What Is A Double Bevel Miter Saw?(An Easy Guide)

When it comes to buying a miter saw, you will find many varieties. Among those miter saw, a double bevel miter saw offers many amenities to its user. Although it offers many amenities, it would be unwise to buy this saw blindly. That’s why here we discuss what is a double bevel miter saw.

A double bevel miter saw allows you to adjust the blade angles on both the left and right sides, so you can cut in any direction without flipping the workpiece. Whereas the single bevel saw allows adjusting the blade angles in just one side. You can cut a board at any angle such as from 0° – 45°; even sometimes it allows 60°.

Moreover, you can do a similar task of a standard miter saw and compound miter saw with this double bevel miter saw. Notably, people mostly use this saw for working any home improvement & easy to use for women.

Understand What Is A Double Bevel Miter Saw Means?

Before going to the main discussion, let’s see what is a bevel on a miter saw, at first. Basically, a bevel cut goes at an angle through the thickness of the board and you will find such a cut in the doorstop.

If you are a newbie, you may have zero ideas about what is a dual bevel. Though the dual bevel miter saw is quite pricey, you should find out whether you need it or not. Mechanically, a dual bevel saw allows the user to rotate both the left and right sides that enable it to bevel in both directions.

Here you don’t need to flip the workpiece, instead, you can leave it on the bench, and to create bevels to both sides, you can twist the saw in the opposite direction. Another point worth noting is the dual bevel version’s heavyweight that’s why it will not be good if you wish to purchase a portable saw.

Moreover, due to the heavy weight, you face difficulty to transport it between job sites. Hopefully, you can understand what does dual bevel mean.

Why Do You Need A Dual Bevel Miter Saw?

There are many reasons behind choosing a double bevel saw and here we enlist those.

  • Through a dual bevel miter saw, you can select the angle more precisely like you can choose the angle from 0° – 45°, even 60°.
  • While cutting, you don’t need to flip the workpiece instead you can leave it on the bench. Therefore you can give more concentration on accurate cutting and finish the task quickly.
  • The user can do both miter cut and bevel cut without facing so much trouble.
  • A dual bevel miter saw allows performing similar tasks of both a compound miter saw and standard miter saw. 
  • In terms of control, a dual bevel miter saw offers easy to control because of no need for tilting the wood-pieces. Also, this miter saw allows cutting both sides without flip the miter saw.
  • If you want to know the cons, you will find the expensive and heavyweight. 

The difference in Bevel Cut and Miter Cut

difference Bevel Cut and Miter Cut

The difference between a bevel cut vs. miter cut will become crystal clear immediately when you closely look at both cuttings. However, we will visualize you through the writing herein.

When you do miter cut, you may see the cut angles on the face of the two wood pieces and after joining those, it will create the miter joint. On the other hand, the bevel cut is done on the endpoint or the right along the edge of the material.

Safety Guide

  • Before starting working, you have to wear safety goggles or glasses, to avoid dust- use a dust mask, wear hearing protection, and protective footwear if needed. 
  • Ensure the popper placement and adjustment provided by the manufacturer. 
  • You have to follow the operational procedure properly like the placement of the hand on the saw. 
  • Make sure the blade is clean, sharp, and tight.
  • Try to cut only one workpiece at a time and wait for the saw to stop after finishing the task. 
  • Always ensure following the right instruction for changing accessories and lubricating.
  • Ensure unplug the saw when your task finishes. 
  • Examine the saw to find out damage and clean the motor air slots.

Learn more about how to make dust beg for miter saw.

How To Use A Dual Bevel Miter Saw?

How To Use A Dual Bevel Miter Saw

Don’t think that after getting a miter saw, you can quickly finish your work instead you have to know the proper operational procedure. Although the professionals only know the using process well, you can also finish your job with it after following the below steps. 

  • At first, make sure to use proper protective equipment to remain safe while cutting. Now, see what the miter machine offers to you like if you find an upper miter box, you have to mount it. Moreover, if you buy the miter saw with a sliding feature, you have to slide the saw. Keep in mind that, make sure that you attach or mount everything properly prior to use.
  • After completing the 1st step, now you need to do a test run with your miter saw. To do that, you need to take a small piece of wood and cut it. So, if you see the wood can be cut properly then go for performing your main job otherwise check the machine’s adjustment and tools. 
  • Once your test runs become successful, now your saw is ready to work. So, take your mainboard on that you want to perform your task. Here one suggestion will make your cut easier is to draw an outline of the cuts with a pencil. 
  • Hopefully, you draw your required outline on the wood. Now, you have to set your dual bevel miter saw at first, then take the board to the saw and adjust the saw to a vertical position.

Note: The vertical position is considered as the optimum position that makes the cutting safely and efficiently.

  • Now, you have to adjust your mainboard in a way so that your drawing outline goes under the saw blade. 
  • Now, switch the power button and start your dual bevel miter saw. After that, bring the saw blade cautiously to the board until cutting it. Always try to take enough time to work and it will help you to cut the work board carefully. Also, patience in work will let you observe the situation and take the necessary steps if any problem occurs. 
  • After finishing the work, naturally, some rough edges will produce, so clean those using sandpaper. 


How Will I Know Which One Is A Single Bevel Saw And Which One Is A Dual-Bevel Saw?

It is not tough enough to identify the single bevel saw and dual bevel saw. Here the working procedure will help you to distinguish those two saw. As you may know, the single bevel miter saw will let you cut either right or left. Nevertheless, the dual bevel miter saw will let you both direction cutting.

Is A Double Miter Saw Value-Added Tool?

Yes, there is no doubt that this double miter saw will let you work comfortably. A double miter saw has some amenities like, 

# You don’t need to rotate material due to its tilting nature. 
# Though you don’t need to flip the workpiece, you can make cuts fast.
# This saw lets you cut the workpiece accurately and precisely because you don’t need to place and adjust the piece every time.

Final Thought

To notify you, miter saw comes as versatile woodworking tools that can be used in cutting a variety of building materials, for instance, siding, flooring, lumber, and even PVC pipes. But, you will find different varieties of the miter saw in the market and that variation depends on the saw’s features.

So, you have to be careful while choosing. Hopefully, after reading this article on what is a double bevel miter saw, you can know a lot and can make proper decisions.

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