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How To Cut Tile Around Toilet Without A Wet Saw-[2 Effective Methods]

A bathroom renovation needs multiple tile cutting for a perfect outlook inside the bathroom. Also, when you want to renovate a small part of the toilet, investing in an expensive wet saw isn’t a clever thing to do.

Thus, knowing how to cut tile around toilet without a wet saw would help you accomplish the task swiftly and cheaply. Luckily, you can opt for multiple ways to cut tiles around the toilet, including scoring the tiles with tile glass cutters or nippers, knives, and grinder for round cuts.

However, you must understand the tile cutting processes without the wet saw properly. Otherwise, it would damage the expensive tiles only to add to your agony.

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How to Cut Tile Around Toilet Without A Wet Saw

When it comes to cut the tiles around the toilet with a perfect shape and even edge, a grinder works best. It yields just as much better results as the wet saw would offer. Alternatively, you can use a glass cutter for the purpose.

Method 1: Use A Grinder

Cut Tile Around Toilet Without A Wet Saw Use a Grinder

If you need round cuts on the tiles for a toilet, you are using the grinder will by far your best alternative. Although grinders were not designed to cut tiles, with little adjustments, you will easily use them to get the tailored cuts on the toilet tiles.

Step 1: Outline the circular cut

Just like any woodworking job, you must first outline the circular shape on the tile. You can use a pencil or specialized tile marker for the purpose. Make sure the circular outline is visible when you operate the grinder.

So, a broader and well-marked cutline would help you get smooth tiles without much effort. If the tile has a darker appearance, use masking tape instead of the marker to draw the cutline. It will allow you to identify the cutline easily.

Step 2: Use the c-clamp to fix the tile

When you use a grinder to cut tiles around the toilet, you must find a flat and even workbench. Use the c-clamps to hold the tile on the surface appropriately. As you secure the tile, assure that the cutline hangs slightly outside the workbench.

This way, you won’t damage or cut the tile holding surface itself. To fix the clamp, rotate its top screw in the counterclockwise direction. Now use the clamp to sandwich the tile with the workbench and two ends of the clamp.

The clamp needs to be fixed vertically. Finally, tighten the screw as you move it clockwise. Then, make sure the tile is not moving abruptly and positioned firmly on the workbench.

Step 3: Preparing the grinder

A grinder usually comes with an edged blade that accommodates hundreds of tiny teeth. These tiny teeth are made to cut wood and metals mainly. When you operate the grinder to cut toilet tiles, such type of segmented teeth aren’t useful.

Instead, you will have to use a continuous annular-shaped blade. When you use the continuous rim blade on the grinder instead of the segmented one, the tile cut will be smooth and accurate. At first, find the arbor hole inside the grinder. It will be at the center of the blade.

You will have to loosen the arbor hole on the central disc using the adjustable wrench. After you have removed the arbor nut, remove the segmented blade. Mount the continuous rim blade inside the grinder and tighten it with the nuts.

Step 4: Make the first cut

Now align the newly installed blade of the grinder with the cutline of the tile. Make sure that you hold the grinder firmly, and its edge is attached with the cutline gently. You don’t have to over-pressurize the cutting process.

Switch on the grinder and wait for a few seconds. It will allow the grinder blade to come at its desired speed. During the first cut on the tile, score the cutline slightly. The aim is to create an indention for a deeper cut.

After that, perform the deeper cuts on the tile. You must not hurry to complete the tile cutting procedure. You should increase the cutting depth with each pass until the grinder fully cuts the tile. It will yield accurate tile cuts.

Lastly, use sandpaper to smoothen the tile edges.

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Method 2: Use A Glass Cutter to Cut Around Toilet Tiles

Use A Glass Cutter to Cut Around Toilet Tiles

A glass cutter is a versatile manual tool because it is usable for both straight and circular cuts on the tiles. Also, using the glass cutter is less complex and needs less expertise. So, it is a practical tile cutting solution for homeowners.

Step 1: Drawing the cutline

If you want to cut the tile straightly, use a square to draw the cutting line on the tile. Alternatively, you can use a measuring tape to draw a straight line. Use a circular disc to draw the circular outline on the tile.

In both cases, use the tile marker or pencil to outline the space. Also, leave ¼” space behind the disc or square so that the marker can run through the cutting location.

Step 2: Scoring the tile with the glass cutter

Now, lay flat the tile on an even workbench or table. Make sure that the tile doesn’t move as you start scoring it. You might secure it using tapes on either side. Also, if you place the tile on a table, make sure no part of it is left outside. It might breakdown the tile into pieces.

Once you have secured the tile, score it using the glass cutter. You don’t have to push hard the cutter. You aim only to score the tile slightly, not to break it. When you hear a cracking or scratching sound, it rest assures that your scoring is perfect.

Perform two to three passes with the glass cutter to provide a deep score on the tile.

Step 3: Position the scored tile on a hanger

The idea is to breakdown the lately scored tile properly. You can use a cloth hanger for the purpose. Optionally, you might use thick wiring too.

Make sure that the scored line is right on the wire cloth hanger. Also, set up the tile and hanger in a stable workplace.

Step 4: Breaking the tile

Now apply sufficient pressure on the tile on each side of the scoring line. It should breakdown the tile along the scoreline.  We recommend you to sue the palm on the tile. It prevents splintering of the tile and yields precise cuts.

How to tile around a toilet without removing the toilet & Easiest Way to Cut Tile Around a Toilet

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can large tiles be cut without the wet tile saw?

Yes, you can cut through the larger pieces of tiles without the professional wet saw. A manual tile cutter will do the job fine. Also, tile nippers are a good alternative to wet saws.

How do I outline the toilet?

Pick a clean piece of paper. Place it around the toilet and securely identify the folds on the paper. Use your finger to set the paper around the toilet properly. Then use a pencil to mark the folded spots on the paper. Cut along the folded line, and you can use it to draw the cutting line on the tile.


The key to appropriately cutting the tile around the toilet is to outline the cut. When you know how to cut tile around toilet without a wet saw, it will allow you to renovate the bathroom quickly. Also, you can replace a chipped tile for a better outlook.

The use of a glass cutter or grinder will work brilliantly to fulfill your tile cutting purpose. Also, you must wear gloves and goggles as a safeguard against any tile cutting hazards

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