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How can I cut a tile without a machine?

Many people cut tiles manually without a cutter, using an incisive tool such as glass or carbide pencil. Just keep in mind, before using a tile cutter, measure the tile’s glazed side to determine where to cut. Also, you can do it in the following manner.

  1.     Draw a straight line for a square section. You can use a marker or colored pencil. Place the square part about 1/4 inch below the line so that the pencil or marker will line up exactly with the measurement.
  •  You can buy the unit in the building or the online store.
  •   If you don’t have a square, you can use anything that has a ruler.
  1.     Cut the tile with a cutting glass along the cutting line. Squeeze the blade firmly while moving it along the marked line. The idea is to cut the tiles only partially. You don’t need to press hard enough to cut the tile at the end.
  •  The score should look like scratches or tears.
  • You can purchase a glass cutter at a hardware store or craft store for about $ 10. It is a small hand-held tool with a sharp blade that cuts glass tiles, other thin glass objects, and other hard materials when pressed and dragged.
  • Now place a square along the cutting line to guide the glass cutter.
  1.     Place the hanger under the hole on a level surface. It is best to have a hard surface such as a workbench or a thick piece of plywood. Align the long antenna cable with the marked line.
  •  If you do not have a cable hanger, you can use a piece of thick, smooth wire. You just need to be thin enough to run along the marked line.
  1.  Divide the tile along the highlighted line by clicking on each side. Press lightly with your palms to keep the tile from breaking, but press hard enough to keep it clean. The hanger lifts the tile slightly off the table so that the sides of the tile break.
  •  Wearing glasses while breaking tiles protect you from destruction.
  • The tile should break very easily. If not, you may need to reevaluate it.
  •  If it has a rough edge, you can rub it against a concrete or stone slab to make it smooth.
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