How To Cut Pavers With A Wet Saw Easily

When making a garden isle or patio, you are always led to cut the pavers in order to get the right measurement. And mind it; it is not an easy task! There are different tools available that are used to cut the pavers. But among this variety of models, using a wet saw is the most suitable.

A wet saw allows you to make a straight cut in a healthy working environment. Wet saws are more effective and efficient than traditional old school methods.

Before showing you how to cut pavers with a wet saw, let us give you some good information about this tool. I am sure it will help you to use it more efficiently.

In fact, pavers can be cut in different ways, like, cutting pavers with angle grinder, cutting pavers with miter saw, cut pavers for curves, cutting pavers with circular saw, cutting pavers with tile saw, use a chop saw to cut pavers and cut pavers without a saw.

Today we will discuss about how to cut pavers with a wet saw.

How To Cut Pavers with a Wet Saw: Step By Step

First of all, you have to prepare the table by adjusting the notches according to the cut you want to make. To do this, raise the readjustment clips, then position the guide to the desired cutting width.

Lower the clips; unscrew the guide nuts and adjust the removable element to the right size. Finally, tighten the nuts.

Now place the material against the guide using a pusher. The pusher is usually supplied as a kit with the wet saw.

Push it in the direction of the blade.

When you reach the end of the cut, stop the pressure so as not to break the material.         

Reminder: To complete a perfect cutting, you should also know how to cut paver edging. Paver edging not only holds the pavers tightly but also ensures maintain its integrity for a long time.

Safety Instructions For Better Use of A Wet Saw

The wet saw, sometimes known as masonry wet saw, is electrically powered equipment. So it is always recommended to take the necessary precautions before using it.

You must wear shoes, glasses and, if possible, a safety helmet as well as hearing protection.

Before any replacement or repair of the device, disconnect the power supply.

Work in a well-lit area, not exposed to moisture.

Check that the accessories are not worn. Otherwise, some parts may show signs of wear or interfere with the operation of the device.

How to Cut Pavers for Curves: Tricks to Get Perfect Curve

Not all the pavers are in a straight line, sometimes you need to make a bending pattern or put them in a circle. In this case, it can get difficult to cut the paver with a wet saw.

To overcome this difficulty you can follow the following tips:

  •       Put all the pavers in the place where you want to make the structure. The pavers need to be uncut.
  •       Draw the outline with a pencil on the pavers.
  •       Then cut the paver with a wet saw following the pencil marking. In this way you can have precisely cut pavers which you can set like a puzzle.

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Using a Wet Saw: Assembly and Disassembly of the Blade or Disc

Unlike its exterior presentation, the wet saw is a cutting device that works just like other table saws. The only difference it has is that it has a water cooling system that prevents the blade from overheating. And also, it prevents the dust splash.

However, the wet saw must not be activated dry. You should always fill the water tank before any use. If you are a novice, let me tell you that the water tank is located under the appliance table.

Here’s how to mount the blade of a wet saw:

  •       Remove the water tray, then unscrew the screws that secure the blade guard plate;
  •       Unscrew the fixing nut, which fixes the blade to the motor shaft while keeping each washer’s order of placement.
  •       Place the blade on the motor shaft and replace the washers. Replace the nut with a corresponding wrench.

Using a Wet Saw: Mounting the Fence on the Table

To install the fence on the table, lift the clamp lever. And then align the front and rear notches while sliding them up the sides of the table. Once the fence is positioned, push down on the clamp lever to lock it. This step is particularly important for cutting pavers in place correctly.

Using a Wet Saw: Turning the Wet Saw On And Off

The machines are designed differently. Some are activated by simple activation of the switch; others have a safety key. The key, when removed, deactivates the device. To restart the saw, simply reinsert the key into the switch.

Using a Wet Saw: Equipment Maintenance

To ensure the longevity of the wet saw, it should be serviced regularly. Clean the water tank thoroughly after each use. Check the machine’s general condition, including the condition of the blade, power cables, and engine power.

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How to Cut Pavers – Easy

Final Thought

Cutting pavers may not be an easy job to pull off by any newbie DIY enthusiasts, but certainly not so complicated either. There are many ways to do this task. Some know how to cut pavers with an angle grinder and some know how to cut pavers with a chisel. But the best and most efficient way is with a wet saw. With a little knowledge, good precaution, and the right machinery, anybody can master the art of how to cut pavers with a wet saw.

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