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8 Best Hole Saw Kit In 2023 [For Metal, Wood & Electricians]

Are you a DIY enthusiast when it comes to mechanics? DIY or not hole saw kits are the new trend to add to the toolbox. These tools have made drilling easier in a way that dishwashers have done with the dish cleaning. From electricians to plumbers, everyone is now rooting for these kits in their tool bags. 

My father is someone who would not trust mechanics around the house. Naturally, he always had to do the drilling and piping all by himself. However, the regular drill machines would not only give him a headache but also to all of us due to all the sounds and time. 

This is when I was up looking for the best hole saw kit Reviews all over the internet. Since I found my desired one, I was thinking if there are people like me as well who are looking for detailed information about these.

If you are one of them, keep reading the rest to fill in.

List Of The Best Hole saw Kit  Of 2021

#1.Best For Metal⇔ Bosch Metal Hole Saw Kit.

#2.The Most Popular On The MarketLENOX Tools Hole Saw Kit.

#3.Best for beginners⇔ Greenlee Carbide Hole Saw Kit. 

#4.Best Lightweight⇔ Milwaukee General Hole Saw Kit: 

#5. Best For Electrician⇔ Ruko Hole saw kit:

#6. Best For Plumbers⇔ Freud Hole Saw Kit Plumbing Set: 

#7. Best Craftsman Hole Saw KitCRAFTSMAN Hole Saw Kit. 

#8. Cheap Hole SawTacklife Hole Saw Kit.

Best hole saw kit for electricians 

If you are an electrician, you must be aware of how much drilling one has to go through to install just anything. There are cutting holes through thick walls, electric boxes, and even doors. These holes may be too delicate to cut before applying any machines. 

You must be looking for a saw kit that not only cuts the hole faster but also makes the work easier even in compromised situations. There are plenty of brands that offer such hole saw kits specifically for electricians. All you have to do is get through some reviews and research to ultimately reach the right one. 

Here are reviews of some of the best hole saw kits for both electricians and plumbers to root for: 

Top 8 Best Hole Saw Kits Reviews & Buying Guide

1.LENOX Tools Hole Saw Kit.

Lenox has been one of the most popular names in the hole saw market. It is as if you cannot buy a hole saw without checking out some things from Lenox. They have been manufacturing these kits since forever and each one is better than the previous. The new Lenox hole saw kits is another amazing addition to those. 

It contains 26-hole saws ranging from a variety of sizes. From small to large, you name an essential saw size and they contain it. It has been engineered with bi-metal materials that speak for the durability and strength of the tools. It comes in a blue-white container with black-colored tools. 

The Lenox hole saw set is furnished with saw teeth that cut sharply and deeply on any heavy to light material. Call it a plank of wood or steel, the Lenox hole saw is doing its job more perfectly than the previous versions, whatsoever. T3 technology adds more to its perfection. 

The speed slots help with the easy binding and ejecting of the saw with the arbor and drills. It is time preserving and less hassle for the worker. 

  • It is extremely sturdy.
  • It is twice the time durable as the previous versions.
  • It contains all the essential sizes for a worker.
  • It can be plugged in and out in a fraction of time.
  • It does not come with a 2L drill as advertised but that does not make any issue while working.

2. Bosch Metal Hole Saw Kit.

This one from Bosch is quite controversial among people due to its almost equal number of advantages and disadvantages. It is one of those products that comes in the house with all the fancy features but fails to live up to the expectations, unfortunately. But even after having some frowns, this hole saw kit has its charm, and let me explain to you why. 

It comes with 25 pieces of hole saws in essential sizes. There are 7 large adapters and 4 small adapters to fit them on the drilling machine during work. All these come in a regular container with a bi-metal material.  

The Bosch hole saw kit has alternative small and big teeth to provide the highest outcome in cleaning and drilling, respectively. The large teeth help to cut the deepest hole while the small ones clean away any chip on the way. It is also equipped with a quick-changing plug that snaps back on the mandrels without causing much delay. 

The problem with this saw is that it does not do what it promises in most cases. For example, the bi-metal material is supposed to cut through thick metals but it does not. The packaging system also supports the various sizes of the saws in the compartments. You may get lucky but this is just an honest heads up. 

  • The kit is easy to use.
  • It does clean up any extra chips.
  • It is eligible to cut holes of different sizes.
  • The teeth are extra sharp for cutting.
  • It catches rust very soon, so not durable.
  • It does not do good in heavy-duty.

3. Greenlee Carbide Hole Saw Kit. 

It comes in the fanciest looking toolbox. The 6pc hole saws with a mandrel and arbor believe in the simpler, the better. Although this kit contains way fewer saws than the regular ones, all of these are imperative for any type of cutting.

This toolbox is mainly targeted for beginners, but professionals can keep it as an extra. It is made of stainless steel, so no worries about premature rusts or corrosions. The arbor and pilots are replaceable. The carbide teeth ensure the most precise cuts with heavy durability. 

Generally, the carbide hole cutters are fixed. But this one has made a huge difference in this regard. It cuts deeper holes even within a smaller diameter. The cuts are very much precise with every drill. 

The Tungsten drill can start and stop working at any time according to preference. These types of saws often cause over-drilling but it is not the case in this one due to the presence of flange stop. The price may seem a bit on the higher side, but nothing good comes out free. 

  • It is highly durable with stainless steel.
  • It does not get corroded over time.
  • It can be customized while using.
  • The carbide teeth are very sharp.
  • The hex gets loose often.

4. Milwaukee General Hole Saw Kit: 

If anyone wants to hear about the recurrent brand names for the best hole saw kit, Milwaukee would be one of them. This hole dozer hole saw kit has 13 pieces of hole saws with pilot bits and mandrels. All of the sizes are essential to cut holes on any material from steel to wood. 

The saws have alternative teeth that are sharp and highly efficient to go through holes. The purpose of such teeth is to cut a precise hole while leaving it clean. Drilling through any material is quite hard due to the dirt it produces afterward. In the case of this one, the wood chips or any other trash will not be bothered. 

It comes in a well-packaged compartment, so there is no chance of damage before receiving it. The lightweight product can be carried around anywhere you like. Once incorporated in a tool bag, it will not even put on any heavy pressure. The multicolored hole saws are an absolute go-to for electricians who believe in fashion as well. 

However, Milwaukee has not been able to maintain the quality of this one up to the mark, at least not as much as the previous hole saw kits that used to dominate the market. Although it comes with a promise of stainless steel the durability does not scream for the claim, unfortunately. 

  • The hole saws can provide precise cuts.
  • It is easy to use for beginners.
  • The plug is not time-consuming to remove.
  • The packaging is lightweight.
  • The material is not up to quality

5. Ruko Hole saw kit:

This kit is from Ruko with 16 pieces of hole saws. It comes with carbide teeth on one side to ensure precision cut. Ruko has been a well-known brand for their hole saws cutting the most precision cuts. They have their manufacturing material to engineer such sturdy saws. 

The price may shock a lot of people but no good thing comes in handy. As soon as the product arrives you will know how good quality material these are. It comes in a plastic compartment to hold everything together. 

The using process is also easy for such a device. It can cut through anything, from aluminum to steel. Although the user has to be a little bit cautious about the drilling speed, once set you are all good to go. Ruko has done a great job maintaining such quality for years. 

Everything you need as an electrician or a plumber, Ruko has incorporated in this hole saw kit. From beginners to professionals, anyone can get used to such a classic hole saw. It has mixed strength with great quality and value at such ease. 

  • It is a strongly built hole saw.
  • The packaging is well protected.
  • The cuts are precise in the case of any material.
  • It has razor-sharp teeth
  • In rare cases, the accessories may come used but you can always get a refund or replacement.

6. Freud Hole Saw Kit Plumbing Set: 

Freud understands the deepest desires of a plumber, thus they brought this bi-metal plumbing set into the market. It is specifically targeted for all the plumbers out there who had to go through years of torture during deep plumbing. Let me help you dive a bit deeper into why. 

One of the biggest challenges plumbers faces while plumbing is a hole saw kit that is not fast enough. But this one from Freud has a quick plugin and out system that keeps the game going without any time waste. The mandrel that comes with it also fits all the hole saws, despite the various range of size. 

It is a multicolored hole saw coming in a sturdy package to keep it all simple yet protected. The portable case is so well arranged that it is easy to keep them all together. The bi-metal hole saw kit has sharp teeth that can cut through from wood to metal. The material itself is solid and highly durable along with their amazing quick-release system. 

The product’s picture does not give away much about it hence this description may be helpful. Many people may be up for buying single saws instead of the set but it is better to go for the set if you are expecting a full function. 

  • It has a quick-release mechanism.
  • It can cut deeper than most hole saws.
  • The bundle has a greater value than individual ones.
  • The teeth are sharp and sturd
  • The product photo does not guide much.

7. CRAFTSMAN Hole Saw Kit. 

Craftsman has been delivering the best hole saw kit for many. It is just another addition to that. They believe in simple products that ensure customer satisfaction for a longer time. The hole saw kit is no exception to that. 

The 7-piece kit comes packed in a portable compartment with a single mandrel to work with. These are bi-metal materials which means the teeth are made of high-speed steel whereas the body is made of spring steel. Together they have been forged to build one single body to exert more force. 

Although it comes with a promise of unanimous use, it has worked better for beginners and DIYers than professionals. It can cut through both wood and steel with its sharpness. It also has a quick-change feature that applies to the mandrel after use. 

Craftsman hole saw kit has all the regular features of a hole saw kit yet it does not come with proper usage instruction. But other than that, the features are extremely soothing since the kit can cut through even the deepest bore possible. If you are someone who has been hooked with this brand, this product will genuinely surprise you with all the new standards. 

  • It comes with bi-metal teeth.
  • Deepest cut possible.
  • It is great for beginners.
  • It has simple and elegant features.
  • The quick-change feature does not work properly.
  • It does not come with a proper instruction guideline.

8.Tacklife Hole Saw Kit.

Another one for mild duty from Tacklife. This hole saw kit is made from carbon steel to go a long way. The manufacturing process promises durability and sharpness. As a result, the teeth are extra sharp while cutting a hole on any surface from wood to PVC board. 

Although it is suggested to avoid hard materials while cutting. That pretty much explains why it is targeted mainly at beginners. You may not always want to hire a plumber or electrician to fix the smallest thing around the house. This product can be a lifesaver in this regard. 

No products found.

The 16-piece hole saws come in a lightweight portable compartment where they are well arranged with the mandrels. If you are looking for fashion and activity all in one then this product is just for you. All of these facilities are being offered by Tacklife at such an affordable price. 

People often think cheaper things are of low quality. But this kit has surpassed such expectation. It has been rocking the hole saw domain with better standards even than the higher priced ones. It is a cheap hole saw with class.  

  • It is cost-friendly.
  • The quality is way higher for the price.
  • The material is highly durable.
  • It comes with a hex key.
  • In rare instances, you may find a faulty mandrel but you can always get a refund or replacement.

Things To Consider Before Buying 

There are few criteria to check before getting your hands on the best hole saw kit Reviews. Here are reminders for some of those: 

Manufacturing material: 

It is important to look out for the material hole saws are made of. Plenty of things depend on manufacturing material. For example, if it can be used professionally or for beginners and how much it can cut through a surface.  

It can be made of wood or metal. The wood hole saws are good for cutting through woods whereas the metal ones can go through anything. One of the best parts about buying the metal hole saws is that they can kill two birds with one stone. 

Hole saw teeth: 

It is the part of the saw that will do the actual work. Depending on the sharpness of the teeth, the quality and durability of a hole saw are determined. These can be made of carbide teeth or high carbon steel. 

Depending on the material it is made of, it can cut through various surfaces. The carbide teeth hole saws are specific for glass and ceramic surfaces. The carbon steel ones go better with the metal surface. There are alternative small and large teeth as well where the large teeth do the cutting and small ones clean away any chips. 


The pitch can be defined as the space between each tooth of the hole saw. These spaces determine how much speed and accuracy a cut will be delivered. If you wish for a faster cut then go for less spaced teeth hole saws. But if you are a patient one then the pitch should not matter much. 

Generally, professionals go with high-pitched hole saws. These also maintain the precision of a hole. People often tend to miss out on this particular criterion but it is very much essential before buying a hole saw kit. 

Plug-in and out: 

One of the most daunting parts of working with a hole saw is plugging it with the mandrel and then taking it off. Different people use different methods to do it but it is better to go with the one which has a quick-change mechanism in it. 

That was the mandrel will not be stuck with a hole saw for long. It can even be changed without consuming much time while working. 

Pilot bit: 

The pilot bit or arbor is the one that keeps the hole saw going. A sturdily built well-endowed pilot bit needs to be added with a hole saw to higher the performance. 

Best hole saw kit for plumbers 

Plumbers have to go through many difficult tasks while plumbing. There are underground pipes, robust pipes that can be very hard to go through with just one or two tools. It is an imperative job for them to find a hole saw kit that matches their rhythm of work. 

The best hole saw kit for plumbers has to be bi-metal and carbide teeth made. These combinations can easily cut through any pipes or surface for that matter. Diablo has been making such kits for years. Here is some more description about it: 

Diablo hole saw kit 

This kit has been specified for plumbers. From the finishing to performance, everything has been concise for the plumbing job. Diablo has been offering different types of hole saw kits all are made of bi-metal bodies. 

They are popular for their long-lasting teeth which do not get damaged even in heavy-duty. The customer service is also pretty much reliable when it comes to authenticity. If you are a plumber and looking for the best hole saw kit, Diablo will uplift the wish in every possible way. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Technical matters are always a bit tricky. Regular descriptions may not seem enough for many people. Here are some of the structured questions people tend to impose while going for a hole saw kit: 

1. Who Makes The Best Hole Saw Kit? 

There has always been a debate between Lenox and Milwaukee when coming for the best hole saw kit. But things have changed over time. Now, many brands have come up with their unique ideas to make the best ones according to the profession. 

Currently, there is no single brand that can be named in such a matter. All the brands with their products mentioned above have their rainbows and drawbacks. It depends on your preference that what may suit you may. 

2. Can You Use a Hole Saw Without A Pilot Bit? 

It depends on the thickness of the material the hole saw is used on. Since pilot bits add pressure and force on the saw and the material, anything with a thinner diameter will get a split or crack if used with a pilot bit. Then again, hole saws are impossible to use while drilling on thick material. 

3. Can you use a wood hole saw on metal?

Wood hole saw kit is specific for woods, not metals. Since wood saws have more dull teeth, it cannot bite the metal surface back. If you even try it with a block of wood, it will either skip the surface or will take a way longer time than a metal one.  

On the other hand, metal hole saws are all-rounders in this regard. It can be used on both wood and metal. 

4. How do you cut a hole on wood by hand? 

Cutting a hole in wood by hand is not impossible but time-consuming. You can go with a jigsaw or a router to make the perfect hole on a workpiece. The wood has to be set motionlessly so that it does not move while drilling. To make a more precise cut, it is better to draw a circle first with a compass. 

5. Can you use a hole saw on aluminum?

It can be used if the teeth are sharp enough. Generally, more hole saws cut through aluminum. It is only necessary to clean out the surface afterward due to the chips. Also, the drilling force has to be controlled to avoid any unnecessary cracks on the surface. 

Final thoughts 

Electric types of machinery are sensitive to buy. It can get disqualified in the middle of working that not only ruins the work mood but also the entire process. But do you want to get stuck with a faulty product? So, it is absolutely to check such things firsthand before purchasing. 

Hole saw kits are no exception in this regard. Be an electrician or a plumber or just a DIY enthusiast, the best hole saw kit can be a sparkling ornament in your toolbox now. It is essential to make any type of re-arrangements around the house, be it a small one or a big one. 

The motto of this article was to give you a heads-up to make a smoother purchase. Every section has been equipped to quench the thirst of a buyer. Hopefully, the dream hole saw kit reviews will arrive soon with all the expected advantages, without any scratch, both before and after any use. 


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