How To Cut Pvc Pipe With A Miter Saw -Easy 5 Steps

Guys, how are you? I hope you’re well. Today we will try to demonstrate the ways on how to cut pvc pipe with a miter saw. Basically, you’ll find three different ways to do the job done. You may opt for a reciprocating saw with a metal cutting blade; you may choose hacksaw or go for a power miter saw.

So, what we do is we will get you guys set up here and show you how you can successfully cut the PVC pipe with a miter saw. Please stay with us until we reveal the tips, tricks, and hacks to cut the pipe with a miter saw

What is a miter saw?

  • A miter saw is designed to perform a quick and accurate crosscut.
  • It is ideal for performing different angled cuts.   
  • Suitable for managing woodworking, furniture projects, flooring and trim work, and others.
  • Choosing a miter saw is best for hobbyists, DIYers, and contractors.        
  • It is also ideal for cutting PVC or ABS plastic pipe.

How To Cut PVC Pipe With a Miter Saw

Cuting PVC Pipe With a Miter Saw step by step

Cutting Pvc with a miter saw could be troublesome if you don’t know how to cut Pvc pipe with a miter saw. Let’s follow the step-by-step process on how you can cut your Pvc pipe with a miter saw.

You may opt for the PVC ratchet cutter as one of the easiest ways to cut PVC pipe. But PVC ratchet cutting machine is ideal for a smaller cutting job up to 1.5 inches diameter or less.

Besides, if you want to cut a larger diameter pipe, you may choose a hacksaw. However, for cutting PVC or ABS plastic pipe, you can also choose a miter saw.

Things You Need To cut PVC With Miter Saw:

  • Miter saw
  • Measuring tape
  • PVC pipe
  • C clamp
  • Permanent marker

Easy 5 Steps To Follow To Cut PVC With Miter Saw:

Step 1 (Ensure that you are preparing your miter saw to cut pvc):

  • Firstly, check the saw that it is ready for PVC cut.
  • Now, ensure that you choose the right type of blade for cutting the desired material.
  • Once you choose the best pvc saw blade, replace the older one.

Step 2 (Make a test cut with the saw):

  • You can make a test cut to get confirmation that it works the right way. Plug the saw into the electrical socket and run it for a test plan.
  • Once you find everything is okay, and then go to the next steps.

Step 3 (Take the measurement and mark the line):

  • Ensure that you measure the PVC pipe you intend to cut.
  • Take a measuring tape to get the perfect measurement.
  • Now mark the measuring point on the pipe to cut.

Note: You can use a pencil or other materials that work instead of a permanent marker.

Step 4 (Set the pipe on the miter saw):

Uses a C clamp to give your round shape PVC pipe a firm grip. If you can’t tighten the pipe perfectly, there’s a chance to occur a miter saw kickback.  

Note: Don’t use your hand to hold the pipe tightly because it may put your hand in danger. With a miter saw crop plate, align the cutting mark.

Step 5 (Make the final cut with the miter saw):

  • Once again, make sure that you plug the mater saw with an electrical power socket if it is unplugged.
  • Now start the miter saw by triggering the power switch button and ensure that the blade finds its limit.
  • Gradually put the miter saw blade on the PVC pipe and cut it half at medium speed.  
  • Slow down the saw’s speed when you reach the end of the pipe and complete the cut.

Note: Ensure that you are cutting the pipe at an angle to avoid the blowout of the end of the pipe.  

There you’ve got the ideas how to cut PVC pipe with your miter saw. 

How Do I Cut PVC Pipe Without a Saw?

You can cut the PVC pipe, even you don’t have a miter saw. With a piece of string, cutting the PVC pipe could be an easy task. But how do I cut PVC pipe a piece of string? Let’s see the following table.  

Steps to follow when you use string to cut PVC pipeThe process to follow when you use string to cut PVC pipe Our opinion 
(More pvc cutting tools)
Step 1 (Mark the area of your PVC pipe)Mark the area of your PVC pipe that you intend to cut and wraps it with a thin nylon cord.You can opt for a ratcheting clipper if you want to cut a pipe with smaller diameters.
With a narrow blade, it allows you to cut the pipe straight.
Step 2 (saw the nylon cord forwards & backwards):Now, saw the nylon cord forward & backward quickly.  Another tool you can use instead of a miter saw for cutting PVC pipe is a rotary pipe cutter.
It is suitable for larger diameters.
Step 3 (saw continuously for a few minutes):Do the process continuously for a few minutes to get the cut piece of pipe.  

How to Cut PVC Pipe Straight- Steps By Steps Cutting PVC Pipe

How to Cut PVC Pipe Straight

Cutting pvc pipe straight could be difficult for you if you don’t have the basic tools and don’t know the exact methods. Let’s talk about the steps you need to follow when cutting pvc pipe straight.

Step 1: Measure the PVC pipe by using tape and mark the area with a pencil or marker.

Step 2: Now, wrap the measuring tape around the pipe as the tape line’s outer edge up with the pencil mark you have drawn.

Step 3: Mark the spot with the pencil and takes the help of your tape’s edge around the pipe to get a straight cut.

Step 4: Now, peel and remove the tape from the pipe.

Step 5: Set the PVC pipe in a clump and tighten it around the pipe.

Step 6: Wear the mask and safety goggles.

Step 7:

  • Align the blade on your miter saw along with the edge of the pencil mark.
  • Start the saw and cut the pipe carefully.
  • Turn off the saw, rotate the pipe.
  • When the job is done, ensure that you stop the saw.

Is PVC Better Than Copper?

CopperPVCPVC vs Copper:
which one is better
1. Copper is a strong but lightweight material that has both rigid & semi-rigid structures.
With this metal, you can easily design the piping system in hard reach areas.
1. PVC pipe is a non-reactive material that allows you to mix it with any other piping.Basically, it’s hard to define which one is better, “PVC vs copper.”

At some points, it isn’t obvious to define which one is superior to the other.

However, considering the use, you can differ them a little.

For example,

1. When it comes to dealing with non-organic chemicals, choosing PVC could be a better choice.
2. It is suitable for managing the heat & pressure of boiler lines.2. It is corrosion free material.2. On the other hand, choosing copper material could be best to deal with high-heat conditions because it is more heat-resistant than PVC.
3. Copper has a high melting point that makes it highly fire-resistant. 3. PVC is suitable for saltwater, acids, and non-natural chemicals.3. Both copper and PVC are durable enough to provide long life service. Copper lasts almost 50 years, and on the other hand, PVC lasts up to 100 years with proper maintenance.
4. It has great popularity as a universally allowed metal for major construction codes.4. It works as a non-conductor instead of managing heat and cold.4. PVC pipe is less expensive than copper.

Best Way To Cut PVC Pipe Using Miter Saw


1: What is the best tool to cut PVC pipe?

Answer: Choosing a hacksaw could be the best tool to cut PVC pipe. It allows you to enjoy a straight cut. Besides, it enables you to enjoy a bulk amount of small and accurate cuts.

2: Can you use a PVC pipe for hot water?

Answer: The straight answer is no. PVC is a thermoplastic metal that degrades and breaks down at hot temperatures. 

3: Can you use a miter saw to cut PVC pipe?

Answer: When it comes to cutting large quantities of PVC pipe, choosing a power miter saw is best. Nevertheless, the power miter saw is costly enough. You can use a wood blade instead special blade to cut PVC pipe safely at home.

4: What blade do you use to cut PVC?

Answer: There are different saw blades with different tooth counts to manage the cut of PVC pipe. With the finest teeth, the saw blade isn’t ideal for cutting plastic. Choosing a wood-cutting blade with 10” is suitable for using to cut PVC.

5: Can I cut PVC pipe with a circular saw?

Answer: In some cases, you can use a circular saw to cut PVC pipe.


If you have the right tool and know the exact tricks, then cutting PVC pipe is easy. One of the significant tools you can use to cut PVC pipe is a miter saw. By following the above-mentioned tips, tricks, and steps, we hope you know how to cut pvc pipe with a miter saw.
However, if you feel difficult to do the job, please take the professionals’ help. If you have any questions about “cut pvc with miter saw”, please leave us a comment below. We will come to you with the best possible answers.

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