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How To Cut Down A Tree With A Pole Saw[Beginner’s Guide and Tips]

Pole saw is a pole attaching saw to cut tree limbs, trimming, pruning, and bush clearing. But many people don’t know how to cut down a tree with a pole saw. In fact, it is quite difficult to cut down a large tree using a pole saw, but you can cut down small trees. So, read till the end to find out how to deal with a pole saw. Enjoy!

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Can You Use A Pole Saw To Cut Down A Tree?

Can You Use A Pole Saw To Cut Down A Tree?

If you need to cut a thick branch or climbing plant but can’t get it off the ground with a pruning saw, you have three options:

  1. Cut from a ladder 
  2. Use pole saw
  3. Hire a professional.

In this case, you can’t cut down a big tree using a pole saw, but you can cut down small trees and bushes. Let’s take a look at how to safely and efficiently use the saw to get a clean-cut, even at 14 feet. However, you have to remember that joinery can be very risky.

“How to cut down a tree using a pole saw?”The answer is possible to cut down a small tree, bushes but not a large tree.

Clear Out A Large Work Area: 

Clean out under the branch to isolate all people, property, and block or restrict access to individuals. Also, clean up areas at risk of falling, such as fallen branches, and beware of things you cannot move, such as exposed roots. If something goes wrong, you should be able to move quickly and safely around your surroundings.

Plan Where To Cut: 

Before removing one limb, you have to make yourself prepared. So, you have to decide from where you have to start the cut. If possible, try to trim the horizontal or near-horizontal surfaces of the branch or vine.

Set The Saw: 

Raise the saw vertically with both hands and stop there to check the weight. Now return the saw to the cutting position, shifting your weight to the branch (except when jumping). 

Position Yourself: 

You need to rise the machine to the chest level and to do so make sure you hold and rise it accordingly. Afterward, the handle’s edge should not come in between you and it. Furthermore, when you find the pole seems flexible then you may need to reach it to adjust it. 

Start Cutting At The Base Of The Shoe: 

Take the first strokes gently in a controlled manner. Then cut perpendicular to the branch so that your first strokes bite as hard as possible. But the rest of the piece should be in the opposite direction. The idea is to make a notch in the tree to bring your fastest photos. 

With these first few moves, your saw will want to slide to the side of the branch that is bent. Please wait for it. If you slip, stop, concentrate, and replace the saw before continuing.

Go on, Finish Cutting

Once the saw is securely in the trench, you can increase your forward speed. Keep an eye on the branch significantly as it advances the point of impact, so you can safely retreat if required.

Clean Up Your Work Area Again: 

Before proceeding with the next cut, remove the fallen branch from the working area to avoid climbing.

Safety Tips For Using The Saw

– In most cases, the blade starts at the top of the branch.

– When jumping, the knife is cut under the branch. This cut will, of course, be much more difficult because it works against gravity.

– Vertical shoots of water are difficult or impossible to cut from the ground with a saw properly.

– It’s okay to decide that you should never cut anything lifted off the ground.

– This is not something that you should usually do.

– Before using the saw for the first time, familiarize yourself with all safety precautions and be sure to do it yourself.

Safety Position

If you haven’t already realized it, saw blades can be dangerous and usually don’t come straight out of the saw. In general, you have to avoid falling branches, electricity, and gravity.

Sidestep Electricity Lines

You must think enough about how vital this is. Electricity lines aren’t messy at all. If you fall from a nearby branch, the cord may become tangled, fall or a current may penetrate and carry it directly towards you. 

In the best-case scenario, it will damage the pipes and cause power outages not only for you but also for the surrounding neighbors. And then you get angry. 

Don’t Change Position

If you can’t reach any branch with the saw, don’t try yourself for an undefined solution. Moving from the surface and trying to use the saw is a recipe for destruction on many levels.

Be safe from the fall area 

You should do your best to prevent branches from falling, including any structures or tools around you. Get rid of everything.

Is a Pole Saw Worth It?

If you have a solid understanding of what a sawmill is, you might be wondering why you should buy a saw. Look:

Choose From a Variety of Options:

One of the most significant benefits of buying a saw is that you have various options. You can divide the saw into categories such as cordless saw, electric saw, and gas saw. If you can cut tree trunks with a cordless saw without using wires, the chainsaw must be plugged in and be able to play directly to cut branches now.

Gas poles are heavier but more durable for cutting large trees. So, whatever you need, you can choose accordingly. 

Save a Lot of Money

Imagine how much a professional lawn mowing will cost. Even if you invest, you may be a little disappointed. But if you do it yourself with a saw, nothing will satisfy you, and you will also save a lot of money.

How To Cut Down A Tree With A Pole Saw

Achieve Precision at Work

No matter how good you are at gardening, pruning tree branches takes a lot of effort. Believe it or not, you have to do it carefully, and nothing can do this job better than a saw. Perform these tasks carefully so that the result always looks complete.

So if you need to cut off the larger ends, take them home with a saw. You can invest in it without hesitation because you will get the best result. Try it, and you will see.

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