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Camping Saw vs Axe: Do You Need Both?

Camping saw is an essential apparatus during traveling off-trail or to assemble a bonfire. It has a fewer amount of teeth that allows fast cutting, and it is suitable for campers. As it is light in weight and portable, people can easily carry it while traveling.

On the other hand, an axe is a crucial apparatus that you can use to shape and chop logs. People also use it for harvesting timber, as a heraldic or ceremonial symbol, and as a weapon.

An axe has various forms and uses. However, it is of iron in general and has a wooden handle and a sharp steel edge. The primary use of this gear is to slice logs or wood into small pieces.

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Camping saw vs Axe-Which is Better?

Pros of Camping Saws

  • Though Camping saws are not interesting, they are safer and more functional than an axe. Besides, a saw can split a log or wood precisely and reliably, although it takes much energy and time.
  • Moreover, Camping saws are lighter and compact to carry. It is also safer to use. You can fold some models of axes so that you can move without exposing the sharp edges.  
  • An axe may be a better option when you cut a log or wood of firewood for front-country Camping. However, using an axe is tiresome. On the other hand, an ax is the best option if you go for a backcountry trip. If you need to split a massive log into small pieces, use an axe as the best apparatus. You also can use it to clear a portage.

Cons of Camping Saws

  • An axe is light in weight. However, it is not practical for travelers as they are heavier than traditional or sliding folding saws.
  • The shape and size of the Camping saw do not work for trimming when you clean the brush.

Pros of Axes

There are several advantages of using axes in Camping. They are here below,

  • If you want to cut wood with grain, axes are the best options. For instance, an axe shows a terrific performance when you try to divide a large log vertically. Moreover, you can split or cut through a massive wood in a single swing without a severe problem. If you use a saw in this case, you may lose colossal energy.
  • Using axes is impressive and funny. If someone likes fantasy, they will feel like a Viking while using an axe. Furthermore, a well-placed strike of an ideal axe can divide a gigantic wood piece that can give you immense pleasure.

Cons of Axes

  • If we consider the disadvantages or cons, we can say that axes are awful to use. It consumes much energy and time to cut a large log against the grain. Besides, it is messy very often.
  • Moreover, you cannot convert a log into smooth pieces by using an axe. You only can split it, but you may need other apparatus to make it plain and clean.
  • In addition, axes are most often dangerous to use as they are sharp and heavy. If you miss the swing, you may hit and cut your feet and may have a severe injury. Thus, you can lose your toes, and this accident can ruin your trip.

Why a Camping Saw is Not Mandatory

Saw is not that necessary for Camping. Here are the reasons behind it.

  • Saw is not a vital apparatus for processing firewood.
  • Local people will not allow saws in many places of the world.
  • Little firewood is harmless. Sawing firewood may make a big fire that is not safe.
  • A small axe or hatchet offers better performances than a saw in Camping.

Uses Of A Folding Saw During Camp Out

The prior use of a saw during camp out is building a fire. Using a Camping saw, you can rapidly cut tiny branches for fuel to make and keep the fire going. A Camping hatchet is another option for cutting up wood and logs. However, a Camping saw is better for cutting into small pieces of wood for a stove or campfire.

Likewise, a traditional folding saw is a handy tool to clean up a campground or clear a track. Moreover, it is a necessary implement during backcountry hiking for making a backup shelter. The folding saw will offer you a quick cutting according to your desired length suitable for the shelter frame.

Use of An Axe During Camping

There are various sizes and shapes of axes. Generally, the size and shape depend on the purposes. Here are some uses of axes during Camping.

  • Axes with extensive handles and heavyweight are appropriate for cutting down large trees and logs into small segments.
  • There is another kind of apparatus, and it is splitting mauls. They look like axes and have almost similar purposes. However, they have gigantic wedge-shaped heads. The user can divide a log or wood into pie shapes by using this gear.
  • Hatchets are like tiny axes that have short handles. They help to split longer slices of wood and convert them into small pieces.

Wrapping up

We can finish the debate Camping saw vs Axe because both are equally crucial for various purposes. Camping saws are safer than axes for splitting a log into small pieces. Moreover, you can cut a log or wood more smoothly and perfectly than an axe.

However, for splitting a large wood vertically, Axe is a better option. If you use a Camping saw here, you may need enormous energy and time. On the contrary, you can divide the log or wood into a single and perfect swing. But, you have to be more alert as it is dangerous to use an axe and can cause severe injury.

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