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Coocheer Chainsaw Review 2023 [Top 5 Picks]

A chainsaw is a versatile tool that allows you to do different types of cutting. As an efficient tool, it is designed to cut down a wide variety of trees or wood without much effort. If you have ever used a Coocheer chainsaw, you may want to know what company makes Coocheer chainsaws because it is helpful for your heavy work. Today’s main discussion is about Coocheer Chainsaw Review which will help you get the best Coocheer chainsaw among the top options.

This special tool comes with enough power that can withstand a lot of stress and allows you to perform weighty tasks quickly. Here’s a look at some Coocheer chainsaws because this brand is so reliable, versatile, and can last over the years.

If you are thinking of buying a gas chainsaw, read the top five Coocheer Chainsaw Reviews.

What Coocheer Chainsaw Has the Best Reviews?

Comparison Between Gas and Electric Chainsaws

Features and BenefitsGas-powered ChainsawElectric Chainsaw
PowerGas-powered chainsaw 2-stroke engines can generate more torque with displacements of 30cc to 120cc.  Electric chainsaws run on the power of one or two batteries or directly on electricity.
UsefulnessIf you are an expert and have a heavy responsibility, then a gas chainsaw will suit your job better.  Electric chain saws are easier to control than gas chains.
Ease of Strategy  Electric chains require more energy to transport them than saws.Electric chain saws are generally compact and lightweight compared to gas chains.
SpeedGas-powered chain saws are best for cutting hardwood or completing heavy-duty projects.The speed of an electric chainsaw is lower than that of a gas chainsaw.
SecurityThe high-speed risk of a gas chain saw is greater than that of an electric chainsaw, and the kickback problem is more common in gas chainsaws.Even with an electric chainsaw, you must measure the exact safety during the cutting operation.
PriceGas-powered chainsaws usually cost twice as much as an electric alternative.Among electric chains, battery-powered chains are more expensive than corded ones but less so than gas-powered ones.

After reviewing the above differences, you must have got an idea about using the two types of chainsaws. An electric chainsaw is a good option for homeowners or those with low skills who need to practice small tasks regularly. On the other hand, gas chainsaws are great for craftsmen to perform heavy work more efficiently.

The 5 Best Coocheer Chainsaws Reviews

You can make quick buying decisions by answering some simple questions. If your project is simple and light-duty, it is enough to have an electric chainsaw. But if your project is a heavy responsibility, you are advised to use a gas-powered chainsaw. Let’s find out about the top-recommended products.

1. COOCHEER 62CC Gas Powered Chainsaws

The Chainsaw that should be mentioned at the beginning is COOCHEER 20″ Chainsaw. It’s reliable, powerful, and versatile; that’s why most people prefer it. One of its amazing features is that you can run it for a long time with a small amount of petrol to save up to 20% of fuel.

This high-quality Coocheer professional Chainsaw has a 62cc 2-cycle engine that makes it 5x more powerful than any other normal chainsaw and has a 3.5 HP motor capable of taking a lot of pressure. Also, you can start this tool completely hassle-free.

The maximum engine speed of the chainsaw is about 8500 RPM, with which you can cut trees, wood, and various things effortlessly; again, it is much easier to carry anywhere. You will have a guide bar, fuel mixer, storage bag, and some essentials at the time of purchase.

Key Features:

  • Power Type: Gasoline.
  • Engine: 62cc 2-Cycle.
  • Motor: 3.5 hp.
  • Length of Bar: 20-inch.
  • Speed: 8500 rpm.
  • Fuel Capacity: up to 550ml
  • Item Weight: 15.4 Pounds.
  • The engine is so powerful
  • Average fuel capacity.
  • The chain is of the best quality
  • Saves up to 20% of fuel
  • Cozy grip with slip-resistant.
  • The rubber-molded handle gives comfort.
  • Asthenic plastic base!

2. COOCHEER 20 inch 2-Stroke Gas Powered Chainsaw

This 20 inches 2-Stroke Gas Powered Chainsaw is an excellent product of the Coocheer chainsaw manufacturer. Its 2-stroke engine reduces fuel consumption and emissions, making it environmentally friendly. It has a low recoil chain capable of providing uninterrupted and stable power.

Find in the Coocheer chainsaw website and choose the imported Chainsaw with wear resistance. The gas chainsaw can be installed in just a few minutes and is extremely easy to use. It uses a filtering system to prevent gasoline from quickly entering the engine. Its three-tier petrol filter can jointly ensure that your Chainsaw is healthy and in good working condition. Finally, it gives you great performance throughout the day.

Key Features:

  • Power Type: Gas, Manual, Gasoline
  • Engine: 62cc 2-Cycle.
  • Motor: 3.5 hp.
  • Length of Bar: 20-inch.
  • Ma Engine Speed: 10000 rpm
  • Fuel Capacity: up to 550ml
  • Item Weight: 15.43 Pounds
  • High Safety
  • High efficiency at low cost
  • Imported high-quality steel chain
  • Easy installation and use
  • Comfortable and luxurious handle
  • No information on warranty

3. COOCHEER 20″ Chainsaw, 62CC 2-Stroke Gas-Powered Chainsaws

The original use of a chainsaw is to cut heavy wood or many more perfectly. So the Chainsaw that is being talked about now will also seem appropriate to you.

The COOCHEER 62CC 3.5HP powerful Chainsaw provides 20 inches of bar and static power to the low kickback chain. Ideal tools for cutting wood and heavy wood with much more ability. Its comfortable handle design makes the Chainsaw balanced, stingy, and comfy to operate more securely. In addition, a safety switch is provided to protect the chainsaw from accidental start to ensure the user’s safety.

No products found.

Key Features:

  • Power Type: Gas, Manual, Gasoline
  • Engine: 62cc 2-Cycle.
  • Motor: 3.5 hp.
  • Length of Bar: 20-inch.
  • Engine Speed: 8500 rpm
  • Fuel Capacity: up to 550ml
  • Item Weight: 7 Kilograms
  • Lightweight, durable poly chassis
  • Easy to operate without sacrificing power, light in weight
  • Designed to start a quick, smooth, and easy pull
  • Easy to see Adjustable Auto Chain Oil
  • Economically balanced design
  • No special problem with this

In the history of chainsaws, the use of electric and gas chainsaws is much more. At first, the chainsaw invented for childbirth. However, the category of chainsaws you choose depends on the project you are going to complete with a chainsaw. If you are a beginner and looking for a chainsaw, choose an electric chain saw. On the other hand, there is no substitute for a gas-powered chainsaw to operate efficiently. So let’s take a look at some of the differences between them.

4. COOCHEER 58CC 20 Inch Gas Chainsaw

In the Coocheer Chainsaw Reviews, this Chainsaw can be a great addition to your DIY activities. Its 58cc 2-stroke engine is quite fast and capable of holding enough pressure. Having a 3.5 HP motor makes the Chainsaw perform great. It weighs just 15.43 pounds, is easy to carry, and performs tirelessly.

Here you will find a foam-padded grip handle that is comfortable as well as slip-resistant. The 20-inch bar of the chain saw can withstand high temperatures so that you can use it comfortably at any time or in any weather. Want more nice info about it? An effective air filter system prevents dust or debris from entering your engine.

Key Features

  • Power Type: Gasoline.
  • Engine: 58cc 2-Stroke.
  • Motor: 3.5 Horsepower.
  • Length of Bar: 20-inch.
  • Speed: 8500 rpm.
  • Item Weight: 15.43 Pounds.
  • Efficient to bear lots of pressure.
  • Includes a feasible air filter.
  • Few chances of rusting.
  • Hassle-free installation.
  • Ease to use.
  • The chain brake quality is not so good!

5. 20_Inch 62CC Gas Chainsaws COOCHEER

It is designed for efficient use by craftsmen. The Chainsaw is a compact, lightweight tool that can be used to cut big trees. It does not consume too much energy but works fast. The vibration makes the cutting operation uncomfortable. It incorporates an anti-vibration system to reduce vibration levels. This gas chainsaw reduces your fatigue and helps you to work longer.

There is nothing you need to do to adjust the COOCHEER Chainsaw fuel mixture ratio and maintain the engine’s RPM as it has a compensating carburetor to perform these important tasks. In addition, its rubber handle accommodates you to carry a comfortable feeling while working.

Key Features

  • Power Type: Gas Powered
  • Engine: 62CC 2-Stroke.
  • Motor: 3.5 Horsepower.
  • Length of Bar: 35-inch.
  • Speed: 8500 rpm.
  • Item Weight: 7 Kilograms
  • Powerful engine to bear pressure
  • High-quality Bar and Chains
  • Ergonomic Design Convenient for Carrying
  • Easy to start and use for the whole day
  • Reduce fuel consumption up to 20%
  • The power button is placed in a clumsy area!

Best Coocheer Chainsaw Buying Guide

After learning about some of the top Coocheer chainsaw reviews, you need to follow the guidelines before purchasing a Coocheer Chainsaw. There is no doubt that most chains include strength, durability, and reliability. But if you want to get the best spontaneously, you must consider some basics. The purchase guide below will help you get the chains according to your needs.

Power Type

Consider what kind of Chainsaw you want to buy. There are mainly three types of Chainsaw in the market: gas, electric, and battery-powered. If you want to use it for heavy work, then there is no better option than a gas-powered Chainsaw. That’s why our list includes only such chainsaws. Coocheer chainsaw parts are somewhat different from other chainsaws as they are used to cut heavy trees, heavy wood, or other hard objects related to wood.

Engine and Motor

The engine and motor are the essential parts of a chainsaw which you should consider before purchasing it as the Chainsaw gets cutting power through motors and engines. A weak engine never allows you to cut heavy things.

The Coocheer chainsaw company invented a 20″ Chainsaw that helps you get the desired result from your work as it is equipped with a 62cc engine with a 3.5 HP motor. So it gives amazing results in performing your heavy work.


Weight plays a significant role in choosing the right Chainsaw. If you use a lightweight design chainsaw, it will allow you to spend hours without fatigue. You may have spent a lot more on sawing with a heavier structure. However, working with a chainsaw for a long time will be challenging because you have to expend a lot of energy to carry it.

Choose a model that comes with a light design and weight. Coocheer Chainsaw weighs much less than chain size. You can easily carry a chainsaw between 15-18 pounds and get the job done.


As a craftsman, you may have to work with regular chainsaws. For this, you should have a portable and light-designed chainsaw; otherwise, you will get tired in just a few minutes. In this case, COOCHEER 62CC Gas Powered Chain saws are an excellent option that helps you perform the whole task comfortably.


To purchase a Coocheer Chainsaw, you need to be sure of its durability. Since chainsaws are often used to cut large trees, they need to be made with high-quality materials. The 5 chainsaws mentioned in this article will never disappoint you in terms of durability, as each of them comes with a solid and sturdy structure.

Fuel Tank Capacity

Filling the fuel tank often at work can be tedious. So pick a saw with a fuel capacity of 550ml or at least 450ml that will continue to support you until your work is done. Choosing a chainsaw that saves fuel costs can be your best decision.

Who Manufactures Coocheer Chainsaws

If you’re in the market for a new chainsaw, you may be wondering who manufactures Coocheer chainsaws. Coocheer is a brand that’s known for its quality and durability, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a great product when you purchase one of their saws. Coocheer chainsaws are made by a company called Zhejiang Greatbull Machinery Co., Ltd.

This company is based in China and has been manufacturingchainsaws since 1993. With over 25 years of experience, they know how to make a high-quality product that will last for years to come. One thing that sets Coocheer apart from other brands is their commitment to safety.

Their saws are equipped with many safety features, such as an automatic chain brake and low kickback chain. They also offer a variety of different models to choose from, so you can find the perfect saw for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a powerful saw to tackle tough jobs or a smaller saw for occasional use, Coocheer has achainsaw that will fit your needs.

And because they’re backed by a company with over two decades of experience, you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality product when you purchase one of their saws.


What is the Best Gas Powered Chainsaw on the Market?

The Stihl MS 250 is the best gas chainsaw on the market. It is a lightweight saw that is easy to handle, yet has plenty of power to get the job done. The chain adjusts quickly and easily, and the saw starts up quickly with little effort.

Overall, this is an excellent choice for anyone in need of a good gas chainsaw.

What Chainsaws Do the Professionals Use?

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line chainsaw that professionals use, you’ll want to check out the Stihl MS 880. This powerful saw is designed for heavy-duty cutting and can handle even the toughest jobs. It has a high power-to-weight ratio and features a low vibration design that makes it comfortable to use.

The MS 880 also has an anti-kickback brake and chain catcher for added safety.

Is a 62Cc Chainsaw Powerful?

A 62cc chainsaw is a fairly powerful saw, especially for its size. It will be able to handle most tasks that you would need a chainsaw for, such as cutting down trees or limbs. The only time you might need something more powerful would be if you were dealing with very thick tree trunks or very large branches.

Even then, the 62cc saw should be able to get the job done if you take your time and make sure your cuts are precise.

Coocheer 20 Inch Chainsaw Replacement Chain

325 Pitch 0.050 Gauge If you’re looking for a chainsaw chain that can handle the tough jobs, then look no further than the Coocheer 20 Inch Chainsaw Replacement Chain. This chain is made of high-quality materials and is designed to stand up to even the most demanding tasks.

The Coocheer 20 Inch Chainsaw Replacement Chain features:
• Made of high-quality steel for durability and long life
• Ideal for use on hardwoods, softwoods, and composite materials
• Low kickback design for safety and user comfort


The above-mentioned Coocheer chainsaw reviews will surely help you make your buying decision. You may notice that each has a few distinct features that set them apart from the others. These top five options have been presented by reviewing many chainsaws.

Never mind that you should always use Coocheer chainsaws. It has already been said that they should be used for efficient and heavy cutting. If you are a professional and have to do regular chopping of big trees, it is best to use these chainsaws. Otherwise, you can use electric chainsaws for performing small tasks.

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