How To Cut A 60 Degree Bevel On A Table Saw-5 Ways To Defeat It.

Woodworking or woodturning is a game of maintaining the correct angle of cut. No matter if you are planning to get some new furniture or doing some DIY works, you have to know about the cutting angles. Cutting a bevel sharply at a 60 degree angle will require a good knowledge of the particular working principle. To make your woodwork perfect you should know how to cut a 60 degree bevel on a table saw. 

This broader specification will allow you to make the perfect furniture for your home.

What Is A Bevel Cut?

As we move forward with our discussion, we will know what is a bevel cut. Because without knowing the basic answers to this question, it is useless to move forward.

When a wooden piece goes through a cutting process, it is generally a 90degree cut. But often, angled cuts are required, and these angled cuts are called Bevel cut. Today’s discussion is all about bevel cut on a wooden piece.

When you need a particular angle to cut, you have to use some good saw for that. The belt-driven table saw is of a kind saw to perform the act properly. There are other types of cutting tools available such as jigsaw, circular saw, and some others.

There are different directions on different saws. Now, the question here is, how do you cut a 60degree angle on a table saw? We will try to find all the possible answers to this question.

How Do You Cut A 60 Degree Angle On A Table Saw?

how do you cut a bevel with a table saw

When you are about to cut a wooden piece to make the furniture of your home, you can follow the following steps to make the process easier. Table saw is an instrument that is widely used while making a bevel cut, and everyone needs to know how to make bevel cuts on a table saw. In some cases, making a bevel cut can be the only and last option for you.

As said earlier, usually the cuts in woods are made of 90 degrees, but while using a table saw bevel cut, it is possible to make a 45degrees cut without any problem. But as we want to do a 60 degrees cut, you have to know how to set the cutting angles and everything to get the proper angle you are looking for.

Knowledge of how to store chainsaw angles can be beneficial. Below is the step by step solution to this problem.

Step1: Get The Understanding Of Proper Angle

A good understanding of how to set the appropriate angle will give you much freedom in your work. To set a correct cutting angle on table saw, you need to subtract 45 from the given value. In this case, subtract 45 from 60, so the cutting angle would be 15 degrees.

Step2: Setting Up The Angle

As we have our angle in hand, now you have to adjust this in your table saw. This is the way of knowing how to cut a 60 degree bevel on a table saw. Once you get your table saw, you will find out a knob attached to it.

You have to rotate that knob and set the proper angle, which is 15 degrees in this case on your direct drive table saw. This is a very important and necessary step to get that perfect bevel cut in your wooden piece, so do it with high concentration.

Step3: Proper Placing Of The Wood

This is another important point to work upon. Shaping the wood in a perfect cut will let you do all the procedures in a much easier way. For this, you need to know how to shape a piece of wood. After this, you can focus upon the question, how do you cut a bevel with a table saw?

Shaping The Wood: Getting a proper shape of the wood will require a working knowledge.  There are different types of saws including a circular saw to cut wood. If you know how to rip narrow boards with a circular saw it will make your works easier.

Now, let us come back to the question of placing the wood. Place the wood vertically against the blade. Putting it vertically will ease your work. Try to put another scrap wood with your main working piece. It will stop the blade to cut more than require and any other cutting accidents.

Step4: Raise The Blades Correctly

Make sure to raise the blades before you start cutting. Raise it at a higher state to give the cutting process a good start. You can control the blade state with the knob attached to it.

Step5: Cutting

Now, you are all set with the machine. Start cutting it by turning ON the power. Keep pushing the wood slowly towards the blade on a belt drive table saw, but don’t give it too much pressure. You will get your desired angle.

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Table Saw Sled For Bevel Cuts

Sleds are a very important component of the whole bevel cut process. Sleds will let you get miters without even over-adjusting the blades.

When you have to make bevel cuts, sleds can be really necessary. You can slide over it and adjust the cutting angle, also these can be used to cut the places for a miter joint. If you know the difference between direct drive vs belt drive table saw, you can understand the importance of a sled.

Safety Guide

Working on a bevel cut is always tricky and it is important to take proper safety measures before starting working on the machine. You should always ask yourself at first, how do I safely cut a 60degree bevel on a table top? Because being safe matters. You can take the following measures:

  • Wear anti-cut rubber gloves
  • Wear an eye-protector to stay away from all the wooden chips
  • To concentrate on work, you can use headphones if you want.
  • Work steadily and slowly without giving too much pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you cut a 60degree angle on wood?

Set the angle knob to get the correct chainsaw chain direction and then put the shaped wood piece in front of the blades. To set the angle, subtract 45 from 60, 15degrees is your angle.

How do you cut a 20degree angle on a table saw?

Put the angle knob to 20 degrees and push the workpiece vertically within the blades. You will get the desired angle.

How to cut angles greater than 45 degrees on a table saw?

Subtract 45 degrees from the given angle, suppose 60degrees is given, subtract 45, 15 is the angle you need to set in the bevel cutter to get the cutting angle.

How to cut a 30degree bevel on a table saw?

Simply set the angle knob to 30 and place the workpiece in front of the blade. Push softly throughout the operation.


Everyone working with woods should know how to cut a 60 degree bevel on a table saw. If you are a learner, try to understand the correct procedure and ways to cut. It will make your woodworking goals much easier.

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