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Tips On How To Cut Tile Without A Tile Saw

Tile cutting is a compelling job. Hence, professionals prefer using a wet tile saw for tile cutting jobs. However, a wet tile saw is an expensive investment and doesn’t come readily available for all. So, what do you if you require cutting tile without a tile saw?

Although many people won’t believe there’re multiple ways of cutting tile without saw both manual and power options. So, today our discussion will reveal complete guidance on how to cut tile without a tile saw

It can be done using a grinder and glass cutter. Also, you can score the tile into pieces manually with a rugged utility knife at hand.

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What Is the Easiest Way to Cut Tile?

Cutting tiles may seem scary, but it is easier than most people think. But there’s a precondition to it. You must equip it with the best tool to cut the tiles. Also, it will change from one tile to another since different tiles have various hardness, material, and cutting techniques. 

For instance, ceramic tiles are less sturdy than regular tiles and thus need special attention while cutting them.  Similarly, porcelain tiles need extensive care during the cuts.  For straight cuts on the tiles, you might use the tile saw or tile cutter. 

A glass cutter works best for the ceramic and porcelain tiles too. On the contrary, a dedicated wet tile saw will be the best choice to perform both corner and straight cuts on all sorts of tiles. Also, you must use a pencil or marker to identify the cutline correctly for accurate cuts. 

Multiple Ways on How to Cut Tile Without A Tile Saw

How To Cut Tile Without A Tile Saw

Although a wet tile saw is part and parcel of construction sites and professionals, beginners might not find it a suitable option. Also, a tile saw won’t be useful if you have to cut only a few pieces of tiles. Hence, we will present you with multiple techniques on how to cut tile without a saw

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Method 1: Use A Glass Cutter for Straight Cuts

Cutting Tile Without A Tile Saw

A glass cutter is the best alternative for cutting tile without a wet saw. It is less expensive and easy to use the tool. You can cut ceramic tile and porcelain tile with the glass cutter. 

Step 1: Marking the Cut Line 

Firstly, use a pencil and square to draw the cutline on the large tile piece. When you mark the inscription, place the pencil or crayon market ¼” away. It will help you outline the tile cutting location with the most accuracy. 

For an easy way to cut tile, mark the cutline on either side of the material. It will help you score on both sides of the tile quickly. 

Step 2: Scoring the Tile Along the Cutline

Firmly hold the square or scale along the cutline so that it doesn’t move while you cut the tiles. Now use your dominant hand to hold down the glass cutter firmly on the tile right on the cutline of the material. 

When you drag the glass cutter along with the tile, press it down firmly. However, you will have to ensure that the glass cutter doesn’t reach the bottom or breakdown the tile totally. You aim to create a partial cut on the tile with a minimum depth. 

Now, reverse the tile and repeat the scoring on the other side of the tile also. 

Step 3: Placing A Wire-Cloth Hanger 

Once you have partially scored both sides of the tile, you need to break apart the tile into smaller pieces. For this, find a flat surface and place a wire-cloth hanger on it. Then carefully line up the scored tile on the hanger. 

If you can’t find a wire hanger, use a regular wire. It will bring the same result. 

Step 4: Breaking and Sanding the Tile 

Firmly press down the recently scored tile on the wire hanger and apply mild pressure to break it. If the scoring line is accomplished correctly, the tile will breakdown into two pieces. Then use a grit-paper to sand the tile to smoothen the edges. 

This is the best way for how to cut tiles without using a tile saw. 

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Method 2: Use A Grinder for Round Cuts

best way for how to cut tiles without using a tile saw

When you have to cut tile without saw in a round shape, you can use a grinder. This strategy works best when you need to learn “how to cut tile without a tile cutter.”

Step 1: Outlining the Round Shape

You will have to use round-shaped paper to outline the front side of the tile. The front side will glaze and shine, which makes it easy to identify. Once you have a round shape ready at the hand, place it on the tile. Then use a tile marker to draw the circular shape accurately. 

Step 2: Use A C-Clamp to Secure the Tile

Place the tile on the flat surface without any unevenness. Then use a C-clamp to lock the tiles on it securely. You may place the edge of the circular cutline slightly out of the workbench. It will prevent you from cutting the workplace.

Step 3: Choosing the Right Blade

Most grinders will come with segmented and toothed blades. It cuts faster, but the tile cutting will not be as smooth as you might want. Hence, you should replace it with a continuous rim blade. This type of blade makes the tile cutting smoother and better. 

You might use a wrench to remove the nuts to replace the blade and later tighten it again. 

Step 4: Making the Cut

Turn on your grinder and start scoring the tile slowly. At first, don’t try to cut the circular line totally. Instead, pass the grinder through the tile for scoring it. Finally, make the cut with several passes of the grinder. 

How to Cut Tile Without Power Tools

What Is the Best Manual Tile Cutter?

A manual tile cutter is nothing but a straightforward scoring tool. You can use the manual tile cutter to perform straight cuts on the porcelain and ceramic tiles. But it is not made for cutting tiles in a circular shape. 

Various manufacturers, such as Ryobi, Sigma, etc., produce several manual tile cutters. We have found that Sigma Pull Handle Tile Cutter and Rubi Tools TX-1250 are two of the best manual tile cutter. The former has a 26” tile cutting blade, and the second comes with a 49” straight cutting capacity. 

Both manual tile cutters are made for professionals, but homeowners can also use them. It is made possible with their easy to use the feature. 

Snap cutter and tile nipper are also two other types of manual tile cutter that you can use to cut small tiles without a saw. Tile nippers are perfect for curves and corners.

Homemade Tile Cutter

Honestly speaking, you can’t only make a homemade tile cutter from scratch. You must have an angle grinder ready for it. 

Once you have the angle grinder ready at your hand, you will have to select the right discs for it. You might use a diamond-coated disc or carbide-tipped steel disc for the purpose. Also, the disc should be substantial. It will help you avoid chipping the tiles. 

When you own an angle grinder with the right disc selection, your process of “How to cut tile without a tile saw” will become easier.  Also, you can opt for the stone disc or wheels since it is affordable than the diamond or carbide tipped disc blades. 

How Do You Cut Large Tiles by Hand?

There are several tools to cut large tiles by hand. The easy way for cutting tiles by hand is to use a powerful tile cutting hand saw. It is a challenging task, but with a manual saw, you can score the tiles and then cut it. But, we recommend you to use either a manual tile cutter or a glass cutter for the purpose.  

Whichever method you use, always outline the cutline using the tile marker. Also, you can use a stealthy knife or angle grinder to cut large tiles.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can tile be cut without a wet saw?

Although a wet saw is the best tool for cutting tile, you can do it without using the wet saw too. For instance, a tile cutter tool or tile snapper may be used for the purpose. However, if you don’t have such devices, it is best to contact a tile cutting service for it.

What is the best tool to cut ceramic tile?

When you ask how to cut ceramic tile, there’re multiple tools we can recommend to you. For instance, you can use manual tile snapper, glass cutter, tile nipper, etc., tools for it. But the best tool to cut ceramic tool is definitely the professional wet saw. A small tile saw with wet cutting capacity will easily score the ceramic tiles into pieces.

Can you use a jigsaw to cut tile?

Yes, you can use a jigsaw to cut tiles. But for that, you will need to change the regular jigsaw blade with the abrasive carbide tipped or diamond blade. Also, the jigsaw will make slanted and notch cuts on the tile that other tools might not do.

Can you use a tile cutter to cut vinyl planks?

Vinyl planks or tiles are relatively easier to cut than ceramic and porcelain tiles. You can use a tile snapper to pass through the vinyl planks. Also, you can use a utility knife to divide the vinyl planks into the desired pieces.

Can a Dremel cut tile?

Yes, a Dremel can cut tiles. In fact, it will make cutting tile without a tile saw easier. Plus, you can use the Dremel for cutting tiles already fixed on any surface or walls.


We have summed up all the possible ways for how to cut tile without a tile saw. Nonetheless, you have to remember that cutting a tile isn’t a doll’s play. It needs a particular skill to cut tile without a saw. If you lack the confidence to cut the large ceramic and porcelain tiles for the home renovation, you can still call for nearby tiles cutting services to do the task for you. 

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