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Coocheer 62CC Chainsaw Review With Buying Guide

Generally, if you like gardening, you would have been busy trimming, cutting, pruning, and limbing for several hours every day. Though it is your hobby, sometimes, these tasks become boring for you. A chainsaw is an essential part of gardening. 

Moreover, you may want to know about the history of the Chainsaw was invented for childbirth in 1780 by two doctors to remove the pelvic bone without any hassle. Where are chainsaws made, and what company makes Coocheer chainsaws

Different companies make different parts of the chainsaws, like the Coocheer chainsaw, and Coocheer chainsaw parts are assembled in the USA, and the Coocheer chainsaw company makes Coocheer chainsaws.

For gardening, a good Coocher professional chainsaw can make your job easy. This article will provide Coocheer 62CC Chainsaw review to get a clear idea about these products before purchasing. Besides, you can go through the Coocheer chainsaw website and choose according to your purpose.

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Coocheer 62CC Chainsaw Review 

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A short Coocheer 62CC Chainsaw review is outlined below.  

Key Features

  • Firstly, this chainsaw provides steady power to the chain and bar.
  • It offers an endless supply of oil to the chain and bar as it uses an automatic oil supply.
  • This saw has a safety device so that the Coocheer chainsaw won’t start accidentally. 
  • Finally, its soft rubber handle makes it convenient for the user to carry it. 


  • Rendio is the manufacturer of the Coocheer 62CC chainsaw.
  • Its price is $139.99.
  • The weight of this chainsaw is 15.4 pounds.
  • Product dimension is 21.26 X 10.24 X 12.2 inches.
  • Its color is Red Black 62cc.
  • Gas is the power source of this chainsaw.
  • This chainsaw uses a motor having 3.5 Horsepower.


  • Its luxury handle lessens the machine to shake. 
  • This chainsaw has a safety valve throttle switch.
  • It reduces about 20% of fuel consumption.
  • The Coocheer 62CC chainsaw has a three-tier gasoline filter.
  • The user can install and use it without any effort.


  • The chain of this Coocheer chainsaw becomes dull quickly. 

Features And Benefits

We provide Coocheer 20 inch chainsaw reviews, including its features and benefits.


  • This chainsaw runs using gas. 
  • Its 62 CC 2-stroke engine can produce enough power to work.
  • This apparatus can cut long objects. 
  • Light in weight and convenient to use. 


  • Its chains are five times stronger.
  • This gear has an engine with high power.
  • Convenient to install and use.

Coocheer Chainsaw Alternatives

After going through some Coocheer 20 inch chainsaw reviews, you can find some alternatives here.

Poulan Pro PR4218 Gas Chainsaw

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  • It has a bar of 18 inches and a 2-stroke engine.
  • This gear provides implausible power and proficient consumption of fuel. 
  • This machine has an ergonomic design.

Wemars 62cc-WS-6220C Gas Chainsaw


  • It has a bar of 20 inches and a 2-stroke motor.
  • Its electronic ignition system is outstanding.
  • The user can easily adjust the chain because of the automatic chain lubrication system.

Craftsman CMXGSAMY426S Chainsaw

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  • It has a bar of 20 inches and a 2-cycle crank gas engine.
  • The pull starting is efficient because of using the easy-start technology.
  • This gear uses an automatic oiler to provide the bar and the chain with decent operational conditions.

Things to Consider Before Buying Coocheer Chainsaw

Before purchasing a Coocheer chainsaw, you must consider and follow some aspects. They are here below.


People use a chainsaw to cut down wooden blocks or trees. For this purpose, the user must need a powerful cutting tool. In this case, he needs to choose a powerful chainsaw and cut any wooden blocks effortlessly. 

Generally, there are three kinds of Coocheer chainsaws according to power types. They are here,

  • Electric-Powered
  • Gas-Powered
  • Battery-powered


The engine is the central part that provides power to the chainsaws, and therefore, it is essential to check it before buying a Coocheer Chainsaw. Besides, more power produced by the engine is a crucial aspect of heavy tasks, and the motor will run smoothly and fast if the machine can generate more power. 


Using a light chainsaw is more comfortable than a heavy chainsaw. However, the user may feel pain if he uses a weighty tool for a long time to cut wooden blocks. Experts consider chainsaws of 15-18 pounds are the best chainsaws to work. 

Fuel Intake

Generally, most people prefer Gasoline chainsaws to use, and the gas-powered chainsaws run using oil or fuel. Therefore, you need to consider the Coocheer chainsaw fuel mixture before buying this kind of chainsaw. 

However, if you are concerned about fuel intake, you should buy fuel-efficient chainsaws. Various fuel-efficient chainsaws are available in the market, and these chainsaws intake about 20% less fuel. Select, purchase, and enjoy. 


Generally, the chainsaws are off at different prices, and they can be costly or cheap. But, before selecting the best apparatus, you should go through the reviews to buy long-lasting gear.

No products found.


In this Coocheer 62CC Chainsaw review article, we have given our effort to provide a clear idea about the quality Coocheer chainsaw, its alternatives, and the original use of a chainsaw. Therefore, we expect this review article will help you select the best Coocheer chainsaw according to your determination. 

Moreover, this kind of chainsaw is a powerful model that can offer you all types of garden cutting tasks. This gear has a chassis of ABS plastic, and the quality is superb. Besides, it consists of a motor with 3.5 HP power. It allows cutting tree stumps, firewood, and tree felling.

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