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How To Unlock Ryobi Miter Saw-Common Problem Solved

It is necessary to unlock a miter saw for any operation. For this, learning to unlock the machine is significant. In recent days, Ryobi has become renowned for its premium quality miter saws. Knowing how to unlock Ryobi miter saw will enhance your woodworking skill by many folds.

This is the time when we come back to our main question of this article. How to unlock Ryobi miter saw? Before going to a direct answer, let us explore some basic facts about a Ryobi miter saw.

Unlocking Ryobi Miter Saw

Ryobi miter saw is a compound machine that will give you total freedom of work. You can work and rotate the machine freely without any difficulties. You can transport this tool so easily because of the arm and head lock system.

The working efficiency is great and you will get the best use of it if you know the proper use. To start using it, you need to unlock the machine first. It is one of the most important parts to learn before operating the miter saw.

In the following segments of this article, there will be a step by step guide given to ease the work. You have to just follow them and you will get a grip of the unlocking part.

Let’s get to the steps:

Step 1: Unlocking The head

There are two types of Ryobi miter saw. One is the knob type, another one is the slider type. They both have different ways of operations. We will discuss the whole.

If you have the knob type, just look for some lever or pin that is holding the head together. There will be a knob at the center mostly in the modern machines. Pull that pin of the knob to release all the levers and pins to unlock the head.

If the machine is slider type, there will be a lock at any of the sides. You need to loosen the lock to start with the mechanism.

Step 2: Unlock The Base

The base is the next thing to unlock. There is only one kind of a base in all of the Ryobi machines. But some parts might vary with the very modern designs.

There will be a lot of levers and pins on the baseboard. Look for the lever that is marked. Most of the new machines have the marked lever. If not, search the one at the very middle.

There will be a knob at the base. Rotate that and loosen the base. Set the machine at the correct angle that you need to work with. Understanding this point will let you know how to unlock a Ryobi miter saw base.

Step 3: Unlocking The Bevel

The basic unlocking of the miter saw stops with unlocking the head and base. But some saws have bevels attached to them. For those, you need to unlock the bevel as well.

Unlocking a bevel is not very tough work. Just pull the lever attached to the bevel and slowly loosen the machine. It will unlock the bevel for your required work.

These were the steps that one needs to follow while unlocking a Ryobi miter saw. Unlocking the whole machine is important to give it the full potential. But you need to be cautious to work with any mechanical machines for your own safety at the workstation.

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Ryobi Miter Saw Unlocking Tips & Tricks

There are safety tricks and tips that one should follow while working at any type of machinery. Once you know how to use Ryobi miter saw correctly, you need to follow some safety measures. The following are some of them:

  • You should never neglect your safety measures before you enter the lab.
  • Use safety shoes, glasses, and gloves.
  • Always clean the previous work dust. Otherwise, it may clog your machine.
  • Do follow the manufacturer’s manual always when you work with a particular company’s machine.
  • Plug off the machine after using and switch off the electrical supply line.

How To Rotate Ryobi Miter Saw?

Ryobi is one of the leading companies in the market that are producing the best miter saws. Miter saws are compound machines and it might be difficult to correctly understand which knob and switch to press for any operation. But for putting the Ryobi miter saw at an angle, you need to rotate the machine.

Rotating a Ryobi miter saw does not take much. It is an easy operation if you know which knob to use. Once you have revised how to use the Ryobi miter saw, it will just get easier with time. The following are the steps you can follow to rotate a Ryobi miter saw:

  • Ryobi miter saws have two ways to rotate. The knob angles and the notches. Knowing the correct operation of each will give a certain result.
  • At first, look at the very front of the saw. There will be a knob at the center. Rotate that counterclockwise.
  • Just beneath the knob, you will see a lever. Pull that lever after pressing the knob. Stop it at the required angle that you want to work at.
  • One side of the lever will go from 0-52 degrees, and the other will go to 0-45 degrees. Set accordingly.
  • You may use some lubricant to give your machine an easy move. It will safeguard your miter saw as well.
  • Store the machine with proper locking after you have finished working with it.

These were some of the basic rules on rotating the Ryobi miter saw. As said earlier, rotating usually means to set the machine at a certain angle. So, following these steps will let you fix the angle of the machine.

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Ryobi Miter Saw Manual

Ryobi miter saw is one of the best in the market. But to get effective use out of it, you need to know how to use Ryobi miter saw correctly. The manufacturer’s manual is an important component of that.

The operational manual is for operating the machine. It will explain each and every term of a Ryobi miter saw. The basic manual will give an idea of how the machine is made and how to use Ryobi miter saw.

There are safety measures available with the manual as well. A manual is the whole description of the machine. Usually, a manual comes with the machine itself while purchasing. You need to follow the ways they mention there.

A Ryobi manual has 20 pages with a broader explanation of the operation. Every user needs to understand and operate the machine in the exact same way.

How To Square Ryobi Miter Saw?

Usually, a miter saw will give you a longer service if you know the proper use. This machine is for a precise cut. But due to transportation or too much dust, the saw might not cut straight.

There are very easy and simple ways to square a miter saw. The following are some of the ways:

  • Check thoroughly the blade. Try to see if the blade is not in the correct position.
  • Align the table that you are working upon. Sometimes, if the table is not in the correct position, you might not get the correct straight cut.
  • Check the fence around the table. If needed, adjust them.
  • There must be an angle in your miter. Check that and align it straight.
  • Check the bevel angle and if needed adjust it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Ryobi miter saws any good?

    Ryobi is one of the leading companies in the market that produces the best miter saw. You can buy them without any hesitation.

  2. How do I fix the laser on my Ryobi miter saw?

    Replace the outer cutting washer blade and set up your circular lased cutting for accurate measurement.

  3. Do you have to bolt down a miter saw?

    No, you need not bolt down a miter saw. There is a slider available. You need to move that and lock it.


A miter saw is a very important item if you are looking for a perfect shape in your furniture. Ryobi has some great ranges of a miter saw to give you the best performance. So, knowing how to unlock Ryobi miter saw will open your gateway to using the machine properly

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