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How To Cut Branches From A Tall Tree(Step by Step Guide)

Tall trees add an elegant and eye-soothing ambiance to your home space, including lawn, yard, and garden. Also, the tall trees offer a pleasing shadow. However, the same tree, with its huge advantage due to its tallness, also brings some disadvantages. 

One of such disadvantages of tall trees is the difficulty it brings in trimming and cutting branches. Hence, homeowners and landscapers want to know how to cut branches from a tall tree

You can use a pole pruner, a pocket saw attached with a long rope, or climb a ladder with the pruner to trim such tall tree branches. 

But you must understand how to use these automatic or manual tools to prune tree branches from a height. 

How to Cut Branches from A Tall Tree-Step by Step Guide

We have already mentioned that you can use multiple tools to accomplish the tree branch, cutting jobs from a height. However, you will have to prepare for the tree pruning and branch cutting session. Hence, we have divided our guidelines into two various sections. 

  1. Preparation for cutting the branches of a tall tree
  2. Actual steps and use of tools to cut the branches 

Let’s dive deep into the discussion of these two separate sections. 

Step 1: Preparation for Cutting the Tall Tree Branches 

At first, you will have to understand the right time to prune and cut the branches. You should cut the branches when the trees are dormant. Hence, the best time to prune and cut tree branches is in the winter season. 

Also, you must shorten the branches if it restricts natural light or creates obstacles during the safe movement of home members. Hence, you need to trim these long and large branches to ensure the safety of all. 

Next, you will have to wear the right attire while trimming the tree branches. You must avoid loosely fitted clothes and wear poor electric conductive materials, if possible. Also, wear hand gloves and eye-protectors. 

Finally, observe the tree to find out any possible cracks and weaknesses. It is crucial to avoid any physical injuries, particularly when you have to climb a tree. 

Step 2: Cutting the Tree Branches Using Various Tools

Tree branch cutting or trimming is a unique process. It needs your attention, cutting precision, and choosing the right cutting location. Luckily, you can perform the daunting task using multiple tools, each of which needs various expertise. 

We will describe them in the following sections. 

Use A Pole Pruner

cutting Branches from tall tree Use a Pole Pruner

A pole pruner is made specially to trim and cut tree branches. It also delivers a quick and simple trimming experience. At first, access the height of the tree branch that you want to cut with the pole pruner. 

At first glance, most tree branches seem closer than they appear in reality. So, most homeowners develop a false conception about the actual height of these branches. So, realizing the actual keenness is essential. We recommend you use a measuring tape to find the actual height correctly. Also, you can use a nearby building as a height marker. 

You might pick the telescopic pruning saw for it. Attach the hook blade with the branch. Then, pull the attached rope so that the lower jaw blade cuts through the branch swiftly. You can cut close to the branch collar for safety. 

Using A Pole Saw

cutting Branches from tall tree Use a Pole saw

A pole pruner can cut through tree branches under 10” diameter correctly. If the branch diameter is 11-1/2” or above, you will have to use the dedicated pole saw for the purpose. The pole remains the same with the pruner. 

However, the difference lies in the use of a chainsaw right at the pole head. It can be gas, electric, or battery-run. The gas-powered chainsaws with the pole are the most powerful of all pole saws. You can choose from the two options-

Manual pole saw: 

Some pole saw comes with the saw blade attachment, while others feature the pole attachment with the blade. Working with the pole saw is tedious and cumbersome since the blade eats up considerable power during the cutting session. 

You will see these pole saws mostly with a curved blade. The curved blade performs the cut on the top most part of the tree limbs to ease out the trimming session. It also stops pinching the saw blade for efficient cuts. 

You will also have to perform two cuts for the tree branch. The first cuts need to be one to two feet away, right from where you want to cut in reality. It is essential because when the limb falls from the branch, it will damage the bark. 

It also reduces the branch weight making the actual cut much easier. Now, place the pole saw right where you want to trim the branch. Also, before you fell down the branch, make sure the location is deserted, and the limb falls safely. 

The three essential steps to cut the branch at its actual height and place include-

Set the pole saw blade right where you have decided to cut the limb. Now, perform the pull cut there. The pool cut refers to create a groove using the pole saw. Once you have prepared the groove and watch the blade passing through the limb, speed up the blade. 

As you fasten the pole saw blade cutting speed, the branch will face downwards. At such time maximize the cutting speed so that the cut is accurate and smooth. It will prevent tearing the attached bark of the branch. 

When the branch faces downwards, and only a minimal portion of it is left, try to undercut it. We understand that using the long pole for such an undercut is quite challenging. But how about giving the undercut a try? Believe us; it will yield increased productivity.

Using a power pole saw:

The power pole saws are available in gas, electricity, or battery run motors. These saws equip with a chainsaw and feature a 10” to 12” bar. You will find the controls and trigger right close to your hand for easy application. 

You can get the pole saw with a telescopic pole or in fixed length. The telescopic pole saw allows you to reach higher tree branches without it. The fixed-length might vary from 6ft to 12 ft. The telescopic pole might enhance the reaching capacity from 12ft to 18ft easily. 

The application of the powered pole saw is similar to that of the manual pole saw. But it eases out your trimming sessions. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What are the best cutting tools to cut and trim tree branches?

Multiple tools are suitable for tree pruning and trimming chores. You can opt for the lopping shears to cut branches underneath 2” diameter. A dedicated chainsaw is also usable for the job. Another brilliant tool to cut branches is the rope saw. But it can cut through medium-sized limbs only. 

  • How do I climb a tall tree to cut its branches?

You can use a ladder to reach your desired height on the tree. Also, wear spiked climbers to reach the tall tree branches easily. The climbing spikes are made especially for such heightened tree branch cutting swiftly and comfortably. 


When you see the tree branches obstructing your free movement or natural light entrance, you will have to trim them for safety and comfort. However, trimming tall tree branches are exceptionally tedious. It is thus not so easy. 

Thus, this detailed guideline on how to cut branches from a tall tree will surely be helpful. Also, note that you need to perform the cutting sessions in winter with proper safety precautions. 

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