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7 Best Scroll Saw In 2023 Available On Market

If you look around your surroundings, you can see different types of intricate curves or artworks in every place. It can be your door, a metal décor, your jewelry box, etc. While these fascinating designs may seem effortless, you need to use the best scroll saw to achieve the best result.

Behind every masterpiece, you will find an artist with the proper equipment. These days, scroll saws are the most commonly used tool for making curving artworks. While the market is packed with numerous products, not every one of them will work for you.

Do you want to buy scroll saws for personal or professional purposes? In our scroll saw reviews, you get them all. In case you are in a rush and want a quick recommendation, we choose the HEGNER 22″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw as our top pick. From price to execution, each detail of this product is remarkable.

 Quick List Of Best Scroll Saws

#1.Best Overall: DEWALT Scroll Saw at amazon

#2.Best Budget: Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw Scroll Saw Kit at amazon

#3.Great Value: HEGNER 22″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw at amazon

#4.Best for Lightweight Task: WEN Variable Speed Scroll Saw at Amazon

 #5.Best for Larger Projects: Delta power Variable Speed Scroll Saw at amazon

#6.Best with Stand: King Industrial 16 Inch Scroll Saw at amazon

#7.Best Splurge: JET (727300B) Scroll Saw at amazon

Now that you know the uses of a scroll saw, it’s time to read the 7 best scroll saw reviews. Let’s start with our top pick:

Best Scroll Saw Reviews: Top 7

1.HEGNER 22″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Best Scroll Saw

HEGNER has always been famous for manufacturing top scroll saws for quite some time. It is also known as the best scroll saw Australia has been using in their schools. Hence, seeing the HEGNER 22inch as the number one in this scroll saw reviews shouldn’t be surprising because it has earned the worth!


  • Professional Quality: The sturdy design of the HEGNER 22inch is the perfect choice for professional graded heavy-duty work. You can make clean and precise cuts on bulky pieces, even on steel, without any issue. The cut depth is 2 5/8 inches, which is quite helpful to make intricate woodworks. You also get a 7-year warranty with this package.
  • Dual Quicklock System: Only HEGNER has the dual Quicklock tensioning feature to make sure the inside cuts and fretworks are accurate. The slotted table can tilt 10 degrees to the right and 45 degrees to the left, making it super easy to operate from any direction.
  • Electronic Variable Speed Motor: Use the variable speed control system to make sure your cutting strokes per minute is suitable according to your woodwork type. The blades are easy to remove and replace as well.
  • Dust Management: You can use the in-built below table dust collecting system to ensure the sawdust is stored in there. Or you can use the blower to remove dust from your workstation.
  • Excellent variable speed control ranging from 400SPM to 1700SPM
  • The blade is pretty easy to remove and change.
  • Rugged and stable double-tilt slotted table.
  • It has a 22inch throat capacity.
  • This device remains ultra-quiet while in use.
  • This scroll saw is very expensive.

2.King Industrial 16 Inch Scroll Saw

King Industrial 16 Inch Scroll Saw

If you are looking for a powerful scrolling saw with extraordinary features, you should definitely try this King industrial scroll saw. From the large tabletop to multiple features, this machine makes sure you can convert your mind’s creativity into reality!


  • Large Table Area: The table has a surface area with a 12inch width and a good depth. It means you can do almost all types of scrolling work but some major fretworks.
  • Variable Speed Functions: It has 16 variable speed functions safely positioned on the arms top. In case you find the dust cover switch rigid at first, don’t worry as it gets more flexible with increased use. Before you start using this tool, make sure to remove the hold-down arm.
  • Pinless Blades: This saw is compatible with pinless blades to tighten the thumb-screws whenever you have to adjust the tension level. Use the back knob to manage the arm height. Whenever you need to modify the tightness, use the tension level.
  • Clean Workstation: The dust collector makes sure your place of works stays clean during and after you are done with your work. Unlike many scroll saws, you can tilt the saw head 30 degrees to the left and 45 degrees to the right.
  • It has an efficient and durable design.
  • The motor is very powerful.
  • Work table has enough space to operate freely.
  • The dust blower is of great quality.
  • The machine is easy to use.
  • There is no instruction manual included

3.DEWALT Scroll Saw

dewalt scroll saw review

If you are looking for a moderately priced yet heavy-duty tool that you can use for personal and commercial purposes both, Dewalt has made this hunt easy for you. The DW788 is definitely the best scroll saw for the money you can purchase right now!


  • Variable Speed Trigger: You can use this machine’s variable speed control system to select the speed from 400 to 1750 strokes per minute. Thus, giving you full freedom to adjust the machine speed according to the materials. Use the 20inch throat to cut larger pieces of materials with ease.
  • Numbered Blade Tension Knob: The blade knob has numbers that provide you clarity regarding the tightening and loosening of blades. No extra accessories are needed to change the blade, making the replacing process a lot simpler.
  • Cast Iron Table: The sturdy cast iron table is durable and provides you balance throughout your scrolling work. With this, you can bevel up to 45 degrees in both directions. This allows you to make the tricky designs with much more convenience.
  • Dust Blower: To give you a clear view, you can use the adjustable dust blower to keep the debris away from the cutting area. Move it whenever you need to pick the dust from your way.
  • Powerful machine.
  • Variable speed range of 400-1750 for material suitability.
  • Throat depth is 20 inches.
  • Speed and tensioning adjustment are very easy.
  • It has a dual parallel-linked arm to provide stability
  • This tool is heavy to move around.

4.WEN 3921 Scroll Saw

WEN 3921 Scroll Saw

With an incredible price range and standard scrolling performance, the WEN 3921 never fails to deliver what it promises. If you are looking for the best scroll saw under 200, this is the ‘it’ product for you.


  • Build Quality: The WEN 3921 is made with high-grade materials to ensure quality performance and sturdy life. By reducing vibrations, the cast iron base provides stability during the operation. So, you can do your scroll saw works with utmost efficiency.
  • Beveling Table: This mini scroll saw has a cast iron beveling table with a large working space. This two-directional tool can tilt up to 45 degrees on both sides. With the 16inch depth cutting capacity, you can get precision cuts on various types of materials.
  • In-built Speed Variation: Different materials require a different number of strokes per minute. Use the variable speed function to select your preferred speed ranging between 55-1650 SPM. While you are working in a low light area, the flexible LED light will help you work without interruption.
  • Dust Port with Air Pump: The standard dust port with an air pump makes sure your work spot remains clear from wanted dust. You can adjust the multi-positional blade to the flat surface or at 90degrees to scroll in any direction you want.
  • One of the best cheap scroll saws out there.
  • The blades are multi-functional.
  • It has an adjustable work light.
  • The dust port comes with an air pump.
  • The beveling table base is spacious.
  • The blade’s mechanism can be better.

5.Delta power Variable Speed Scroll Saw

delta scroll saw review

Looking at all the scroll saw comparisons, the Delta 40-694 can easily be called the best budget scroll saw in our buying guide. With the sleek design, its ability to make precise cuts makes it more lucrative to the crafters.


  • Electronic Variable Speed: This function allows you to adjust the stroke speed of the blades from 400 to 1750 SPM. Just select the speed range according to the project material, and complete your work without any trouble.
  • Dual Parallel-Link Arm: The arm of this tool is designed to reduce vibration while you are using it for your project. Thus, you can work with a stable machine without the risk of losing balance. It also helps to improve the quality and accuracy of each cut you make.
  • Upper Arm Lifts: When you are about to change or adjust the blade, the upper arm lifts locks in the raised-up position to prevent any type of accident. The dust blower and blade-tensioning system are adjustable to provide you easy access.
  • Tool-Free Blade Clamp: This feature helps you change the blades in just seconds without any extra tools. The beveled table can turn up to 45 degrees in both left and directions.
  • Built with quality materials.
  • The sturdy table decreases the vibration rate.
  • You can choose from a different speed range.
  • It has a tool storing option.
  • Easy to use.
  • The blade tensioning can be troublesome.

6.JET (727300B) Scroll Saw

JET (727300B)Scroll Saw

A fine-quality scroll saw can make a simple patterned object into an extraordinary one. The Jet 727300B is another such product that you can conveniently use for your woodworks. You can also get a 5-years warranty with this purchase.


  • Speed Adjustment: Wrong speed can slow and even spoil your work, whereas proper speed can make your saw work faster. You can adjust the speed of the 727300B from 400 to 1550 strokes per minute, depending on your material type.
  • Sturdy Base: The table of this machine is built with solid steel, giving it a strong body. When you start working with it, the table provides stability by decreasing the vibration rate. As a result, you can work smoothly without losing balance.
  • Quick Blade Change: The slotted table makes the blade changing procedure much easier and faster. With the 18inch throat length, you can make precise cuts on most of the materials. There is a tool-less blade holder with the machine that is easy to remove.
  • Two-way Arm Tilt: This is a two-directional machine that helps you to make the inside and intricate cuts without error. The arm of this scroll saw can tilt 45 degrees to the right and 30 degrees to the left.
  • The blade changing process is pretty easy.
  • The design is very compact and easy to move.
  • Built with sturdy materials.
  • You can easily set up the tool.
  • It comes with a 5-years warranty.
  • This machine is a bit noisy.

7.Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw Scroll Saw Kit

Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw Scroll Saw Kit

Dremel MS2O is the final product on this scroll saw amazon list. Thinking about buying a scroll saw for your new wood carving hobby? This one is also considered the best scroll saw for beginners due to its standard features and super affordable price.


  • Detachable Coping Function: The MS20 comes with a removable coping feature, which means you can remove the scroll saw from its base and carry it to another place. It makes this machine easy to handle without any confusion.
  • Auto Tensioning Quick-Change: This auto tensioning quick-change system helps you to adjust the blade tensioning to the optimum level. Besides, the tightened blades can be changed without any hassle.
  • Clamp Base: When scrolling with a saw, you want your base to be firm and stable. The fast clamp system of this MS20 makes sure you can attach it to any surface, benches, and tables while working. The dust port makes sure to clean your work area clean of debris.
  • Adjustable Speed: Adjust the speed of your scroll saw based on what material you want to cut. This package comes with four types of scrolls made with different materials. You can make straight or curve cuts on metal, wood, plastic, etc. with compatible varieties.
  • It comes with variable speed control.
  • Very portable.
  • This tool is easy to use.
  • It comes with multiple scroll blades.
  • Clamp system for easy attachment.
  • This scroll saw is not suitable for heavy-duty work.

What is A Scroll Saw Used For?                          

Scroll sawing has always been a renowned hobby across the world. But in the past, most people used their hands to do these crafting works. Nowadays, technological advancement has made our life easier by inventing innovative gears. Scroll saw is also one type of specialty tool for making intricate cuts or patterns in small and delicate objects.

As the material could be wood, metal, glass, etc., there are many curving works that you can not perform with a regular saw. While a scroll saw is the best option for such tricky craftwork, you can also use it for various purposes at the same time.

  • A scroll saw is basically used by artisans, crafters, and woodworkers.
  • You can cut patterns, joints, and detailed profiles on wood, metal, and plastic.
  • It is commonly needed to produce artwork, scrolls, wood carvings, carving on ivory, etc.
  • You can also make marquetry, templates, intarsia, and scroll saw letters. Wooden nameplates, designed albums, or boxes are quite popular these days.
  • Scroll saws are often used to make jigsaw puzzles, wooden toys, etc.
  • You have to carefully work when you are making curves or profiles on any structure. These small-scaled works require a powerful but handy machine. Hence, carpenters find the scroll saw very useful when cutting dovetail joints of jewelry boxes, small furniture, etc.

How To Choose The Best Scroll Saw?

As we have already mentioned, the key point to buy the best scroll saw is to recognize the one most suitable for you. However, you won’t face any problem if you check some basic features before selecting the one.

Here we’ll talk about some of the basic features that you need to check before buying a scroll saw:

Throat Length

The distance between the blade and the rear frame of the scroll saw is known as the throat length or capacity. This length is significant because you can cut wider with a deeper throat capacity. While 16inch is a decent length for regular works, some small scroll saws can be shallow as 12inch.

Larger industrial saws can have around 30inch throat capacity as well. But you need to decide why you need the scroll saw first.

Tension Setting

Each scroll saw has a tension control system to help you out during the operation. Too much tension can make the blade snap, whereas insufficient can cause the blade twist to spoil your work. The control system could be a lever style or knobs depending on the machine. For better handling, try to buy a saw with a tension control at the front.

Blades and Blade Changing

You can use pinless or pin-end blades for your scroll saw depending on what type of finishing you want. While pinned bladed saws are simpler and faster to change, they are also thicker and wider. It means you won’t get precise cuts with it. The pinless blades are thinner and are perfect or intricate carving. You can also get them in different sizes if required. 


The speed of a scroll saw is measured by the number of blade strokes it can make per minute. Fast speeded saw is suitable for hardwoods and the slow ones for softer woods. To get the best and clean cuts in most mediums, you should buy the best rated scroll saw that comes with a variable speed control system.

With a variable speed scroll saw, you can adjust the speed and use the same machine on different mediums with ease.

Bevel Cutting

Most scroll saws feature a tilting tabletop so you can create beveled edge cuts on materials. Such saw tables can tilt up to 45 degrees at maximum and 15 degrees minimum. While some have the ability to tilt one side only, the best table top scroll saw is the one that can tilt 45 degrees in both directions.

However, if your saw can tilt to one side only, you can always turn the board and cut it from the backside.

Hold-Down Foot

To maintain proper safety measures, make sure the machine has a hold-down foot to keep the material stable against the table scroll saw.

Keep in mind to choose a machine made with thin material yet strong enough, as a weighty foot can block you to watch where you are making the cuts.

Task Lighting

It is always more convenient to see your work clearer with a LED light to make cleaner and precise cuts. While you can find varieties of LED lights in the market, try to avoid the flimsy lights as they are not strong enough to hold their position. Always go for the ones that have lights attached firmly to them.

Dust Blower and Collection

Having a dust blower and collector with your scroll saw will help you to clear away your workstation under the blade. The collector port will keep the dust from polluting the air. 


The price of scroll saws varies from one another considering different aspects and features. While you can get a cheap scroll saw with minimum features and decent performance, the chances of it breaking down earlier is inarguable. Whereas despite being the top-rated scroll saws in the market, the premium-priced ones are not affordable for everyone.

However, often people put on their used scroll saws for sale. So, you can get a quality machine at a much lesser price. Or, you can always make a DIY scroll saw to fit your budget.

Commercial Scroll Saw

Scroll saws can be of different sizes, types depending on their ability. While some scroll saws with a lower throat capacity are perfect for your personal DIY projects or small woodworks, the commercial graded ones are more powerful and usually come with a comparatively larger throat length up to 30inch. While more costly than the others, the industrial ones are perfect for heavy-duty tasks.

However, if your budget is limited, you can always buy a second-hand scroll saw at a lesser price. You can check the scroll saw home depot for further information on the scroll saw for sale. Aside from our top 7 picks, check out some Harbor Freight scroll saw reviews and Mastercraft scroll saw reviews for more alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I look for in a scroll saw?

When you are buying a scroll saw, make sure to check some points beforehand. The variable speed control for regulating the tool, a stable base, unpinned blade attachment to prevent cracks, foot-switches for convenience, dust collection system, etc. are some of the most vital features.

How much do scroll saws cost?

A scroll saw price can be variable depending on lots of factors like the brand, features, performance, and customer feedback. Starting from 100$ to more than 1000$, you can always find a scroll saw to suit your budget.

Which is better band saw or scroll saw?

Well, the answer depends on what object you are going to use it on. If you need a tool for straight, large, and bold cuts on larger wood pieces or metals, using a band saw will serve your purpose. However, a scroll saw is better to make finely detailed curves, inside cuts, letters, and patterns.

Is a scroll saw worth it?

Rather than plain-looking things, design and patterns are more in trend these days. A scroll saw can help you to make those finely detailed decorations on your wooden furniture. However, the scroll saw must have quality features like a blade tensioning system, variable speed drive, easy to operate mechanism for you to get the desired outcome.

How thick can a scroll saw cut?

It depends on the size of the scroll saw and the material’s thickness you are going to cut. Most scroll saws can cut between 1 ¾ – 2 ¼ inches. This depth of cut determines which material you can use to curve using the machine.

Are scroll saws dangerous?

Generally speaking, scroll saws are way safer than any other saws out there. But everything with blades or sharp edges are dangerous if not handled with care. You can injure your finger and hand during the operation, or you can hurt your other body parts as well by a sudden accident.

Final Words:

You have to admit that the curvature crafts are beautiful to behold. To create that beautiful piece, an artisan has to work tirelessly all the time. As a crafter, you should know the importance of using the best scroll saws the most.

Now that you have finished all the scroll saw reviews, you must have figured out which one will be the most suitable. While it can be professional scroll saws or hobby scroll saws, think again before finalizing your pick. You definitely wouldn’t want your money to go waste on a useless tool.

Thank you for being patient and spending your time with us. If you want to read about more buying guides like this one, please do keep an eye on us for future updates.


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