Best Saw For A Woman To Use

5 Best Saw For A Woman To Use In 2021 [Our Top Picks]

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Once upon a time, a woman using chainsaws used to be an impossible thing to imagine. Because the mechanism of a saw is understandably more suited to men compared with women. But it doesn’t mean females can never attempt it. In fact, we are here to help you find the best saw for a woman to use these days.

The market is already full of quality power saws that you can use for different purposes. However, picking the best saw for women is a bit difficult if you don’t research it at first. Then there are varieties of saw types as well. Hence, after going through the details, pricing, and customer feedback, we have selected the top 5 saws for you.

But if you are in a rush and don’t have time to check the full list, choose the Oregon CS1500 electric chainsaw without hesitating. From the powerpack performance to its unique features, this is undoubtedly the best one among all.

Now, Let’s check the other saws as well.

List Of Our Best Saw For Woman

#⇒The Best Electric Saw For Woman⇔Oregon CS1500 Corded Electric Chainsaw

#⇒The Best Circular Saw For  Woman⇔WORX WX429L Compact Circular Saw

#⇒The Best Chainsaw Saw For  Woman⇔WORX WG320 Cordless Chainsaw

#⇒The Best Folding Saw For  Woman⇔Silky Professional BIGBOY Folding Saw

#⇒The Best Miter Saw For  Woman⇔Genesis GMS1015LC Compound Miter Saw 

5 Best Saw For A Woman To Use

1.Oregon Electric Saw For Woman

best electric saw for a woman

If you are looking for a power tool for some domestic cutting session, the Oregon CS1500 is the best electric saw for a woman you can find right now. You can easily cut 16 inch softwood or hardwood using this 18 inch chainsaw. With the unique auto-sharpening technology, you can use this saw for light to medium level sawing works.


  • Powerful Motor: The 15-amp motor has sufficient power to improve the wood cutting performance of the saw. There is an in-built auto sharpening chain system that takes merely three seconds to hone itself.
  • Low Noise: Use this saw without any worry of disturbing your neighbors. This chainsaw takes no time to start working and remains quiet between cuts.
  • Easy Handling: Handling this chainsaw is pretty easy due to its compact design. This lightweight design is easy to manage without facing any types of physical stress or fatigue. The hand-guards will also protect your hands from any possible injuries.
  • Auto Lubrication: The automatic oiling process of this CS1500 continuously lubricates to make sure the chain and bar stay loose. You can also adjust the chain tension of this saw with ease. The chain brake option of this saw makes sure it doesn’t turn on accidentally.   
  • The motor is really powerful.
  • A budget-friendly saw considering the performance.
  • You can start this saw easily.
  • Perfect for trimming limbs and branches of your garden.
  • User-friendly design for the smooth cutting session.
  • The back handle is small-sized.

2.WORX Cordless Chainsaw For A Woman

best chainsaw for a woman

When we are talking about the best chainsaw for a woman, the Worx WG320 is easily a front-runner considering the terrific features and performance it provides. From the safety measures to the cutting capacity, this electric chainsaw can go on serving you for a long time!


  • The Safest Saw: The JawSaw is the only chainsaw that comes with fully protecting guards. The blade stays withdrawn into the base when it’s not in use. You can use this chainsaw to cut straight on the ground. The solo action cutting system makes it easier to cut up to 4 inch thick branches with ease.
  • Tight Chain: To create the most effective and accurate cut, the auto-tensioning feature of this saw makes sure it can attain the optimal tension. The auto chain oiler comes with an indicator to ensure smooth cuts, which increase the lifespan of the saw, chain, and blade.
  • Battery Powered: This one is the only cordless saw that can use the same battery to run 40V and 20V tools. Due to the lightweight and jaw-lock safety feature, you can easily move this tool, even to reach branches overhead. With the 1350 RPMS, the JawSaw is one of the fastest electric chainsaws these days.
  • An easy oiling system on the JawSaw.
  • It has a window indicating the oil level.
  • Lightweight design for fatigue-free usage.
  • It can cut up to 4 inches thick branches.
  • Squeeze trigger to create a cut.
  • Adjusting the tension might be a bit problematic.

3.WORX Compact Circular Saw For Woman

best circular saw for a woman

Many of us like to do the household saw session without any professional help. For this, you can use the WORX WX429L as it is considered the best circular saw for a woman by most users. From the extremely reasonable price range to an easy handling process, this circular chainsaw is unbeatable regarding its performance level.


  • Compact Structure: This smart and sleek structured circular saw is easy to move around without creating any fuss. Quickly adjust the bevel setting from 0 to 45 degrees and make fast and efficient cuts instantly. You also get a three-year warranty upon purchasing it.
  • Multipurpose: The no-load speed and 3500RPM of this WX429L allow this saw to slice up to 2 inch stock lumber. You can use this saw to cut tile, metal, plastic as well. Optimize the blade to get a clear view whenever you are cutting an object. The cutting edge tech also makes sure the saw can last longer with a robust performance.
  • Blade Replacement: Change the blade of this WX429L following a simple process after unplugging it. This lightweight circular saw is portable but doesn’t compromise with power. The blade is thinner to make minimal strain on the saw. Use only one hand to make precision cuts without suffering any exhaustion.
  • This saw is easy to work with.
  • Value for money product.
  • It comes with strong cutting power.
  • You can use it on various materials.
  • A great choice for DIY projects.
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty work.

4.Silky BIGBOY Folding Saw For A Woman

best Folding Saw for woman

If you want to buy the best folding saw for a woman, the Silky Professional BigBoy folding saw is here to ease your trouble! This lightweight saw, integrated with advanced cutting technology is the perfect combination for maintaining your courtyard or garden.


  • Portable Folding Saw: This professional-grade hand saw blends exceptional performance with a high-quality ergonomic design. The rubber handle provides a comfortable grip during the operation. Take it with you anywhere you want. And also, store this saw anyplace you want.
  • Multiple Uses: This versatile blade can prune, trim, cut branches, and helps to manage the garden and lawn as well. You can use it to complete any level of work, be it delicate or medium. 
  • Heavy-Duty Construction: This robust saw blade is built using high-end 1.4 mm thick carbon steel. The narrowed teeth are impulse-tempered for an improved cutting capacity. Although intended for heavy-duty tasks, the BigBoy is pretty lightweight and creates smooth cuts on hard objects. 
  • Japanese Cutting Technology: The premium-quality and power-cutting structure of the saw blade gives you the ultimate sawing experience you want. Due to the advanced cutting method, the blade teeth are made harder compared to the regular ones. It means this hardened saw blade can last 3 times longer than the non-hardened ones.
  • It makes fast and smooth cuts.
  • Comfortable to use with a rubbery grip.
  • It has a multi-position locking blade.
  • It cuts on the pull stroke
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Resharpening it can be a bit difficult.

5.Genesis Miter Saw For A Woman

best miter saw for a woman

If you want to make cuts using different angles, a miter saw is what you need. The Genesis GMS1015LC is the best miter saw for a woman you can purchase right now. This compound miter saw has a sturdy engine fused with extraordinary features to make your sawing session more productive.


  • Strong Motor: The GMS1015LC has a 15 AMP engine with a no-load speed of 4600 RPM, which means you can swiftly make precision cuts using this compound miter saw. The base is made of aluminum, making it lightweight and portable for your convenience.  
  • Bevel Cuts: The multiple positional stops of this compound saw can help you set it up from different angles. You can create double bevel cuts of 45 degrees to the left and right without any problem! Work this nifty saw machine to cut crown molding, picture frames, shadow boxes, and many more.
  • Laser Cutting Guide: The integrated laser management system will assist you to arrange the cuts quickly with better accuracy. You will also know at which spot the next cut will be made.
  • Arbor Lock: The arbor lock feature ensures a quick and safe blade changing process you can do easily. The electric brake on this miter saw helps to stop the blade in a split second right after you push the button.

  • Quick brake changing process.
  • The laser guard structure is battery-controlled.
  • The base is aluminum-made.
  • It comes with nine positive stops.
  • High power engine with 4600 RPM.
  • A bit expensive.

How To Buy The Best Saw For Women?

As we have mentioned already, there is an array of saws available for you out there. However, not all of them are going to suit you. Hence, before you select a saw model for purchase, make sure to check some basic features to save both your time and effort.


The size of a saw machine has an undeniable effect on your cutting work, both in negative and positive ways. If you choose a large-sized sawing tool for light to medium level work, you are going to get trouble handing it. 

Hence, decide the type of your work and choose your machine accordingly. For simple trimming and pruning, a 10-inch bar would work fine.

But you will need a 14-16 inch bar size for cutting firewood. Remember, a critical factor in using a saw is its movability. And size plays a vital role in it. So, check if you can maneuver the saw easily during the cutting session.


The blade is the most significant part of a saw you are thinking of using. The building material, thickness, tooth count, sharpness, etc. are some basic features you should check for finding a good quality blade. For precision cutting, thicker blades are always better for accuracy. But for flexible cuts, you can choose thinner blades to get the right balance.


A lightweight saw is pretty easy to use and move around, but the more ergonomic your saw design is, the better you can cut. It means the feel of the saw when you hold it in your hand. The position of the handlebar, grip design, the shape is vital for operating a chainsaw comfortably.

For beginners, the top-handled chainsaw is not a wise option because of the lack of space between the front and rear grip. As a result, it may cause you trouble holding it. Also, for your convenience, go for the rubber padded grip instead of a metal chunk.

Cordless or Corded

Well, choosing a cordless or corded saw entirely depends on your work type. Corded saw tools are better for long-term work with the availability of power to draw. But if you have to perform your task in a place where you have no electricity source, you have to use a cordless saw that runs with batteries.

For cordless ones, choose the lithium-ion batteries for the best result. Try to buy a saw machine that comes with a quick charger. So, you can finish cutting the objects uninterrupted.

Blade Changing

The blade of a saw is bound to become dull with time. Every time you use it to make cuts, the saw blade gradually loses its sharpness. However, you can revive it by changing the blade when you feel necessary. A saw machine that has an easy blade replacement system should be your priority. You don’t want to spend hours changing the blade when you are in a rush.

Safety Measure

No matter how much of an expert saw user you are, you should never compromise with the safety features of the saw. It is extremely dangerous when you are operating with a sharp-edged blade. Hence, having safety locks or anti-kickback chains can save you from grave accidents.

With proper safety measures, you don’t have to worry about accidentally starting a saw or losing control of it as well. Hence, always check beforehand if your chosen saw has mandatory safety options.


The price of saws depends on many variables like the saw type, size, brand, performance, etc. If you have a tight budget, you can purchase a model that doesn’t require much cash but provides standard cutting performance. But if you want a great performing cutting saw, you have to spend a decent amount to get that better quality.


You can never expect a machine to last for a lifetime. So, why should you invest a chunk amount of money if there is no guarantee for your investment? The smart way to make sure your money doesn’t get wasted is to pick a saw with a warranty. Always try to buy a saw machine that comes with a standard warranty. 

It may cost you a few bucks extra. However, it is you who is going to be benefitted in the long run. So, even if your saw breaks down before the time limit, you can change the parts without spending any additional amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a woman use a chainsaw?

Yes, a woman can use a chainsaw. She can fell and limb trees with proper training and practice. But in general, the body structure of a female is smaller, and it also lacks the upper physical strength needed to wield the large-sized gas-powered chainsaw. Choosing a lightweight chainsaw with an easy usage procedure would be a better choice in such cases.

What is the best small gas chainsaw for women?

Considering all the benefits and features, the Husqvarna 440E is the best small gas chainsaw for a woman right now. This one is a bit heavier than the electrical alternatives. However, it is still light enough to be handled by a woman.

What are the best power tools for women?

There are numerous female-friendly power tools that a woman can use for house maintenance or DIY projects. A circular saw, cordless drill, sander, etc. can be a great addition to your tool kit. Several brands like Oregon, Worx, Silky, Dewalt, Makita, and many more have created powerful tools specially built for women.

Final Words:

There is no denying the fact that a woman can do every job just like a man can do. But considering the physical strength and structure, a man is stronger than a woman. Hence, using a regular saw machine may not be convenient for most of the ladies. To find the best saw for a woman to use, you should investigate the necessary details properly.

For further assistance, we have added detailed features of each saw, common queries, the basic points you should check before buying, the pros and cons, etc. Just compare the models and see which one is the most suitable for you. Once you decide, grab that one before it stocks out!

We hope our buying guide has cleared all your confusion. Thank you for giving us your time. If you want to get notified about more write-ups like this one, keep an eye on us for more updates.

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