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How to Start A Poulan Chainsaw-Easy 7 Steps

The manufacturer produced Poulan chainsaws in the 1940AC and have recognized their identity as a renowned consumer brand at a mind-catching price level. But sometimes, it becomes a bit difficult for the newbie who doesn’t know how to start a Poulan chainsaw.

When the possibility arose, Poulan entered the user market with a concentration on top-efficient lightweight chainsaws. With the Poulan and Poulan Pro chainsaws categories, the manufacturer offers various chainsaws for several project requirements.

For clearing dead trees or a professional lumberjack, there is no better choice than a right chainsaw. The powerful chainsaw makes your job easier and more fun. Many people have large trees in their backyards and often have to remove dead branches to save the tree.

You can clean a dying tree with a chainsaw without professional help. And chainsaws from Poulan Pro have been successfully working for many years.

The Poulan Chainsaws are a well-known name offering high-quality saws for commercial and non-commercial use. The Poulan Pro chainsaw is the best version of the Poulan chainsaw and offers excellent value for money.

How To Start a Poulan Chainsaw?

You don’t have to worry about the function of the Poulan chainsaw. In fact, it is very straightforward and easy to start. Now I am going to present to you some effortless ways to start your favorite Poulan Chainsaw. 

How it Works

In general, the best Poulan chainsaws work with a gasoline engine. In fact, most Poulan chainsaws have a two-stroke chainsaw. 

However, the chainsaws have an automatic chain sprinkler function for easier lubrication. Chain lubrication is vital to maintain the performance of the saw.

The automatic transmission lubrication system supports the shaft and chain. Moreover, lubrication reduces wear and keeps maintenance to a minimum. Again, this Poulan Pro chainsaws feature patented OxyPower technology to help you achieve fuel efficiency and incredible power.

Besides, the saws are equipped with an excellent Poulan fresh air system. This system keeps the filter clean. It also extends the life of the air filter, so it rarely needs to be replaced.

This system also reduces fuel consumption. And with the long life of the air filter, your saw will last a long time. You get maximum performance at a low cost without sacrificing power. The Powerless Launch System (EPS) has additional benefits.

Moreover, the combined rope spring starting system makes starting the machine easy. This system is easy to use and provides quick start-ups with fewer shocks for longer life.

Poulan Pro chainsaws have advanced anti-shake features. This feature reduces vibration and helps reduce work fatigue so you can cut more accurately every time.

To do 1: Remove the cover of the bar

To startup, you have to remove the cover from the bar.

To do 2: Engage the chain of the brake

Next, you have to initiate the chain brake. For this, you have to press on it. And it lies on the top of the handle.

To do 3: Impel the saw’s choke lever

After activating the chain brake, you have to move your saw’s choke lever nearly to the end. On most models, impelling the lever locks the throttle lever to the home position. If not, lock your throttle to the desired starting position.

To do 4.:Turn on the switch

Suppose your chainsaw has a switch. You just need to turn the switch on and you can easily do it by pressing the “I” switch.

To do 5: Press on the bulb primer

Most of the Poulan chainsaw has a primer bulb. If your chainsaw has so, just press 4 to 5 times to supply combustion to the chainsaw’s carburetor. By doing so, Air is removed from the carburetor, and fuel is supplied. Pressing down on the primer bulb simplifies the engine start with just a few jerks.

To do 6: Connect your chainsaw

If your chainsaw has a retractable rear handle, just place the saw by sliding your toe into the handle. Then grab the steering wheel with your left hand. If your chainsaw doesn’t have a rear handle, grab the handlebar plus press the saw firmly to the ground.

To do 7: Draw the starter cord

It’s all ready! Now you have to pull the starter cord 1 to 5 times. When your Poulan Chainsaw begins and stops after five jerks. You must press the chuck halfway and draw the cord to start up the engine.

After that, the chainsaw will start and wait for about 30s to warm. You will be able to operate the chainsaw after losing your chainsaw’s chain brake. After finishing your work, just free the trigger to stop your chainsaw.

That’s all about the series of seven on how to start your Poulan chainsaw. I hope it will help you if you are new to Poulan. Stay tuned for more valuable information. Happy Cutting!

Safety Before Using a  Chainsaw:

First, ask about their life insurance, health insurance, liability insurance, and general insurance. If your car or house is nearby, increase the insurance level for them.

You think I’m kidding, even a little.

I now own a lot of chainsaws and have owned them for over 50 years. I still have eyes, all my fingers, and toes (don’t ask about this tired tooth, I can’t hear well with my right ear). I was able to inspect, sharpen, and adjust the chain/bar with my eyes closed and tell you a lot more about the situation than you might imagine.

If the chainsaw were invented today to replace shafts and levers, it would not have been designed and built. It is so dangerous that product liability concerns will disappear before prototypes are improved and patents are granted. 

All these words are for beginners to understand the three steps.

Step 1: Find the most dangerous tool you’ll find.

Step 2: Call your insurance agent and check their contracts.

Step 3: Find an experienced man with a saw you can trust for your entire life.

The best teachers offer you free jobs and provide jobs, lemonade, and snacks. They won’t show you how to use a chainsaw, speaking more calmly than a priest.

I prefer to give newbies a loaded gun or keys to an old tractor without rollover protection. Chainsaw safety features keep showing up as you use them, and many of them are entirely unpredictable. Play with alligators, and they can bite, play with the chainsaw.

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Things To Consider Before Starting Your Poulan Chainsaw:

Make sure everything is included in any procedure before using the machine. So when you start your Poulan chainsaw, check a few things before continuing with the boot process. Here we are going for a few things to consider before starting a Poulan chainsaw.

  • Make sure your chainsaw has the correct oil and fuel mix.
  • Ensure that the chain and link are well lubricated.
  • Make sure every part is not damaged.
  • Wear protective clothing and equipment such as a helmet, gloves, hearing protection, and goggles.
  • Make sure there are no pets or other people in the work area who are not working.

Mark your worklist and ensure that you have done everything. Then you are ready to go with your most cherished Poulan chainsaw!

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