Can You Use Hole Saw on Fiberglass – 5 Best Tips to Follow.

You can use a hole saw to make a hole in the fiberglass. It would be better to use a jigsaw because it makes holes for cutting fiberglass. The best tool to use when you use a carbide-tipped saw. This article will discuss how can you use a hole saw on fiberglass.

As any craftsman or dealer with fiberglass, you must acknowledge that a hole saw is required to drill holes of a certain depth on the fiberglass and assist you in various purposes. Fiberglass is a delicate and hard material. When making holes, it is important to find the perfect hole saw for fiberglass.

Can You Use Hole Saw on Fiberglass?

Using a hole saw in fiberglass is not a problem, but it is not that you can do this without any problem at all. There will be a lot of dust when doing the work, so you need to use a mask to avoid it. Cutting fiberglass is dangerous because the pieces of glass are so small that you can’t easily see them. If there is a small bite in your skin, eyes, throat, or lungs, you are more likely to feel irritation and pain.

First, drill the pilot hole. However, it is advisable to put some masking tape where it is being cut. This will help keep the edges smooth. The main problem you need to think about is tilting the drill. This binds the drill bit to the fiberglass, sending the drill to the other side. 

If you do the work slowly and steadily, you can avoid any problem if it breaks on the other side. However, it should not be cut too slowly or too fast. Fiberglass is tough but not as hard as you might think. There are many more difficult and risky materials to cut if you search.

How to Cut Hole in Fiberglass?

How to Cut Hole in Fiberglass

The first condition to make a fiberglass hole is that you have to take time. If you go too fast, the fiberglass on the outside of the edge of the hole you make can tear and ruin its appearance. Let’s look at the step-by-step methods to cut holes in fiberglass step by step. 

Step 1

Determine the location of the hole first. Draw a circle using a marker and mark the center of the hole with a dot.

Step 2

Place masking tape around the circle to prevent damage around the fiberglass hole-making area.

Step 3

Make a hole in the circle’s center using a 1/4-inch drill bit. Remember, you have to take time to drill the holes. This hole will help you when using the hole saw.

Step 4

Notice that there is a drill bit in the center of the hole blade. Please insert it into a pre-drilled hole to help keep the saw stable.

Step 5

Gently press the power button and start the drill. It would be best not to go faster than the medium speed, now drill slowly. Avoid forcing with a saw blade as it can cause cracks in the fiberglass.

You know for sure how to Cut Holes in Fiberglass. But be careful because fiberglass is hard but fragile.

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How to Drill Through Fiberglass Boat?

Since fiberglass does not stretch like wood, you need to choose a bit that only holds the threads of the screw. After screwing the first screw tightly, small pilot holes should be drilled in the remaining spots. Remove excess material and drill holes to full size. Drilling holes in fiberglass can be time-consuming if you want to drill a perfect hole. Fiberglass has a gel-coated surface. The higher the drill bit, the greater the chances of chipping. 

Screws will need to be inserted into the fiberglass at the end of making the hole. When installing a sheet-metal screw-on fiberglass, you should not be so horseback as strong laminate will not give like wood. Champ the pilot holes in the fiberglass with a countersink bit. This will prevent the screws from breaking the fragile gel coat layer. 

How to Repair a Drilled Hole in a Fiberglass Boat?

So far, you know the rules for drilling in fiberglass boats. Now you need to know how to repair the drilled hole. In the beginning, you need to collect some tools. Most of the tools you need to get the job done will be available at home, but there are some things you may need to purchase. Take a look at the whole procedure below. 

Remove Sealant and Rust Stains:

  1. Use un-hesive sealant remover spray and let it work for 30 minutes.
  2. Spray again and wait 30 minutes to remove the sealant completely.
  3. Once this is done, spray a rust neutralizer and rub it in place of the drilled hole, which will clean the rust. 

Prepare the hole: The holes have to be prepared at this stage. Measure the length of the screws and the diameter of the holes. Select the size of the drill bit that fits the hole tightly. Wear a mask before starting drilling. 

Mix and Fill the Epoxy Resin:

  1. Wear protective clothing.
  2. Mix 205 hardener and 105 resin.
  3. Stir gently using a mixing stick for about a minute.
  4. Quickly add a little amount of 406 adhesive filler to the mixture.
  5. Fill the drilled hole well with the mixture when adjusting.

Apply Gel Coat: Make a gel coat paste by mixing one ounce of gel coat and 10 to 12 drops of catalyst and apply the paste with a stick on and around the hole where the hole is filled. 

Now you should say goodbye to your painter because you know enough about how to fix a hole drilled in a fiberglass boat. This is not expensive at all but budget-friendly. 

Can You Screw Into Fibreglass Roof?

Although everyone is familiar with traditional roofing materials, there are some excellent alternatives. Fiberglass roof panels are installed the same way as other framed metal roofing sheets. This material is light and durable, so it can be ideal for outdoor, shed, and small structures. You must have patience and skill in this installation. Of course, you can screw on the fiberglass roof, but you have to follow a few steps.

Using a galvanized screw and drill, you can make holes in your fiberglass roof. Now insert the screw and drill the screw on the roof board to secure the panel.


Cutting holes in wood or metal and cutting holes in fiberglass is not the same thing. This takes time and requires proper blade use, or the hole may be damaged. Also, fiberglass is more likely to be mistaken for cutting than other materials because it is tough but fragile.

You can cut fiberglass using a hole saw, but you have to take time. Don’t try to cut too fast or too slow. Cut at medium speed; this will make a better cut inside the hole and create a smoother edge. Before starting work, you need to decide on the surface on which the glass will be drilled. Use a table that stands firmly on the floor. It is recommended to cover it with a thick cloth or cardboard so as not to damage its surface during work. After all, follow the steps mentioned above and hope that using a hole saw on fiberglass has been obtained.

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