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How to Use a Portable Band Saw and What Things Should You Consider?

A band saw maybe a familiar item for related persons to cutting, especially wood and steel; they often struggle while operating it. Therefore, it’s essential to know how to use a portable band saw for the professionals, though, cordless models are available.

However, my friend once joined the steel industry as a worker, but he was less careful about the safety guard; thus, he was about to get injured. Moreover, I saw many people who don’t know the best manufacturing brands providing the best band saws.

Therefore, the article will let you know about the uses, best products, beginners guide, and safety instructions to use a portable one; won’t you stay tuned?

What Is The Best Portable Band Saw?

When looking for a band saw with fine teeth & provide the best service, you can search for cordless and corded ones. You may prefer the portable band saw uses on safety ground; however, let’s see the list of tools:

You may choose any one of them, but please make sure that your portable band saw is fulfilling your requirements and it’s easy to use.

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What Size of Band Saw Should I Buy?

If you’re a worker and prefer a light handheld band saw, or you are a small wood or metal shop owner, you can get the size of 14” (the lowest).The 14”-16” range is the most appropriate for those who want to keep the size small; however, what’s the perfect size of bigger band saw for industrial purposes?

You may get the 18”-20” machine if you need larger ones, but no matter what size you are getting, you must focus more on its performance. The power should be at least 2HP to get the desired speed & performance; moreover, its features should be user-friendly.

How to Use a Portable Band Saw: Step by Step Guideline

Using a Portable Band Saw Step by Step Guideline
Using a Portable Band Saw Step by Step Guideline

Follow these steps to use a standard portable band saw & cut the material you want; get familiar by reading the given manual:

  • You will see two circular blades and a ruler connecting those; suppose you’re cutting a small piece of metal or wood,and you want it to be even; what will you do?

You have to place the workpieces on a flat surface and clamp them well to prevent any displacement; you should point out a space where you want to cut.

  • Secondly, you must wear safety gloves &glasses before starting the machine; you will see a tension setter or liver at the back-top, and you have to turn it as much as needed.
  • However, you will notice the speed controller at the opposite side; you can keep the pace according to your preference within 1-5, but it’s better to set the moderate speed.
  • You have to hold the band saw with the front & back handle with both of your hands; place the clamped workpiece between the 2-blades, and the ruler on the pointed area.
  • You have to press the ON button when you want to start cutting; let the blades separate the part you wanted. Therefore, you have to press the OFF or STOP button once you’re done; please don’t change the alignment while running the machine.

These are the fundamental steps to use a portable band saw, but remember that each manufacturing brand puts some unique features in its products. Therefore, you have to read the manual well to know how to operate a band saw correctly and carefully.

How to Use a Band Saw for Beginners?

How to Use a Band Saw for Beginners?

A beginner will follow the steps given below to use a portable (corded or cordless) band saw to make the usage easy for himself:

  • First of all, the beginner will read the manufacturer’s instructions well, and ensure the safety for himself before starting the machine because it’s the most necessary part.
  • Secondly, he will set the blades at a perfect height and maintain parallelism on both sides; he must set the correct tension on the circular saw.
  • Thirdly, the person will set the speed at low if he’s not comfortable in high spin; the more he will practice, the more expert he will be.
  • Next, he can mark the spot of the cut to avoid any mistake; after pointing it out, he should set the blades on the workpiece and turn on the machine.
  • After cutting the metal or wood, he must check if it’s a perfect straight line, circle, or curve; you should cut more when needed.

Safety Guide on Portable Band Saw

Here are some safety tips on using a portable band saw to avoid any unwanted situation or severe accidents; ensure that you’re following all:

  • First of all, you should tie your hair if it’s long, or wear a helmet; moreover, it’s better to remove the jewelleries if you have worn any.
  • Later, you must wear safety gloves & glasses to protect your hands & eyes from the blades and remaining particles; otherwise, metal pieces may go to your eyes & damage them, or the blades can injure your hands.
  • You can put a hearing aid on your ears because the band saw makes a loud noise when you turn on the machine, and which is quite harmful to you.
  • Please check the band saw well & ensure that every part is working or not broken because it’s not safe to use a malfunctioned machine.
  • Lastly, you have to ensure that the blade is set on the accurate height; the safest height for keeping the edges is 6mm-8mm.

These are the prior safety guidelines for both hobbyists & professional workers; please don’t miss anyone; elsewhere, any mishap can occur.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

How Do You Cut Straightwith a Portable Band Saw?

You have to choose the right & sharp blades for the material, keep the appropriate tension, measure & mark the cut at least twice, and keep the alignment correct. After that, you can run the blade on your surface, keeping it on the line, and cut it straight.

When Would You Use a Band Saw?

You will use a band saw mostly in woodworking, metalwork, or lumbering; it’s popular to cut irregular shapes apart from straight lines.

Can You Cut a PVC Using a Band Saw?

Yes, you can cut a PVC pipe with a band saw though, it’s not the best way to do that; you may choose the band saw when you don’t have other options.

Should I Buy a Band Saw or a Table Saw?

If you have enough options, you should choose a table saw over a band saw because it performs better than the latter; moreover, table saws are easy to handle.


How to choose or how to use a portable band saw is an essential lesson for every worker who is active in cutting or wants to be an expert. However, you will understand the steps and safety guidelines if you carefully read the whole article.

Please make sure you are buying the band saw from a renowned brand to have the best service out of it; moreover, keep practicing to be an expert one day.

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