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How To Make A Dust Bag For Miter Saw [6 Tips Updated]

Few quick tips To make A dust bag for miter saw,

  • Collect Your Materials.
  • Measure The Miter Saw.
  • cropping The Pipe.
  • Bag Making.
  • Kep Together.
  • Give Some Trials .

Miter saw is a saw that people use to cut circular and angled shapes. Mostly, to make something with a radius or angle within it, a miter saw is very much useful. Although it is a very effective item for a home, it is messy. So, knowing how to make a dust bag for miter saw will do a lot of help.

You can make a DIY dust bag on your own. It is very easy if you know how to operate some small operations. we will try to broadly cover all the topics and issues about a miter saw dust collector.

How To Make A Dust Bag For Miter Saw- Step By Steps

To make a dust bag for the miter saw takes some work and time. You have to understand why do you need to make a dust bag for your miter saw. The following are the reasons:

  • The more you use the miter saw, the more mess and dust you are going to create.
  • The dust can literally clog the machine and pieces of equipment.
  • It is a serious health hazard. You have to ensure your safety first.

There are many more reasons and that is why the makers always give the dust sac with the saw. But if you don’t have the bag with the saw, make your own.

Making a personal and universal dust bag does not take much effort and energy. If you have a working knowledge of a circular saw, you can go for it. The following are the step by step solution on how you can make a dust bag for a miter saw.

How To Make A Dust Bag For Miter Saw step by step

Step 1: Collect Your Materials

At first, you need to get a plastic tube that you will attach with the miter saw that you have in your hands. The plastic tube should be made of soft plastic like a PVC pipe. Make sure that the pipe is big enough to fit within your saw.

You have to collect such a pipe that will cover the entire backside of your miter saw. If you don’t have such a pipe around you, go and get one from the market.

Step 2: Measure The Miter Saw

Measuring your miter saw is important. Without the proper measurement, you will not be able to make a fitting dust collector for it. The dust collection for miter saws will be hampered without a proper calculation.

As you have your materials on your hands, measure it with the saw. Make sure the dust bag will not become too big or too small in proportion to the miter saw. Keep it in such a size so that you can remove it easily.

Step 3: Cropping The Pipe

Now, it is not any random length that you will keep the pipe. You need to measure proper distance and length. Keep the length a little bit longer so that the dust directly goes into the bag.

This step is important because it will fix the dust where to go and you can collect it inside your bag properly. When you get the perfect size of the pipe, start working towards making the bag.

Step 4: Bag Making

This is another vital step in making the dust bag. Take a bag made of thick plastic. Cut it thoroughly and join it to the pipe. You may require industrial glue or a needle to seal them both together.

Fit the bag at the end of the plastic tube and give some clearance to stay on the safer side. With this process, you will get a pipeline-based dust collection for miter saws. You can use it with any other miter saws as well.

Step 5: Keep It Together

Now, if you want to seal your dust collector a bit more, you can seal it further with the machining process. You need to put them all together in this way and it will make a perfect dust collector for your miter saw.

Step 6: Give Some Trials

After you finish machining, join the collector with the saw and run some trials to understand if it is running properly or not. It will let you debug any issue and you can correct any fault if needed.

These are the stepwise guides on how to make a dust bag for miter saw. You can always follow these steps to get the correct crap bag for your miter saw.

Universal Miter Saw Dust Bag

A miter saw dust bag is a bag attached to a miter saw to collect the dust that the saw creates. A miter saw is very useful for a home. You can create multiple things with this single piece of equipment but it does create a lot of mess. If the maker doesn’t provide the dust collector you can do your own dust collection for miter saws.

A universal miter saw dust bag is such a bag that will collect the messy dust that the saw created. It is universal because you can remove it and use it in any other miter saw. You need not use it for one particular saw. A universal dust bag will let you make more than a single-use.

How To Build A Dust Collector For A Miter Saw?

So far from our discussion, we can understand that making a dust bag for a miter saw is not too hard. You can do it with your working knowledge. Now, we will try to understand how do you make a miter saw dust collector?

how To Build A Dust Collector For A Miter Saw
  • Take your miter saw and mark the places you want to keep the dust bag in.
  • After you mark the places, drill a hole in those places and try to realize how you can add the dust bags within that place.
  • Add hinges and plugs around the drills.
  • If you wish, you may add rail wheels to remove easily.
  • Fix the bag that you have already made and start using it after giving some trials.
  • Your dust collector bag is ready to use.

These are the processes in general. It might vary with the type of saw you have. But the basic process will remain the same.

Effective Miter Saw Dust Collection

A miter saw is an item at your home that you buy once but you use for a very long time. If you want to renovate your house or cut anything with an angle, you need a miter saw. So, having an effective miter saw and associated items are important.

After getting a good miter saw, you need to make sure of getting a proper dust collector. Miter saw is messy equipment. It will create a severe mess in your home. So, having an adequate dust collector is important.

Now, as we understand how to make a dust bag for miter saw, you need to understand the effective way to collect dust as well. The following can be some of the best good points to remember:

  • Always ask the makers of your miter saw about the adequate dust collector. Even if you have a universal bag, your saw may have some other requirement.
  • If PVC pipe is not available, you can try with a hollow vacuum pipe to work with. Vacuum pipes are also nice dust collectors.
  • Connect the miter saw properly with your dust collector. If the connection is not perfect, it will raise several issues within.

With the effective use of the dust collector, the clogging of the machine can be stopped. The dust generated from the miter saw can really cover the entire machinery. So, having a good dust collector is necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best dust collection system?

The best dust collection system is that on which there is a pipeline attached to the saw and the crap bag. It takes all the dust directly into the bag.

How can I improve my dust collection?

At first, try to understand how your saw is made and what collector does it support. You may make your own pipeline system or vacuum system as per instruction.

Is a 1 HP dust collector enough?

1 HP dust collector is almost okay. For a miter saw, the best power is 1.5 HP. But 1 HP will also work.

Can a shop vac be used for dust collection?

Yes, a shop vac can be used as a dust collector but you need to make some certain changes within that vac.


A miter saw is always an important item for someone who likes to make wooden furniture or build something on his own. Knowing how to make a dust bag for miter saw can save you from making your home and machine dusty.

If the dust clogs your machine, you won’t be able to work further with it. So, making better and effective use of the dust bag is important.

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