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How To Change A Scroll Saw Blade-The Complete Guide

A scroll saw can perform a versatile operation over wooden projects. It is an interesting tool that needs special care. Those of you who have worked with a saw blade before already know that the saw blade does not last long.

 If you are not careful chances are higher that you would break the metal. So, it is quite necessary to learn the right way to change a scroll saw blade. 

I belong to a wood craftsmen family. All my life, I have seen my father and uncle crafting beautiful woodcrafts with scroll saws. The most curious part for me was how to install a plain end scroll saw blades. For me, these thin and sharp ones were like brushes, and woodcrafts were the arts!

Obviously, this question How do I change the blade on my scroll saw?  would pop in the head.  

Without further due, let’s get a complete picture of how to change a scroll saw blade.

What Are The Different Variants Of Scroll Saw Blades?

Different Variants Of Scroll Saw Blades

Scroll saw are unlike the ordinary ones. These are designed to make precise cuts even in the narrowest parts. A good artisan can do great things with this. As for the blades, there are many varieties available.

Scroll saw blades are mainly used to cut wood and metal. That leads the edges to be of two types. One for wood and the other is for metal. You can see the difference between the two by having a closer look at those.

The ones which are used for wood will have longer and more aggressive teeth. But the metal cutting blades will have shorter and more frequent teeth. It is because metals are more rigid compared to wood.

According to the scroll saw blade types and patterns of the tooth, they are of seven possible kinds. These are the all-time favorite Standard Tooth Blades, effective Skip-tooth Blades, ruthless Double-tooth Blades, Reverse Skip-Tooth Blades, Precision-ground Blades, Crown-tooth Blades, and last but not least, Spiral Blades.

Step by Step How to Change a Scroll Saw Blade 

Step by Step How to Change a Scroll Saw Blade

Step-1: Take cautions

First, get the safety cautions one by one. Wear hand gloves so that you can protect your hands from cutting and scratching. Most importantly, unplug the saw to get rid of the electronic connection before even starting the project. This will keep you safe from accidents.  

Step-2: Loosen up saw blade screw

How to Replace a Scroll Saw Blade is crucial. Hence, do not misinterpret this with the modern table saw blade system because the processes are different. You can’t change the scroll saw just with the help of a key unlike modern table saw blade systems. 

Therefore, to change the saw, you have to loosen screws holding the blade; one at the top and the other at the bottom. Now, locate the screws and untighten them. Use an Allen key or screwdriver to do this. 

Note: In some cases, you might need to eradicate the nut to take out the blade. Other than that loosening nuts is enough to bring the blade out.

Step-3 Remove the worn-out Scroll Saw Blade.

For most scrolls saw blades loosening the screws is enough; the blades will come out but if you find the saw is not doing it then follow this:

Put a slight pressure and take away the blade from the screw in sideways. Lastly, pull it down.

And if the table scroll saw is in your hand then pull the blade to your side to remove it. 

Step-4 Install Scroll Saw Blade

Now, all you have to do is to place the new blade upon the blank slot of the saw. To install the blade, perform step-3 backward. As you pull the blade out towards you now push the new blade towards the saw.

However, before you install it, make sure that the blade is a quality product. Because a cheap blade tends to worn out soon; it’s a hassle to change it too often. 

Step-5 Tighten the screw.

As you have put on the new blade, tighten the screws to settle it. Most importantly, while tightening it, keep the blade straight. Or else, you will get an unpleasant cut. 

Tighten the screws holding the blade in position. Use the same Allen key you have used before in the process. 

Step-6 Run the machine

After finishing the screw-tightening, the scroll saw is ready to use. Before you use it on an actual project, try it on something to see if it really works better. To run the test, do as follows:

Plugin the saw scroll into the socket. Now, take a scrap piece of wood and try cutting it with the saw. Check how the scroll saw blade is performing. If it’s not cutting straight or loosened, you have to adjust it once more. On the contrary, if it works, then it is ready to put into action. 

Shopsmith scroll saw blade change system. 

Shopsmith in Ohio sells multi-function machines, and recently they upgraded their scroll saw ( 2-127) with an easy blade changing system. The upgrade kit of model 555706 makes it easier. All you have to do is to disengage and re-engage the blades. 

Are Scroll Saw Blades Universal?

If your question directs to scroll saw blade sizes, then the answer is yes, it is universal. A 5-inch scroll saw blade is fit to sit in most of the scroll saws available all around the world. However, not all the scroll sows are the same. If you divide it according to the cutting material, you will find two types of scroll saw blades; one stands for cutting metal (Wood blades), and the other is for cutting wood (Metal blades).

Therefore, the plain-end 5-inch blades are universal and work for most saws. The teeth come in the same size.

Scroll Saw Blade Direction

It is perhaps one of the most common mishaps about this particular topic. I have seen almost everyone in my city asking Uncle Pete the same questions. We grew old, but the words did not. So, to make a successful scroll saw blade replacement, you need to be mindful of certain things.

When you are installing the saw blade, make sure to check the patterns carefully. As we are working with plain end ones, the trims will have to be faced towards you. Then you can cut the material. If you place it facing inwards, then it won’t work.

Unpinned Scroll Saw Blades

Unpinned scroll saw blades are typically the newest blades in the market. You see, there are many machines out there. Some come with a traditional hooking attachment. And some come with the modern press and hold mechanism.

Pinned blades have a little pin on the top of the edges. Older scroll saws come with a pin inserting option. So, the ones with that are known as pinned scroll saws. Nowadays, new machines come with the press and hold techniques. So, pins are useless for these.

But still, some craftsmen do prefer the pinned ones because it has proper stability assurance. However, the new ones are unlikely to have encountered a sudden occurrence.

How To Replace A Scrollsaw Blade-Youtube


What is the best scroll saw for beginners?

  • Dewalt Variable-Speed Scroll Saw from Amazon is a wise pick for overall good performance.
  • If the preference is budget-friendly, then one may look into Ryobi Corded Scroll Saw from Home Depot. 
  • Damel Moto-Saw from Amazon is most comfortable to use on the other hand. 
  • If the preference is more on a professional level for bulk projects, then Delta Power Tools Scroll Saw from Amazon will suit best.

Why does my scroll saw blade keep breaking?

The probable reasons for breaking the blades too often are most likely to be improper tension or hogging the wood too fast or putting much side pressure.

How do you use a spiral scroll saw blade?

This requires changing the blades constantly. Using a spiral scroll saw blade is hard. But if you want to cut through a whole, then this is the better option. Drill a small hole, insert the blade and cut through.

How do you change the blade on a Craftsman scroll saw?

The process is the same as the method mentioned above.

Is a scroll saw the same as a jigsaw?

You can use both Jigsaw and Scroll saw for making plunge cuts and curved lines. However, the scroll saw is designed for making curved lines while with the jigsaw, you can do other jobs as well.

What is a scrolling blade used for?

Suppose, you are doing a project with some wood. There is a tight curve that you need to cut yourself out. The thin blade allows the user to perform fine cuts. So, this is ideal for that genre of expertise.

What kind of wood do you use with a scroll saw?

Cedar and plywood are the best options for scroll saws.

How do you cut straight with a scroll saw?

The best trick is to use a straight scale and follow it till the end. Marks can help as well.

Should I buy a scroll saw or band saw?

You see, this is up to you. If you need a scroll saw, then go for it. But if band saws are on the cards, own it. But if you want precision, then the former one is the king


While changing the scroll saw blade, one must follow the above steps. Nothing beats practicing to make the process perfect.  

To put it shortly, the process includes unplugging the saw, releasing the blade tension, loosening the blade mounts, removing the old blade, replacing the blade, tightening the blade mounts, and re-tensioning the blade. 

We hope this article was helpful enough to solve the question of how to change a scroll saw blade?

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