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Can You Cut Aluminum With A Scroll Saw

Generally, the scroll saw maybe a pedal-operated or electric saw which is small in size. Can you cut aluminum with a scroll saw? The answer is yes. It can cut metal, for example, aluminum and wood, making a complex curve in them. There is no issue to worry about its capability. 

Can scroll saws make inside cuts? Its blade has superb fitness that can offer better chopping than a powered Jigsaw. It can cut inside if you remove the edge at first and then relock it.

Can You Cut Aluminum with a Scroll Saw?

Can you use a scroll saw to cut aluminum? There are five factors to cut aluminum with a scroll saw. We have outlined them below. 


Before selecting a perfect blade to cut aluminum, you should remember that the saw blade should be the same as a hacksaw. This kind of blade is appropriate to cut by hand. Besides, the saw blade having small teeth is the best selection for aluminum.


Cutting a metal like aluminum takes more time than cutting wood. Therefore, while cutting aluminum with a scroll saw, you need patience and an exceedingly light hand. 

Metal Type

Though brass and aluminum are light in weight, a scroll saw is a perfect tool to cut them accurately. Besides, you can cut cold-rolled steel with the scroll saw.

Thickness of metal

If the thickness of metal is less than 3/16 inches, you can consider it ideal for cutting. However, cutting becomes challenging if the thickness is more than that, and working progress becomes slower. It is challenging to cut thick aluminum with a scroll saw. 

Though it is possible to cut a thicker and hard metal like steel with a Scroll saw, a compact angle grinder is a better option in this case. But, for soft metals like aluminum, both angle grinders, and scroll saws are suitable to cut them. 


Cutting metal is noisier than cutting wood. It happens because of more friction on the metal body than wood. Besides, the metal has a more rigid surface than the wood surface. 

If you want to reduce this shrieking noise, use some lubricant and also cut it slowly. Sometimes, the sound becomes so annoying that other people may complain. 

What material can you cut with a scroll saw?

Can you use a scroll saw to cut aluminum? A scroll saw can cut various materials, like bronze, copper, cold-rolled steel, aluminum, brass, plastic, and wood. The thickness of an ideal metal is 1/8 inches. However, a scroll saw can cut a little bit thicker material. This saw can cut not only a softer metal but also steel. 

Moreover, you can use the steel cutting scroll saw blades for intricate cutting. Scroll saws and band saws are almost similar. However, they do not have any continuous cutting blades. 

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Scroll Saw Considerations for Aluminum

Can you cut aluminum with a scroll saw? Generally, a scroll saw can cut thin sheets ideally and perfectly. However, this kind of saw is not the best choice to cut metals. For minor projects, the scroll saw is enough, but it is not appropriate for larger projects. Because, for significant projects, accuracy is essential, and scroll saw is not perfect enough for those projects. In that case, you have to spend a lot of money on the ideal gear. 

Scroll saws, as well as band saws, have cutting blades perpendicular to the work table. However, the band saws are ideal for cutting heavy metals. 

What kind of saw blade to cut aluminum?

A blade of non-ferrous metal is the best option to cut aluminum. These blades have triple chip grind teeth and offer better functions on plastic or aluminum products. 

If you intend to cut bronze, aluminum, or brass metal, you need a special saw blade. Non-ferrous material is its primary material. Besides, it has a particular grade of carbide for aluminum. 

What can you cut with scroll saw?

A scroll saw is suitable for comprehensive works. The designers who design furniture with complicated specifics may use this cutting saw. The designers can use this scroll saw to do various detailings like fretwork and inlays on wooden stuff. 

Moreover, a scroll saw cuts numerous materials with the appropriate blade. These materials include metal, brass, wood, plastic, plexiglass rubber, leather, copper, and acrylic. The best scroll saw aluminum has the best blade alignment and tension. You can also use them to make more exemplary widths to make jewelry. 

Can a scroll saw cut metal? It is harder to cut a metal material. Before starting, you have to select the appropriate metal cutting scroll saw blades. Otherwise, you will lose your energy and time but will not be able to cut perfectly. 

How to cut thick aluminum

There are several processes to cut thick aluminum. These processes are outlined here,

Using a wood-cutting saw with carbide-tipped blades

Can I cut aluminum with a wood blade? In this case, use a wood-cutting saw having carbide-tipped edges. These kinds of saw blades are the most appropriate ones to cut aluminum. However, do not try to cut aluminum with scroll saw if the thickness of the aluminum sheet is more than 0.64 cm. 

Using cutting lubricant

While cutting a metal sheet, there may be noise, slippage, and sparks if you use a cheap scroll saw. To prevent these problems, you can use a cutting lubricant to make your work smoother. 

Reduction of cutting blade’s diameter

If you want to get a better result, try to reduce the diameter of your saw blade. Generally, the cutting speed for wood is too fast for aluminum. Therefore, you need to slow the rate by reducing the diameter of your blade. It will keep you safe while cutting.  

Adjustment of the blade depth

Adjust the blade depth of your scroll saw. It should be 0.64 cm or 0.25 inches at most. Withdraw the blade guard and then grip it near the aluminum. Make the depth adjustment lever or knob unfastened and rotate the basement of your saw until the blade goes 0.25 inches below the cutting material. Then you can make the knob tighter. 

Use a Jigsaw

Can a saw cut through metal? You may use a jigsaw when you need an aluminum-made circular cutting. Firstly, you should clamp a guide on both sides of your aluminum cutting saw. Then make the blade lower and guide it along with the material. Afterward, twist the backside of your saw and push it gradually across the aluminum sheet. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ

Q. What’s the best way to cut aluminum?

Choose a fine-toothed saw blade. The wood-cutting saw containing carbide-tipped blades is the best option for cutting thin aluminum sheet. Besides, select a saw blade that can create constricted kerf or notch

Q. Can you use a regular saw blade to cut aluminum?

You can use a non-ferrous blade to cut an aluminum sheet keeping it on a chop saw. However, we do not recommend an abrasive disc in this case as it will produce extreme heat. 

Q. Are scroll saw blades universal?

Scroll saws have blades of various sizes, and their cutting teeth feature different configurations. Though most of the manufacturers use various specific terms, some of them use teeth per inch terms. 

Q. Which cutter is the most appropriate for cutting aluminum?

If you search for a perfect cutter to cut copper or aluminum, tin snip is the best choice for you. This cutter has a strident scroll saw metal cutting blade that may offer you a smooth edge. 

Q. Can you cut aluminum with an abrasive blade?

The speed of an expensive blade is better than other blades. However, the abrasive saws may not allow clean edges, and the blade decreases their accuracy during cutting. It happens due to the grinding feature of the saw. It grinds soft metals like aluminum. Therefore, this abrasive blade is appropriate for hard metals. 

Q. Do you need a special blade to cut aluminum?

The non-ferrous blades having adequate teeth are the best for cutting aluminum. However, the saw blade has to be suitable to cut the non-ferrous metal. Moreover, it would be best if you kept in mind that teeth-number is enough for cutting aluminum. 


Can you cut aluminum with a scroll saw? To get the best answer to this question, go through the above article. We have highlighted every aspect related to the cutting of aluminum with a scroll saw. Though the scroll saw can cut thin metals, it is not the most appropriate option for you. However, aluminum is a soft metal but needs a complex curve. 

Therefore, you can select a scroll saw to cut aluminum, and it will be an outstanding choice for you. In this case, Proxxon 28745 metal cutting Scroll Saw Blades Pin End is a perfect choice. It is light in weight and is made of high-quality steel for extended use. Besides, it has several 5-Inch scrolls saw blades with twelve pin ends.  

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