Can I use a reciprocating saw to cut tree branches

Yes, you can use a reciprocating saw to cut tree branches and limbs. Even you can cut down a tree if it is smaller. However, keep in mind that the reciprocating saw is mainly directed to stationary material. Maybe it can turn a little bit harsher to limbs or branches by cutting through most of it.

If the branches are solid enough and that doesn’t reciprocate with your blade then you are free to use a reciprocating saw on the branches.

A reciprocating saw works by moving the blade backward and forward. However, you can also move the blade in the upward and downward positions.

Therefore, the reciprocating saw is ideal for brunch cutting if the branches are on a firm attachment with the tree and fairly firm.

Otherwise, you better use a conventional chainsaw for cutting tree branches.

To cut trees with reciprocating saws you must have these safety gears and things with you- boots, leather gloves, helmet, pruning blade that specializes in removing wood rapidly and easily, battery that is operated or cordless.

You should note it that cordless and battery-operated reciprocating saws are better options for outdoor usage than the corded and electric reciprocating saws.

Using reciprocating saws to cut tree branches might become noisy enough to endure for some people. No need to worry because you can always use earbuds for this job.

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