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How To Use A Manual Pole Saw- 3 Best Things

I still remember the days when we used to hike around the woods near the farmhouse. The branches of the trees grew fast, so dad used to trim those. But why? To make sure we don’t get hurt while running! Dad later taught me how to use a manual pole saw.

It is often called a manual tree trimmer as this is used to trim down those. But, no matter what it is called, we will have to know the proper way to use it. You don’t want to lose your fingers while dashing one, right!

Using A Manual Pole Saw

Now, I will be describing the ways of using a manual pruning saw. So, do give a good deal of concentration. Any mishaps will cause accidents. And do make sure to keep kids away from you.

Step One: Raid the Surrounding

You will have to raid and clear the surroundings of the tree. So, when you are working, you can keep your balance and concentration on the saw. On the other hand, clearing the area will also allow you to work correctly.

Step Two: Target the Branches

Making a rough sketch of a specific workload indeed allows you to maintain a healthy and productive workflow. So, targeting the branches you want to cut will give you a sense of how much effort you need to put in.

Step Three: Position the Blade and Cut

It is crucial to position the sharp side of the saw on the right track. There are multiple accidents reported that happens due to mishaps. So, here is the proper way to position your saw. Please follow this carefully.

First up, you will have to hold the hand pole saw with a tight grip. Then take it upright and place it on the targeted branch. You may have to change the length by repositioning your stance. The crucial thing you need is to get out of the saw line.

Never stand upright with the blade. Tilt your body and push the saw back and forth. I will allow the blade to cut through the wood. If the branches are out of reach, you can adjust the height of the pole.

The most accident-prone part is the very end of the process. When the branch is barely hanging, all you need to do is slow down. It will allow you to cut safely. If you rush, the branch will snap off, and the momentum of the saw will injure you.

How to Use Manual Pole saw With Rope

Now, in this portion of the ‘how to use a Manual Pole saw’ debate, we will be focusing on the process of using it on a high branch. You see, the higher the blade goes, the less pressure you can apply on it. So, it is hard to cut through the wood properly.

The best thing to do then is to use a rope. Some manual tree trimming pole saw comes with a sling rope. This rope is attached to the blade. What it does is that the string applies pressure when you are cutting.

So, all you need to do is pull down the pole, applying pressure on the rope. So, it will cut the higher branches with the same accuracy. But the safety measures still counts, so keep an eye on that.

What is A Manual Pole Saw?

All of us are aware of a saw. It is a cutting instrument used to cut through thick materials like wood. We see different types of saw in the stores. Those are sharp and productive.

But Pole saws are a bit different. As you have already guessed, the blade is attached with a pole. You can adjust the exposure and the sharp edge angle, but we will get into that later. We need to know that a manual pole saw is a special one with a long pole as a handle.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best tree pruner?

    To find the best tree pruner, you will have to see some factors. Weight balance, blade to pole ratio, sharpness, and portability are some of the critical factors to determine the best tree pruner.

  2. What is the longest pole saw?

    Currently, the longest pole saw is extendable up to 10 feet long. So, a person can cut branches and prunes, which are 15 feet above the ground.

  3. Are battery-powered pole saws any good?

    Automatic or battery-powered pole saws are fast and effective. But they are costly. So, if you are into a ‘saving money’ mood, then this will upset you.

  4. How do you restring a manual pole saw?

    It is very easy. First, insert the new rope in the front wheel pulley. Tie a strong note, rewind it to the smaller wheel. Then you are good to go with the new ropes.

  5. What is the longest tree pruner?

    Remington RM1035P Ranger II is the longest tree pruner with 10 feet pole.

Final Impression

As you have a clear idea of how to use a manual pole saw by now, so all that is left is to go out and practice. But there is another thing that you need to keep in mind. And that does not ever rush into sensitive works like these.

If you do such a thing, you will lose your control over the saw. Then it might cause a terrible occurrence. Do you want that? Indeed not, my friend! Nonetheless, I hope this has not bored you. If you have found this useful, I will be grateful to you!

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