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How much does the tree trimming cost?

Tree trimming can cost meager if you do it by yourself, but if you want to involve professionals then obviously there will be variations.

For professional treatment on one tree will cost more like $80 to $500; this is the typical range for trimming. Hence, to cut a tree of 25 feet tall or under it, you may need $80 and for the medium-sized tree of 25- 50 feet, you will need $175.

When it comes to a big tree of 50 feet, it will cost $300 to $1,000.  All of these are required for the one-time service of one tree.

Queen palm trimming cost

If you have palm trees to trim on your hands, then a professional hire would be the best choice. As the California palm trees are 75 feet tall on an average scale, the cost is likely to be near $100 to $1,500. However, you must remember that the price can always vary according to the height and place.

For example- the palm trees on the Southern United States appear from 20 to 80 feet. So, it is only natural that the price will differentiate with it.

Pine Tree Trimming cost

The price range for Pine Tree trimming starts from $200 and goes up to $1,500. This range is demanding for the pine trees of 40 to 100 feet. Some species of pine trees take more effort and time to trim and the price will also vary with it.

Crepe Myrtle cost

The usual price range for trimming Crepe Myrtle is between $75 to $400. There are different species and the growth will differentiate within 3 to 30 feet.

So, the price range will be depending on the height and lessen or heighten from the average price range.

Fruit Tree trimming cost

The trimming cost for Fruit tree trimming always stays between $100 to $400 as the growth of such tree barely goes beyond 30 feet. But you have to be careful in the case of trimming fruit trees if you want to grow fruits.

You should consider careful pruning to keep the plant health intact instead of ruthless trimming just for looks. And this might require a gardening expert; the cost shall vary with the installation you put into pruning.

Other than the above counts, it is safe to present an average trimming cost:


The average cost is $250 to $500.

The maximum cost is $1000.

The minimum cost is $80.

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