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How To Cut Tree Limbs That Are Too High To Reach-5 Best Ways

Planting trees is one of the triggers of a pleasant and healthy environment. Also, it works to protect the earth’s ozone layer. As you may know and see, trees grow very fast and we need to control their growth at a certain point. Here the control means we need to prune them.

  • Get a ladder that is tall enough to reach the tree limb you want to cut
  • Place the ladder against the tree trunk and make sure it is stable
  • Climb up the ladder and position yourself so that you can reach the branch you want to cut
  • Cut the branch with a saw or another cutting tool
  • Carefully climb down the ladder and remove any debris from around the base of the tree

So, you are looking for a way on how to cut tree branches. Well, as you may know, the tree needs pruning and trimming or removing a rotten limb to ensure good growth. Experts suggest the 3-cut technique which makes the cut easy for the person. 

Cutting Tree Limbs That Are Too High To Reach Step By Step

Here the 1st partial cut goes on the limb (close to the tree trunk), 2nd one on the limb and will help to remove most of the branch. Finally, make the final cut that goes outside the branch collar. Now, let’s see the details in the following. 

  • At first, take a bow saw, chainsaw, or hand saw to perform the cutting. With a chainsaw, you can easily and quickly trim tree branches. Whereas, hand or bow saw requires time and a bit more muscles while cutting a thick limb. Moreover, the hand saw allows you to move the saw back and forth quickly, resulting in a straight and clean cut. 

So, when you pick a chainsaw, you have to wear protective measures like gloves, eyewear, etc. Also, you have to read the manual to get proper instructions. While doing the job with a hand or bow saw, you need to mark on the limb then start cutting. 

  • Now, you have to create a small notch in the tree limb, which is 0.61–0.91 m (2–3 feet) from the trunk. After that, take the saw and insert it about ¼ of the way through the tree. Through this cutting, you can avoid bark splitting. This cutting process is known as “notch cut”.
  • Next, you have to do the second cut on the limb which will lie a little further down from the notch cut. Here the measurement is 0.15–0.30 m or 5–1 foot away from the notch cut. After that, you have to do the second cut that should be entirely through the limb. 

After that cut, your tree branch weight will remove and facilitate the final cut. This cutting process is known as “relief cut”.

  • Once you finish the above steps, commence your final cut where the branch collar meets the rest of the tree. To make sure of a healthy cut, you have to move the saw towards the slant of the branch collar. 

Note: You may sometimes find it difficult to reach in the slant of the branch collar. Here you can cut the bottom up instead of going from the top down.

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Safety Tips (Cutting Tree Limbs Too High Reach)

By now you have understood how to cut a tree limb and can do the task accordingly. But, though here includes mechanical instrument use and cutting, safety precautions come in front of us. In the following, we enlist some tips while engaging tree limb cutting.

  • Definitely, you have to use a saw and the manufacturer gives proper instruction to use it. So, before using the instrument, you should go through the instructions and act accordingly.
  • Now, wear safety gear like safety goggles, helmets, masks, gloves, and boots. The female person should keep off ornaments and tie the hair up.
  • After that, you have to inspect the place and clear the falling limb area. Also, you have to examine the limb condition like dead or dying.

What To Observe When Cutting Branches /Limbs

Hopefully, you know how to cut branches from a tall tree by now. But just cut the tree without following proper instructions may lead to getting sick of the tree. To avoid the problem, experts give some branch cutting techniques, and here are those.

What To Observe When Cutting Branches /Limbs
  1. You have to be careful about cutting the limbs too short. Although the popular place lies too close to the trunk, your tree will become sick if you cut there. So, the ideal method is to cut at the branch collar which lies before the tree trunk. Therefore, your tree can recover easily. 

Note: When you cut at the branch collar, the seeping wounds and rotten holes in tree trunks may cause

  1. Another point should remember is doing cut the limb in a way so that the limb is left too long. Naturally, when you remove the limb, the branch collar will heal afterward (it helps to form the scar tissue). 

But when the tree limb remains too long after cutting, it will take a long time to heal. Here the healing process may be hampered by the remaining branches or stubs.  

  1. The last key consideration is careful about relief cuts to avoid damaging the tree. When you can successfully remove most of the limb’s weight prior to cutting the branch itself, the branches may split off. After that, you can avoid major damage to your tree. 

Note: When you fail to do relief cuts properly, the tree may be vulnerable to disease or insect infestation. 

What Kind Of Saw Do I Need To Cut Tree Limbs?

When it comes to cut high branches, you will find the pole saw is an ideal instrument. Some limb lies in the hard-to-reach position, here you can use the pole saw for cutting high branches. Typically, the long-range pole saw comes in a max of 10-12 feet. 

Mechanically, a pruning saw is attached at the end of the pole and it comes in gas-powered, manual, and electronic segments. 

Also, you can use rope saw tools to cut high tree branches. This tree limb cutter helps you to reach 30 feet. 

Right Time For Cutting of Limbs And Branches

Typically, a tree requires trimming between the fall when changing leaves and spring when the flower blooms. 

Some experts say winter is the best time to cut tree limbs too high reach because trees become dormant. Moreover, when you prune the tree at the dormant time, the tree will get enough time to heal before threatening pests arrive. Moreover, when you cut the tree limb in the winter, your tree will get enough time to grow more in spring. 

Note: Try to avoid pruning during the tree’s growing season because it will stunt the growth. 

However, you have better consult with an arborist about trimming before spring bloom emerge. 

Note: The natural pruning cycle of a tree is three to five years, but herein you have to pay attention to the tree’s size, type, and health. 

Cutting Tree Limbs From a Ladder

When your garden trees become too much crowded with branches, cutting the tree limbs becomes vital. A ladder can improve your height and make you reach higher while removing unnecessary branches. Using a chainsaw or a traditional wood saw can aid in the project. There are five rudimentary steps for a tree trimming project with a ladder.

Cutting Tree Limbs From a Ladder
  • It would be best to get a ladder with all the safety features as the task can be difficult for a newbie. 
  • Try using a pole pruner, a pole saw, or just a traditional wood saw for the project. 
  • Get some rope to hold the timber pieces together. Doing so will ensure your safety, and you don’t have to work extra hard on angular cuts. 
  • If you don’t have a rope, try to avoid the tree limb as much as possible while using a cutting saw.
  • Finally, avoid cutting any tree higher than your shoulder height.

Rope Saw For Cutting Tree Limbs

You can also throw one side of the rope on a higher branch and let your friend catch it. Either way, your tree limb downfall will happen in a fall zone and nowhere else.

After taking all these precautions, just slice off a V-shape into the limb and wait for it to fall. Don’t worry about getting hurt because using the rope saw will end those dangerous falling problems.

Using a tough rope with a high weight-bearing capacity is just what you need for the project. A rope with twenty thousand pounds tensile strength is strong enough for any heavy branch you want to cut off. You may consider getting a helping hand for the rigging and pulling of the branch.

How To Rope Off A Tree Limb To Keep It From Falling

Falling tree limbs is often dangerous and damaging at the same time. When you remove the tree limb without a rope, the falling timber can fall on your house or anywhere else. 

How To Rope Off A Tree Limb To Keep It From Falling

Furthermore, you may even get hurt if the cut is uneven and the tree height of the limb is higher than your shoulder. Look at the steps below to rope off a tree limb and keeping it from falling down.

● Start by tying a rope on the limb you want to cut and another rope to a higher branch.

● If you are cutting the highest branch, ask a friend to hold the rope in a safe direction.

● Find a limb junction or crotch before using your saw tool or a knife like Bear Grills.

● Ask your friend to pull down on the limb while you chop the tree limb off.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):-

What is a fair price for tree trimming?

Size of TreeNational Average Tree Trimming Cost
Shorter than 30 feet$75 to $450
Between 30 and 60 feet$150 to $875
Taller than 60 feet$200 to $1,000

Basically, the price for tree trimming depends on the size of the tree. Here we give a chart of the tree along with the average cost.

What is the best tool to cut tree branches?

Several instruments that come to serve you in this arena, like:
Hand Pruners
Lopping Shears
Pole Pruners
Pruning Saws and Chain Saws
Rope Saw

What saw to cut tree limbs?

As I have mentioned the pole saw works well to cut the tree limb. But you may face difficulty while cutting above 12 feet because above that you can’t handle it perfectly. So, if you need to cut beyond 12 feet, you have better use a rope saw. With its chain cutting mechanism, you can easily reach 25 feet high.

How do you cut very high tree limbs?

You can pick the rope saw instead of an electric saw to cut tree branches that are situated high. Mechanically, a rope saw uses a chain-type cutting blade and with it, you can cut down 30 feet high limb without climbing. 

What is the proper way to cut a large tree limb in the US?

To cut a large tree limb in the US, you can follow the expert suggested 3-cut technique. Here includes a notch cut, relief cut, and final cut.

How to Trim Tall Trees Yourself

If you have tall trees on your property, you may want to trim them yourself to save money. Trimming tall trees can be dangerous, so it’s important to take precautions.

Here are some tips for trimming tall trees safely:

1. Use a ladder or scaffolding to reach the branches you need to trim.
2. Wear protective gear, including gloves, goggles, and a hard hat.
3. Cut branches gradually and carefully to avoid damaging the tree or harming yourself.
4. Be sure to dispose of all debris properly; don’t leave it in your yard where it could pose a hazard.

How Do You Prune Hard to Reach Branches?

If you have a hard to reach branch that needs pruning, there are a few options. You can use a pole saw, which is a long pole with a blade on the end. You can also use a ladder and prune the branch from below.

Or, you can hire a tree service to come and do it for you.

Final Thought

Indeed, the tree plays a significant role to ensure a healthy environment. Here the most important thing is we have to take proper care of them. Trimming is one of the essential tasks that ensure the proper growth of trees. 

But without following proper instructions, trimming may lead to the death of the tree. In this article on how to cut tree limbs that are too high to reach, we discuss all details on how to cut large tree limbs. Hopefully, you don’t face any problem cutting high branches.

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