tree saw ironically lies in its key feature, the folding system. During the sawing session, you have to position your hand in the folding mechanism route. An accidental slip, and you can lose your finger or even face a life-risking injury!

Therefore, you should buy a folding saw that comes with the blade lock feature. This feature will make sure the blade is locked in both the closed and open positions, decreasing the unexpected opening to the minimum. 


Budget is a crucial factor when you are going to make a purchase. A good quality folding saw would require some money from your side. However, you can always pick an inexpensive one if you don’t want to spend extra cash. But don’t get your hopes up, because the quality of a cheaply priced folding saw may not match your expectation.


There is no absolute rule that a newly purchased machine won’t break down quickly. Anything and everything can collapse at any time without prior notice. No matter how great quality your folding saw is, there is no guarantee about the folding saw survival rate.

Hence, having a folding saw with a standard warranty can make sure your investment doesn’t get wasted if such a situation occurs. These days, most manufacturers provide a standard warranty and money-back option for their folding saw. Choose one that is more suitable for your convenience.

How Do You Sharpen A Folding Pruning Saw?

Sharpening a folding saw is essential to make sure it can cut an object clean with minimal effort. A sharp blade also ensures extra safety as it requires less power yet provides better control. To lengthen the life-span and enhance the cutting quality, you can follow some simple steps to sharpen your saw blade. You can use a triangle saw-file or a small diamond for this process.

  • First, disassemble the saw and take out the blade.
  • Clean the blade with soapy water and a wire brush.
  • File each tooth and count how many strokes you are using. A dull blade saw will need more time than a regularly tuned one.
  • Make sure all the teeth are of the same length.
  • Check if there is any bent tooth. If any tooth sticks far than the normal range, bend it back to balance with the others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can folding saws be sharpened?

Yes, of course, you can sharpen your folding saws. Saws have sharp teeth to cut through objects made with different materials. And with each sawing session, the teeth become dull and lose their sharpness over time. Sharpening them from time to time can strengthen their performance and increase their lifespan as well.

What is the best saw for home use?

You can find different types of saws available in the market based on your necessity and preferences. These days, many manufacturers have been making quality saw for home use. Laplander folding saw, Mossy oak trees folding wood saw, Silky saw, etc. are some pretty good examples you can utilize as bushcraft folding saw.

How do you use a folding sawhorse?

A sawhorse is a robust frame structure that can be made of wood, plastic, or metal. It works as a support for the material you are cutting with a saw. Using a folding sawhorse is a pretty easy process to follow. Just unfold the sawhorse during your work and adjust it to your convenient height. Once you are done with the saw cutting session, fold and restore it in a safe place.

What is the best hand saw for cutting wood?

Out of various hand saws in the market, the Silky folding saw, Bahco folding saw, Corona folding saw are some of the top picks preferred by consumers. Laplander saws are great performers as folding camp saws as well.

Final Words:

If you have some trees or shrubs on the yard that need some pruning, or you want to cut some firewood, having to use a typical saw for these medium level works will just add up to your burden. However, using the best folding saw in your tool kit would definitely ease up your tasks. But how to know which one is the most suitable folding pruning saw for you?

Hence, we have arranged our folding saw reviews based on solid data like detailed features, some basic inquiries, customer feedback, types of folding saw, etc. to help you out. If you have gone through the whole write up and have chosen the best one for you, hurry and grab the saw before it stocks out!

While time is a precious asset for all of us, thank you for spending your minutes reading us. If you want to get notified about buying guides like this one, please keep an eye on us.


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