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Dewalt Miter Saw DWS779 VS DWS780-Which One’s Best?

miter saw is an essential piece of tool for a carpenter or woodworker in their daily needs. Some worker has to feel their machine before getting to work with it. Choosing that kind of right machinery can be pretty tricky.

What are you thinking? I know going through that much research will cost you an enormous amount of time. We are here, don’t you worry!

We bring you two top-notch miter saws manufactured by the Dewalt Company modelled as 779 and 780. Now the question arises! Why would I go through two models where I only need one?

This article is entitled Dewalt Dws779 vs Dws780, where we will give you all the similarities and differences and discuss the features these two machines withstand.

Dewalt is very trustworthy about its products. I have been using one of their products for years, and I haven’t found any fault in the service.

So fasten your seatbelt while I drive you through this review.

Looking For Quick Decision?

Dewalt Dws779

DEWALT 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw (DWS779)

Product Details

  • Power Source-Corded electric
  • Motor Speed-3800 RPM
  • Warranty-3 Years
  • Dust collection- Yes

Dewalt Dws780

DEWALT 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw (DWS780)

Product Details

  • Power Source-Corded Electric
  • Motor Speed-3800 RPM
  • Warranty-3 Years
  • Dust collection-Yes

What Do Dws779 And Dws780 Have in Common?

As both of these models are manufactured by the same company, they will indeed have some common ground which brought their popularity in the first place.

First of all, they are equally capable of handling your big projects, and the setup process is very simple time-consuming.

Both miter saws are sliding compound and consist of a 12-inch diameter blade. The motor requires 15 amperes of current to operate, allowing the blade to rotate at 3800 revolutions per minute (RPM).

The dual bevel feature allows the cut to make in either direction (left or right) at a reasonable angle, explaining later very briefly.

Both of them come with a dust bag of satisfactory storing capacity to reduce the amount of pollution.

They require no batteries to operate; the connections are fully hard-wired. The back fence plan in these two-drop saws empowers cutting 2×16 measurements at 90 degrees and 2×12 at 45 degrees.

Dewalt is a very well-known company for its sturdy products. The same goes for these two models, which are made from high grading materials, thus giving them durability and strength.

Still, for your comfort zone, they give you three years of warranty on both 779 and 780. This means a full refund of money or complete replacement of your miter saw.

Their package comes with more than a miter saw. Additional tools include blade wrench, carbide blade, material stand, etc.

Now that we have known the similarities. Let us have a look at their features individually. Yes! In our next section, we supply you with the product description, pros, and cons.

Make sure not to blink your eyes once because you need to look in this part.

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DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw, 12-Inch (DWS779)

Dewalt Miter Saw DWS779

This product almost has all the ratings in the market. This dewalt dws779 miter saw comes with an astonishing efficient dust bag that cleans up to 75% of the dirt.

Its back fence plan feature empowers cutting 2×16 measurements at 90 degrees and 2×12 at 45 degrees. It is a dual bevel sliding compound miter saw which means you can make your desired adjustments (left or right) either horizontally or vertically.

It provides room for the laser or LED guidance system which are sold separately. The motor drive feeds 15 amperes of current and the blade rotates at 3800 RPM.

The dimension is given by 21 x 17 x 17 inches weighing 67 pounds. But it is still capable of being carried by a human. The plug-in requires 110 volts which brings us to a power wattage of 1650 watts.

It does not require any battery to operate. It is available in silver color and the package comes with additional setups such as a wrench for the blade, clamp stand and many more.

Therefore, you can order this dewalt 779 easily even though if you are cheap in your budget. It provides a full refundable or replaceable 3-years warranty. So, either way, you do not have any loss.

  • Dual bevel sliding compound miter saw
  • Back fence plan empowering cut 2×16 measurements at 90 degrees and 2×12 at 45 degrees
  • 3 years of warranty
  • Available in additional tools such as blade wrench, carbide blade, material stand, etc.
  • No batteries required
  • Hard wired installation
  • The blade rotates with 3800 RPM
  • A bit heavy which will require a lot of muscle work while carrying
  • 1650 power wattage will pay a huge price on the electric bills

DEWALT (DWS780) 12-Inch Miter Saw

Dewalt Miter Saw DWS780

Another competition in the market is the Dewalt dws780, manufactured by the same DewaltCompany. One important thing to notice about this model is that it comes with an XPS light guidance system.

This shines a bright light along the blade, thus casting a shadow on the surface perfectly aligned with the blade. It will make the cutting process more precise, and the worker will not face any difficulties.

Its dimension is given by 21.46 x 17.72 x 17.13 inches, which weighs about 56 pounds. So we can say that Dewalt 780 is comparatively lightweight.

It has the dual bevel feature, not to mention the back fence plan cutting 2×16 measurements at 90 degrees and 2×12 at 45 degrees.

Another critical thing to notice is that it contains an adjustable miter detent plate with ten possible stoppings, increasing productivity and ensuring that the accuracy level does not fall.

Its motor and blade also requires 15-amperes current and 3800 RPM, respectively, to operate smoothly. The dust collection 75% efficient, just like 779’s.

The wire settings are corded electric, just like the Dewalt Company 779 model and independent of batteries. The power outage is a bit more in this model because it requires a plugin of 120 volts.

The package consists of one yellow colour durable and sturdy 780 miters saw with three years of warranty.

  • Adjustable miter detent plate
  • XPS guidance system to make the cut more precise
  • Comparatively lightweight
  • Double bevel sliding compound miter saw
  • A back fence designed to adapt 2×16 measurements at 90 degrees and 2×12 at 45 degrees.
  • Comparatively expensive
  • Huge power wattage costs electric bills

What is the Difference Between Dws779 and Dws780?

Both models are high class in their way. As our article topic is Dws779 vs Dws780, some minor differences will make one of them a top-notch machine. Some of the factors that influence their performances are as follows:

  • Cutting guideline
  • Price
  • Weight
  • Detent plate

Cutting Guidance System

When it comes to the cutting mechanism, dewaltxps light system is the new trendy technology in the market. Model 780 consists of this which makes the cut more precise and accurate.

On the other hand, 779 has the option for the LED light system which you will have to buy separately. It is also accurate but not compared to the XPS.


The price of a single 779 model is 384.00 USD whereas 780 is worth 599.00 USD. You can see for yourself that there is a difference of 215.00 USD.

This lead to the comment that Dewalt miter saw 780 saw is expensive. This has to be the case because of their additional features.

If you have a thin budget or your use is not that much of a professional, then my suggestion will be to go for the 779 models.


When it comes to weight, Dewalt miter saw 780 has a great advantage, it weighs only 56 pounds. On the other hand, its counterpart weighs almost 70 pounds.

This is another feature of model 780 that it is portable. Though 56 pounds will take much elbow work, but still better than 70 pounds.

Detent Plate

This feature makes one of the discussed models in our article more unique than the other. 780 consists of stainless steel detent plate with a cam lock. It also gives you ease while making a vertical cut because of its rail lock.

On the other hand, 779 has a clamping mechanism which gives good precision and accuracy but is not compared to the detent plate.

My Verdict

To be honest! Choosing between these Dewalt models would be hard. Both of them contain such amazing features. In the case of professional use, the 780 model is a much better choice.

My brother and I have been doing a lot of your household work for quite a time now. We just brought the new version Dewalt miter saw and we are using it without any type of disturbance.

So, coming back to my opinion, if you are looking forward to marking your carpentry skill as a professional, Dewalt sliding compound dws 780 miter saw will be a perfect companion for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Dewalt miter saws made?

Dewalt is a well-known tool company in America. Since 2015, they have seven facilities roaming all around the United States.

Is Dewalt dws779 discontinued?

Yes, the Dewalt dws779 is no longer available. The Company updated the model which is now dws780 version with many additional features.

Do Dewalt miter saws have a laser?

Some model comes with a built-in laser system, but, some doesn’t. For this, you can set a portable laser guidance system in your miter saw. My suggestion will be Dewalt DW7187.

Does the Dewalt dws779 come with a blade?

Yes! The Dewaltdws 779 sliding miter saw comes with a 12-inch diameter metal blade with greater durability and longevity.

How do I use dws779?

The mechanism is quite simple actually. After the plugin is ready, just pull the trigger and wait for the blade to get to its full torque. Then gradually lower the rotating blade to cut the woods smoothly.

How do you unlock a Dewalt miter saw dws779?

To unlock, just press down the handle and pull the pin that is beneath the handle. You then will also have the freedom to control the position of the blade.


So it was Dws779 vs Dws780! The question is to you, who won? Can’t decide within a split second now can you?

Take your time! Have a beer! We gave you this review to go through intensive research and picking the perfect model for you.

The guarantee is that you won’t regret it no matter which one you choose. One has a portable system but the price is a bit high.

If you are not comfortable with the XPS system, then go for the LED light. The blade is quite strong and durable, you do not have to worry about changing it anytime soon.

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