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The Best Pole Saw in 2023-Available On Market

Buying a pole saw isn’t an expense; rather, it’s an investment. But all that investment can go down the drain if you don’t buy the best pole saw that fits your needs.

Pole saws themselves are the better option if you need to trim the hedges and branches of small trees. You can work the ground and above your head together. This is something we all know, but do you know which of them are good for you?

Our most favorite & recommended best pole saw is BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Pole Saw.

You don’t know, and that’s why you’re here. This article will just nudge you in the right direction.

The 7 Best Pole Saw Reviews Available On Market

Here, we’ve picked 7 pole saws that we think are the best in the business. Go over these short reviews along with their pros and cons to make an informed decision.

1. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Pole Saw Best Cordless Battery Powered Pole Saw

This particular brand has made a prominent name in indoor and outdoor power tools. It’s one of those innovative power tools that make the cutting process smoother, and you can get it at a lower price than its competitors. Who makes the best pole saw? Maybe you’re looking right at it.

Being a cordless battery-powered tool, it makes the working environment free from fumes of gas pole saws and removes the cord limitation of its electric cousins while providing satisfactory power. Additionally, it helps you to reduce your carbon footprint.

best pole saw

If we’re talking about its ability to cut, it delivers more than enough for any homeowner. It can cut about 100 one to half-inch branches in a single charge. Overall, this battery will support you for a longer period without any hassle.

It is recommended to have more than one battery if you want to work for a much longer time. You need to buy the battery separately. The whole tool is lightweight even at its highest extension level of 14 feet. Thus, making it easy to move and work steadily while reaching top branches.

For a battery-powered pole saw, this Black+Decker is fairly lightweight. It’s easy to move around with it without putting much stress on your wrists and shoulders. Easy installation and charging are its specialties.

And it’s easy to maneuver between the branches, thanks to the in-line powerhead design. Among all these positive attributes, there is one kickback you should be aware of. Lubricating the bar and chain requires manual labor.

  • Lightweight
  • Good battery life
  • Cheaper
  • Up to 14 feet overhead reach
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Battery power runs down quickly
  • No automatic lubrication system

2.Oregon Cordless PS250 Telescoping Pole SawBest Telescoping Pole Saw

These mighty 40V power tools ensure long time working support with a constant no-fade power supply. It can cut around 325 cuts of two to three-inch-thick branches. This battery can be equipped with other Oregon 40V family tools.

Though being powerful, in terms of noise, this one makes about 4 times less noise than a conventional gas-powered one. It also remains silent in between cuts. Starting can’t be easier for this one than it already is. A simple trigger system makes it ready to go at any moment with variable speed.

best cordless telescoping pole saw

No additional tools are needed to extend the working height. By using the adjustable collar, it can reach up to 15 feet of overhead branches. Also, the shaft is made from fiberglass.

The ergonomic design of this product makes it more comfortable. Interestingly, the mid-mount motor design brings more balance, reducing stress on your hand. With a less bulky design, higher cuts can be done easily, reducing stress on your body and giving you better scope to cut branches high up on the tree.

A compact cutting end designed for accuracy and agility delivers precision cuts every time. Branch hook makes the limb control easier. It’s so lightweight that carrying it becomes really comfortable. A shoulder strap is there for extra support.

Then, you have the power indicator to save yourself from any unwanted situations. The automatic oil system makes cuts smooth and tension-free. You can choose different configurations of the saw and its battery from the manufacturer.

  • Mid-mount motor design
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Less noise
  • Fiberglass shaft
  • Quick start
  • Heavier

3.Greenworks Cordless Pole Saw

Talking about another mighty competitor among battery powered pole saws, this particular one will stay in the ground ahead of others. With the 40V battery, you will feel the power as it cuts through big and formidable branches out there.

With a well-balanced design, the three-piece Aluminum shafts are easy enough to connect. It will give you a maximum of 11 feet of working height out there in the real field. A cushioned mold grip is there to make the holding more rigid as well as comfortable for your hand.

best cordless pole saw

With the automatic lubrication system, the bar and chain system is always ready to go in for any tough cuts. This is one of the coolest features of this product. Moreover, the oil tank is translucent on the side. So, it makes it easy to know when to refill the lubricant. No emergency, please!

Adjusting the bar and chain is made easier in this design. It can be done just by adjusting a knob. Keep in mind that some reports say it needs to be tightened often. Overall, the whole tool will not require any major maintenance over the years.

The battery is interchangeable between other GreenWorks power tools. After charging, you will get fade-free power with no memory loss. There is a power indicator on the battery to make you aware of the remaining charge. And it can cut up to 60 cuts of 4×4 inches of lumber in one charge.

To prevent accidental startup from happening, you have the rear handle lock-off switch integrated with the design. If needed, parts are easily available. So, with no cord and no flumes, this can be a versatile tool for different types of users.

  • Translucent oil tank
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Cushioned grip
  • Longer battery life
  • Quick charging
  • Battery removal is hard

4.Sun Joe SWJ800E Telescoping Electric Pole Saw 

Sun Joe is a giant of the saw industry. You can expect nothing less than standard service from this brand. Unlike battery-powered pole saws, this particular one will feed more power to the bar and chain. The powerful motor can cut through up to 7.5 inches thick branches of almost any kind of tree.

Though it is comparatively louder because of the motor action, it is still quieter than a gas-powered pole saw. Despite having the ability to cut through wood like a knife and butter, the whole tool is quite lightweight, which makes it easier to move around and work with it.

best Telescoping Electric Pole Saw 

One of the more special features of this saw is the telescoping shaft. It’s designed and built to deliver a working height of up to 15 feet. The shaft is coated with a foam grip. That grip reduces the vibration and shock during its use. Thus, making the cutting experience more in control and comfortable.

The body is very light at a mere weight of 7lbs. You don’t need to worry about tiring out your hands when you’re out on the lawn cutting away. It might feel a little heavy when working with an extended pole. So, keep this in mind.

It is easy to power up. A built-in safety switch prevents accidental starting. Accessing to change the bar and chain is quite easy. Also, keeping the tension of the bar and chain is effortless; just loosen or tighten the screw.

Auto lubrication is there to prevent any unwanted situations while cutting. It improves the chain life. A plastic blade cover is also provided. It doesn’t require any extra maintenance and technical knowledge. Overall speaking, as a CSA-approved product, the user will benefit from what he/she spends on it.

  • Safety switch
  • Foam grip
  • Powerful
  • Auto lubrication
  • CSA approved
  • Chain tensioning screw
  • Noisy

5.TrimmerPlus TPP720 8″ Polesaw Best Gas Powered Pole Saw

When it comes to the gas-powered pole saws, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of an electric cord or charging the battery. Gas-powered saws—like TrimmerPlus—are better, especially if you need to cover more area.

Having a decent weight and price, it offers two height options. Depending on the user’s height, it can reach up to 11 feet. Two attachable handles come with the package. You just have to find the right height for yourself. It offers less vibration, which is a big plus.

best Gas-powered saws

One of the outstanding features it offers is the self-lubricating system. Chain and bar oil provides consistent lubrication, ensuring the long and effective work-life of the product. This allows one to perform longer tasks. And as an example of this bar and chains’ ability, know that it can cut logs up to 4-inch in diameter.

It has an anti-kickback system that can be used to dig into the brunch that you’re going to cut. You can call it a safety measurement. Furthermore, the 8-inch pole is robust enough for day to day work under any weather condition.

The whole package doesn’t need any extra tools or equipment to install. Attaching or removing the bars is quite easy, as well as changing the chain. Hopefully, you don’t have to deal with changing it for a long period. This can be the best pole saw for professionals.

There’s an additional benefit with this pole saw. You can use attachment units from other brands such as GreenWorks, Remington, and other major brands with this pole saw.

  • Telescoping pole
  • Great maneuverability
  • Self-lubricating
  • Heavy-duty tool
  • Powerful
  • Noisy
  • Causes air pollution

6.MAXTRA Gas Pole Saw

Like any other gas-powered pole saw, Maxtra’s 2-cycle pole saw offers durability along with a long working period. It saves you time and energy. The extensions that come with it are easy to attach as quick release control is used here. Surprisingly, it offers up to 15 feet of working height.

For this model, it can be said that with great engine power comes great weight! But with a strong body, you’re getting robust support. Although it’s heavy, carrying this tool becomes easy if you use the bag, which comes along with the whole package. The shoulder strap will reduce fatigue significantly when in use.

best gas pole saw

Moreover, the handle is equipped with a strong grip– making it steady in your hands and reducing the chance of slipping from the hand. It is always mandatory to wear proper protective equipment while using these types of power tools.

Is it easy to use? Yes! You can adjust the bar and chain stiffness just by tightening a single screw. Reaching inside of the tool and to change or to maintain, the design is fairly easy for the early users too. A chain sharpener comes with it to sharpen the chain if the need arises.

The tool has an air filter purification system – making it more environment-friendly. And it doesn’t compromise the power it packs. To make sure it’s safe and easy to start, it has a two-position choke for hot and cold starts and a centrifugal clutch.

Additionally, if you need, you can use the tool for other useful trimmer options, but that will cost extra bucks. You’ll need other attachments like a string trimmer and a hedge trimmer of brush cutter that you can find in the manufacturer’s product line.

  • Air filtration system
  • Powerful engine
  • EPA certified
  • Easy to store
  • Other attachments available
  • Heavy
  • Noisy

7.Remington RM1035P Ranger II  Electric Pole Saw 

This two-in-one model from Remington gives you the freedom of switching between pruning branches and cutting logs in a matter of seconds. A quick snap-in mechanism makes the changing way easier for all users. You won’t need any extra tools for this conversion.

For the telescoping expandable pole, the machine uses flip and lock clamps. The pole itself is made from Aluminum. And its anti-rotation design of the pole, along with the non-slip grip, should make your cutting experience safe and comfortable.

The powerful motor starts instantly with a low kickback, while the inline motor makes it balanced and offers snag-free use.

As it’s an electric saw, you will face some difficulties to go anywhere with this tool due to cord limitation. But as the power cord is at the bottom of the pole, you will not feel any hassle with the cable management.

Angled head design improves the cutting path. The branch hook allows clearing cut branches and small limbs easily. This design especially allows you to have a more efficient way of cutting.

It also comes in handy when converted into a chainsaw. An automatic lubrication system is also there, allowing you longer cutting sessions with no hiccups.

For safety purposes, you have the blade cover. With an easy adjustment for the bar and chain, it requires a little maintenance from time to time for cleaner and safer cuts. This is easy, thanks to the tool-free chain tensioner knob.

  • Quickly convertible into a chainsaw
  • Angled head design
  • Automatic lubrication
  • No-slip grip
  • Heavy
  • Corded

Types of Pole Saws

As we’re progressing into the technological era, newer options are availing themselves to us and with newer opportunities to look towards.

From the beginning until now, pole saws have evolved many times, and the advancements are excellent. Here’s a short discussion about them.

Cordless –Battery Pole Saw

The cordless versions of pole saws are the newest addition to the pole saw line. Technically speaking, you can call the gas-powered ones cordless pole saws. They had the fuel tank attached to the machine. But after the electric revolution in the machine realm, the battery was an inevitable outcome and a sweet one too!

Battery-powered pole saws are like honey that is sweet like sugar without the health issue of it. You’re getting the efficiency of electric pole saws and portability and flexibility of gas-powered ones in a single battery-powered pole saw. That being said, they’re usually on the more expensive side of the market.

Gas-powered Pole Saw

It’s the machine of the old. Traditionally, all pole saws were of this type. It ran on gas fuel and were generally on the heavier side. Gas was easy to find, and you could do a lot in one session. People had large yards and gardens, so it was understandable to use them.

Although it’s a heavy machine, it’s flexible and portable, so you can move around with it – no cord limitation to hold you back. It’s all about practicality.

Electric Pole Saw

These saws are more energy-efficient and overall cost-efficient compared to gas-powered machines. They are lightweight and have better features due to being more technologically advanced.

An electric corded pole saw needs electricity outlets nearby to function. This is a big limitation for people who need portability. Otherwise, they are great for your fuel cost. Gas fuel costs more if you compare it with the electricity bill.

Manual Pole Saw

The simplest of the lot is this manual pole saw. There is no machinery attached to it. You’ll find manual pole saws with just a saw blade or maybe a bit of mechanism to help in cutting branches.

It’s a lightweight pole saw and doesn’t require any fuel to run. But then again, it’s not practical for hedge trimming or large yard maintenance. Physical strength is a must if you want to use this type of pole saw.

Things to Consider Before Buying

When you’re out on the market to invest in a pole saw, you need to think like experts. You need to buy a pole saw that is financially worthwhile and durable.

To make sure you’re choosing the best pole saw for the money, you need to ask yourself this, “Which is the best pole saw in terms of energy, cost, ease of use, and flexibility?

This is an age-old debate among consumers. Traditionally, all pole saws used gas as the source of power. Later down the line, as technology progressed, we now have electrical alternatives.To this date, there is no clear winner as both of them have positives and negatives to look out for. Now, let’s look at the defining points.

Energy Efficiency

Back in the days, it wasn’t a big concern to use gas-powered pole saws as there was no alternative. Time passed; people became more aware of energy.

And now we are in the 21st century. Electric alternatives certainly provide more energy efficiency. Battery-powered machines have proven themselves to be a better option in this regard.


New technology like electric pole saw will cost more mainly due to demand. Although gas-powered pole saws are cheaper, you’ll need to buy fuel constantly as long as you use them. You can control and minimize your electricity bill if you use the electric saw. An even better option would be the battery-powered saws.

With a pole saw running on battery, you won’t find time to waste once you start. When running on battery, psychologically, you’ll be more active compared to electric saws because of the constant electric supply you’re getting.


Gas-powered machines are the winner in terms of power generation, hands down. There can be no argument here. But who needs so much power for their daily needs?

Not everyone has a big tree trunk in their yards. Back in the days, gas-powered ones were practical as people had larger lawns and yards. But today, in terms of practicality, electric pole saws have enough power for you.

To be objective, this vote is going to the gas pole saw.

Ease of Use

For ease of use, electric and battery-powered saws have our recommendation. But electric pole saws are lighter than their battery-powered cousins. Their slender body is the key. You need to be able to move around the yard and among trees to cut freely and accurately.

The attached battery housing in a battery pole saw is a disadvantage, whereas gas-powered pole saws are heavier due to the fuel tank. Constant refueling of gas pole saws is such a hassle.


Cordless pole saws are the most flexible ones. But as we mentioned previously, both battery and gas-powered pole saws are from this category in technical terms.

It’s a tie between them as gas-powered saws can provide more coverage area due to having fuel tanks. And battery-powered pole saws can be the best in terms of flexibility and portability.

Environmental Concern

Green energy is important. Although this is a fairly new topic among the consumers, it’s a big discussion among the industrialists and policymakers. From the individual level, it’s us, the consumers, that is going to change the scenario.

If we were to be responsible citizens of the earth, then the gas-powered options are obsolete. Both electric and battery-powered pole saws should be the only options for us.

Professional Pole Saw

Compared to regular pole saws, professional pole saws are more suitable for reaching the hard places and trim them without having to resort to professional people.

They’re better equipped to handle big projects where you have to trim not only hedges but also cut limbs of big trees. Power and convenience are the two main features.

A professional-level pole saw can replace chainsaws when cutting tree-limbs. You can safely select and remove the trickier branches and limbs from the ground. So, it doesn’t require you to get onto a ladder or the tree itself to do the job.

Which is Better Gas or Electric Pole Saw?

The answer to this question will vary from user to user. What matters to you most? These two-pole saws differ in terms of energy efficiency, cost efficiency, ease of use, and power generation. We touched on these points in the buying guide above. But to summarise, these are the results.

  • Electric pole saws are better when it comes to being energy efficient. Gas pole saws are not equipped with the technology to efficiently use the gas fuel. And more importantly, electricity as a power source is easily controlled and used than gas.
  • Regarding cost-efficiency, at first glance, you’ll think electric options are not feasible as they cost more. But if you take into account the fuel purchases of the gas-powered pole saws, then it won’t seem so straightforward. For long term use, electric pole saws provide more while costing less.
  • In terms of power generation, gas-powered pole saws are the best. There is no discussion needed here. But nowadays, not everyone needs such power. Most people can do away with the electric corded pole saws.

After evaluation, it’s easy to realize that electric pole saws are a better option for most people. Of course, gas pole saws will have their consumer crowd.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a pole saw worth it?

The things a pole saw does other saws aren’t comparable to it. If you’re a homeowner with a lawn full of plants, a pole saw is your best bet for keeping everything nice and tidy. So, of course, it’s worth it if you choose correctly.

Are battery pole saws any good?

It depends on the size of your lawn and the amount of work you’ll do in one session. A battery-powered pole saw is a good way to work freely without being bound by a cord limitation. Any medium-large yard would be a perfect size for a pole saw with a large battery.

Who makes the longest pole saw?

There are many options in the market for long pole saws. Namely, two of those are the most prominent ones – the Remington pole saw and the Black & Decker pole saw. You’ll find up to 15 feet of coverage with their pole saws.

Does Home Depot sell pole saws?

Yes, Home Depot sells pole saws. You can go to their online store or physical retail store to buy one.

Can you trim hedges with a pole saw?

Yes, you can trim your lawn’s hedges with a pole saw. Users prefer to use pole saws for trimming more than regular saws. It’s more convenient due to its long reach, and it requires you to move very little.

Final Words

To conclude our discussion, when you’re out on the market looking for the best pole saw, keep in mind that value per dollar is the key. Investing in a pole saw is all about convenience and efficiency, so it won’t make much sense if you spend money on features you don’t need.


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