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How To Use Gas Pole Saw:[4 Useful Tips & Guide]

Imagine your garden is full of messy bushes and thick branches; it looks like a disaster! When you went to clean with the regular pole saw, you had to deal with two different fuel cans. You lost all your interest in cleaning. Does this ever happen to you? No worries, we can feel you. That’s why the gas pole came into existence.

In this article, we’ll be guiding you on how to use a gas pole saw. Continue your reading; at the end, you’ll be confident enough to operate a gas pole saw efficiently.

What is a Gas pole saw?

The gas pole saw is the most powerful pole saw you’ll find. The saw is so handy that you can work in distant areas where there is no electricity. The gas pole saw is used to trim thicker branches, like most pole saws. It provides a grip with amazing support to cut quickly.

The comfortable reduction of vibration helps to cut the tree leaves swiftly to give the pruner protection. Even though gas pole saws are costly, they provide perfect assistance for landscaping and forestry work.

You are surely asking, why is it so costly? Because it requires an intense amount of maintenance.

Before You Begin:

Here are some instructions that you should take into account before you begin trimming. Because this type of instrument severely damages you if you don’t pay attention. Thereby you should be aware of the following tips,

1. Be sure you are safe and comfortable using the saw that you are using.

2. To avoid getting a miserable experience, monitor the weather.

3. Try to maintain a firm grip, strong base, and firm grip

4. Do not cut trees thicker than 8 inches to prevent risk.

5. Don’t rush; try to cut one branch at a time while using your saw.

6. Make sure you clean the area to prevent the risk of falling branches.

How To Use Gas Pole Saw

Here we tried to portray all the steps on how to operate a gas pole saw correctly.

Step 1: Positioning yourself in the right place

To use the pole saw correctly first, you need to find a suitable position to hold the saw firmly and utilize it. You have to maintain both of your balance and find gripping on the pole saw to trim the limbs easily.

You can try jump cuts as it is a popular style to get a finishing cut while trimming and cutting. Moreover, you can select a saw which has the weight-measuring capability.

Step 2: Pole saw length adjustment:

When you are cutting limbs with a gas saw, you will have to adjust the range to reach your desired branch. If you hold the pole saw vertically, you’ll get a good grip. That being said, be sure that the top extension of the pole length is adjusted. To cut better, you can change your position and fix a precise aim.

A little trick to achieve more balance is often to set it tight to your chest. You’ll nail it, I’m sure.

Step 3: Making vertical cuts:

Once you position yourself rightly and adjust the pole’s length, you have to make vertical cuts. To get a good cutting experience, you must make deep drastic cuts. It will also help you to make quick strokes for cutting. If you face any problem, then readjust your position or the pole and do it again.

Step 4: Ensure your safety:

Lastly, make sure to follow all the safety measures to avoid risk or accidents.

Keep a safe distance, target your object, have a firm grip, make drastic cuts to cut quickly, and be safe.

How Do You Start A Gas Pole Saw?

Gas Pole Timing Technique For Beginners:

Those who are using the gas pole saw for the first time need some instructions to avoid risk and inconvenience.

1. First, choose the branch or limbs you want to cut.

2. Place yourself right at the opposite of the branch which one you selected.

3. It is always easy if you start from the top branches.

4. Then press gently right top of the limb. No need to overpower it.

5. The larger pole saws you choose, the more exhaust you will be, So always start with the short ones.

Using pole saw of a ladder:

Pole saw’s are invented to remove all the extra tools and ladders. Using a pole saw, you don’t need to use a ladder because some pole saws offer a long extension to reach far branches easily.

However, you can use a ladder if you want to, but preferably you shouldn’t.

If you aren’t able to reach the branch, it’s better to call for professionals. Why? because the pole saw has its center of gravity as well as falling or cutting trees are also dangerous. That’s why it’s better not to take the risk.

Don’ts To Remember:

You have to be cautious to be safe. Make sure to remember few don’t as follow,

1. Gas pole saw normally used for cutting limbs; the thicker the limbs, the more the risk.

2. Make sure the branches or limbs don’t feel overhead. When you learn the techniques, you can take the risk.

3. Usually, a gas pole saw can operate up to 8 feet, which is quite heavy and hard to work with.

4. Don’t work near a power line or electric pole.

Who Makes The Longest Gas Pole Saw?

There are many companies making gas pole saws, but Remington gives the highest completion in the market. They are making the most extended gas pole saw. A 25cc 2-cycle engine with QuickStartTM technology features the RM2599 MaverickTM gas pole for faster and simpler pull starts.

This has a 7 feet long extension pole and a 26-inch removable section, which gives you the freedom to work at different heights and lengths. This saw will provide you with 2 years of limited warranty.


1. How do you start a gas pole saw?

Answer: It depends on the version to version, but typically to start pole saw, the throttle lockout must be pressed and held, and the throttle control must be clenched and held.

2. How do you top up a tree from a ladder?

Answer: Although using a pole, you don’t need a ladder, but still, if you want to use it, you can do it.

Step 1: First, you have to be sure the bottom of the ladder is firmly placed on the ground and fixed in a place.

Step 2: Then make sure you secure the top part of the ladder fixed in one place so that you can cut the above branches easily.

Step 3: Do not stand on an expansion or straight ladder’s top three rungs.

Step 4: Always try to face the ladder and when going up or down, grab onto the sidebars with both hands.

3. Which is better, gas or electric pole saw

Answer: The use of two-pole saws are different. To find out which one is better depends on your preferences. If you talk about the cost, then the gas pole saw is expensive, and electric is cost-effective. Then, the cutting ability of a gas pole saw is higher than the electric one.

Usually, the gas pole saw is used for limbs. Moreover, if you like to work without noise and vibration, then the electric pole saw is comfortable to go to use.

4. What is the longest gas pole saw?

Answer: The longest gas pole saw you can find in the market is the TrimmerPlus TPP720 gas pole saw, which is 7.2 pounds of weight and can reach up to 12 feet. It has 8 inches of long-chain bar.

Final thoughts:

Learn until you nailed it. Don’t be desperate if you fail on your first attempt. Keep on trying; hopefully, you’ll be successful. Using the gas pole saw is very easy to use as it helps to cut big limbs.

By now, you know how to use the gas pole saw. It might seem challenging, but a few attempts are all you need.

Don’t forget to clean your area when the cutting is done. Finally, use the following process and let us know how far you learned and what difficulties you face in the comment section. We would love to understand your thoughts.

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