How To Restring A Pole Saw?

A Pole saw is a useful tool for cutting tree branches or hedges without using a ladder. These types of saws allow you to drag the rope down to keep the blade close to the branch, preventing the bark from breaking after cutting. 

As soon as you get to yourself, it is vital to get away from the falling branches quickly. Trim the branches near the branch neck, the ledge that connects the branch to the trunk. Besides, you should hold the saw high to reduce the risk of bark breakage.

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Remove the cover from the saw or secateurs. The coating prevents the blades from rusting between cuts. Always wipe the blades with a cloth before installing the cover. 

When it comes to reassembling the saw, keep your saw blade secure and separate. Wrap a cloth or towel around your blade several times to protect your hands. To reassemble the saw, insert the blade into the rack until it clicks, indicating the blade is stuck.

Until a recent rope on the saw thread the new cord through the saw. The cord should be the same length as the saw so that it stretches downward when you cut it. Also, you can restring your pole saw in the following manner.

  • Remove the old rope
  • Use an ax or screwdriver to drive the rope within the pulleys
  • Loosen the knots.
  • Pass one end of the rope through the tallest machine
  • Draw the rope within the channel around the bottom of the machine
  • Continue with the rope’s top and pass it through the clip above the tallest machine.
  • Attach the rope to the victim’s clamp with two half knots or another knot
  • Pull two ​​loops tightly by pulling on the unfinished piece and squeeze two loops together.
  • Finish to the back of the rope over the eyelids or other guides
  • If necessary, cut the cord with a utility knife
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