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Delta Shopmaster Miter Saw Review in 2023 (S26-263L)

We use miter saw for accurate cross-cutting. This specialized tool can let you make cuts at a variety of angles. Before the evolution of advanced technology, people might not get these more manageable steps. Didn’t they need to work more than us at an earlier time? Mostly, it was a tough job to do fast as well as smooth work for woodcutter persons.

Now, we have enough flexibility in cutting-based works. If you ask for the best decorative or flexible cutting tools, you have enough choices to make. Besides, after looking at the Delta Shopmaster Miter Saw Review, you will be nothing but impressed. This fantastic tool can bring your every problem a solution. Don’t these excite you to know more? I hope it does. So, let’s jump on the core of the delta S26-263L shopmaster miter saw.

Delta S26-263L Shopmaster Miter Saw Review

Delta Power Equipment Corporation S26-263L Shopmaster 10 In. Slide Miter Saw w/Laser

Product Features

  • Light in weight
  • Item Weight-30 Pounds
  • Cutting Angle-45 Degrees
  • Spindle locks
  • Voltage-120 Volts

Delta has one of the best products regarding cutting projects. Its strength is to allow you to offer a variety of cut-based solutions. Delta power equipment corporation brand provides a good number of products with different and unique features. S26-263L Shopmaster 10 inch slide miter saw has many features that you won’t find in others.

Its 10-inch sliding miter saw brings a large number of facilities. This miter saw begins essential cross-cutting skills. Also, it provides the best tools for professional carpentry. Making your tasks more comfortable and accurate is possible through their mounted healthy 12 inches cross-cutting capacity with a safety brake.

The miter saw contains a strong and dependable 15-amp motor. These features are the significant sides to complete several woodworking projects. Having a laser with your miter saw can enhance your works’ accuracy also. You will find ten positive miter stops to the laser line detector.

Besides, an electric brake can immediately stop the blade in seconds after releasing the trigger. An added feature of the front lock system has put this as a top tier product among all miter saw. Besides, this model of shopmaster provides you three years warranty that is a pretty good offering.

You won’t feel satisfied except less weight and other reliability. Now, compare to the other relevant woodcutting tools with it. You will find this saw suits you nicely if you consider the pricing and other quality features.

  • Lightweight & versatile
  • Durable & flexible
  • Delivers smooth and accurate cuts
  • High loads of cutting capability
  • Extensive and smooth turntable
  • It includes a blade guard system for safety issues
  • A front lock control system
  • Notably hand-friendly
  • Budget-friendly
  • Improved laser system
  • Miter angle ranging is suitable
  • Table extensions help to have long workpieces
  • Diminishes a lot of cut vibrations
  • Saw generates accurate results
  • No robot arm available
  • Dustbags may drop debris and shavings

Buying Guide for Delta Shopmaster Miter Saw Review:

Laser Directions

While you are buying this kind of miter saw, the first expectation you wish to have a straight and smooth cut. In today’s world, advanced technology has replaced the traditional one. For that, we find to have more digital and fast tools in daily works. The laser is not only an exceptional add-on feature but also a better directional tool.

You might not want to do repetitive work or any mistakes in cutting. Pointing the laser directly on the cutting material gives you a clear picture. So, don’t hesitate and place the blade on your cutting material. You can then have laser guidance to cut it accurately.

Before placing an order for a miter saw or woodcutting tools, do a little research if that tool has a laser system or not. Luckily, this 10-inch miter saw can provide you the facility.


The blade is the key feature to consider before buying. A miter saw has no use without a strong and durable blading system. Every woodcutter or professional worker undoubtedly ask for a smooth cutting.

It won’t be up to the mark without a perfect cutting-blade. So, your ideal usage depends on the correct cutting-edge. This model contains a blade that is suitable for slicing woods.

You can have an alternative blade except it. But before using, be careful of your newly entered cutting-edge. The miter saw brings you a standard cutting blade. It enables smooth slicing for different purposes.


Most of the customers expect to have a tool that enriches with compactness and lightweight. It weighs only 30 pounds. This weight is much lesser than other miter saw of the delta. In your constructional projects, having less weight is a strength.

So, choosing this model of delta won’t be the wrong decision for you. Better portability of this tool gears your project up for sure.

Measurement and table extension

Apart from measuring width and length at 29 inches, it is 14.5 inches deep. It also appears with a convenient large table expansion. This extension in the table will do your work more efficiently. Also, it brings you a lot of space.

It also gives you the necessary supports and stability of the miter saw. While you consider the delta shopmaster miter saw review with these minor but useful aspects, you can reveal more details.

Solid Engine System

The performance it serves is exceptional. It can supply 15 amps that are enough to trim and mold. Also, it has a 0-degree bevel and 0 degrees miter. Moreover, the sturdy bearings produce sleekness in the movement.

So, there’s less way to keep it away from buying. A good engine carries a gentle impression. Indeed, it can uphold your expectations by performing incredibly well.

Spindle locking and electric braking system

Besides, buying a fantastic woodcutting tool like this, you need a gentle duty to protect it. For better security and safety, you will find here a front locking control system on the machine. One of the favorite aspects of users of this model is its electric brake system. The built-in electric brake of this saw can stop the blade within a second after releasing the trigger.

Bevels left

The miter saw has the capability of beveling left, starting from 0 degrees to 45 degrees. That’s how you can cut at full bevel through it.

Dust cleaning system

While you are cutting the desired materials, immediate dust cleaning is necessary. Mismanagement in cleaning the wood material will make a mess situation around you. Many users have reviewed that this model has not the perfect dust cleaning system.

They found the system missed grabbing some portions of shaving and dust. Tiny particles of dust can create a bad environment for you. Furthermore, this cleaning issue won’t significantly inconvenience you compared to its workability and other functions’ capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does any blade come with the miter saw?

Yes, the brand provides you one blade while purchasing the delta miter saw. But if you want to buy more, you can do so. This tool will suit the new one. So, you can buy a better blade with more number of teeth.

Can I use a different blade for cutting the steel?

Yes, you can use a steel cutter blade that suits it. But be careful while doing this. You can utilize the saw to cut plastic and wood- both, according to the manual. So, you can have your suitable blade to cut them both. But, be conscious of using it for only cutting wood projects with given blades. Try to avoid cutting plastic is an ideal approach.

Do the Delta sliding miter saws have rubber in the handle?

No, rather than the handle of the miter saw and its tight knobs contain hard plastic. The is not a bad thing. Because of this, you don’t need to worry about the rubbers or think of replacing them over. Hard plastics also give you enough flexibility and grip.

Does it only adjust in one direction, or can it move left or right?

It can revolve in 45 degrees while the blade 90 in vertical. Yes, it also can rotate the blade to 45 degrees only clockwise.


Having several features and capabilities of this miter saw is still so quick to use. Professional woodworkers or non-professional beginners also feel comfortable while using it. The other functionalities it contains and the better sides it delivers can understand this delta shopmaster miter saw review.

While you have the idea of how it can behave, that will help you in working. Besides, do not forget to keep this saw in a better working situation. The shopmaster brand is famous for its less expensive and user-friendly products.


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