husqvarna Pole Saw 525pt5s reviews

Husqvarna Pole Saw 525PT5S Reviews In 2021

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Are you in quest of a reliable pole saw that can excellently deliver pruning, brush clearing, and trimming? Then look no further than Husqvarna Pole saw 525PT5S reviews.  Equipped with a good engine it makes a good pole saw for regular use. Not just powerful, it is also extremely lightweight giving rest to your arms. People of different ages can carry it without worrying about weight.  In addition, the setup is pretty simple with being the choke on the top, primer bold at the bottom, air-filter at the sides, and back. So, both beginners and professionals can use it as a daily tool to shape the tree. 

Husqvarna 525PT5S Telescopic Pole Saw Reviews

Husqvarna 525PT5S 12 inch 25.4 cc Telescopic 156 inch Pole Saw

Product Specifications:

  • Bar length- 12 inches.
  • Maximum reach- 13.19 feet.
  • Engine horsepower- 1.3.
  • Powerhead weight- 5-Lbs.
  • Operating weight- 15.43-Ibs.
  • Package dimension- 98X11.9X10.2.
  • Item weight altogether- 20 pounds.
  • Manufacturer- Husqvarna U.S.
  • Color- Orange.
  • Series- 525PT5S.
  • Replacement chain- 869088.

Product Features:

  • Has a low kickback bar and chain.
  • Comes with 2- cycle engine type.
  • Starter stays in an isolated place so even if you break the pull-string, it’s easy to change.
  • The handles ensure reducing the vibrating effect.
  • Included chain/bar oil.
  • Appears with skid plates at the bottom that protects the engine.
  • Isolated handle from the drive shaft reducing vibration.
  • Offers throttle at the bottom and safety at the top.
  • The handle is rubber wrapped.
  • Comes with a strap from the factory that helps to take the weight off your arm.
  • Has a large aluminum housing for the driveshaft. 
  • A collar is included to loosen or tighten the shaft.
  • It features a single-piece unit.
  • It features an auto-return stop switch that makes your job easier.
  • The 12-inch bar and chain are quite handy for cutting thick branches.
  • As it is a telescoping pole with 3 feet reach, you can make use of it for large trees with quick height adjustment.
  • Husqvarna pole saw 525PT5S is a tool with a powerful engine- 25cc powerful X- Torq engine.
  • The magnesium clutch housing makes it quite durable.
  • The great ergonomic design makes it easier to handle without leaving you tired.
  • The comfortable rubber handle provides a better grip.
  • Being around 15.43 pounds, it is pretty lightweight and thus easy to lift.
  • The automatic oiling system keeps the chain and bar oiled.
  • The air filter considerably reduces wearing or tearing of the tool.
  • An ideal tool for frequent usage.
  • The metal skid plate is equipped for protecting the unit; even if the pole saw falls the engine won’t be affected.
  • People who cannot bear the slightest noise will find it unpleasant as it is noisier than the electric one.
  • It offers no auto quick chain adjusting system.
  • You just need an extra wrench to adjust it.

Compare And Contrast with a Similar Product:

Worx WG309 and Husqvarna pole saw 525PT5S:

On the brighter side, Worx WG309 is more lightweight than Husqvarna, while on the other side of the coin it doesn’t have magnesium clutch housing or intuitive controls like Husqvarna. Also, Worx WG309 offers 10 feet of reach which is lesser than Husqvarna (13.19 feet). So, it depends on the application and height which tool would make a perfect pole saw for you. 

Check Worx WG309 in detail.

Oregon Cordless PS250 and Husqvarna 525PT5S:

As Oregon PS250 has no cord system, you can start it off quicker than Husqvarna 525pT5S. Also with compatible battery life, you may work with Oregon PS250 for a pretty long time. However, Husqvarna 525PT5S is equipped with some useful features which Oregon PS250 lacks. Therefore, Oregon PS250 might be a weak designed tool compared to Husqvarna.

Check the product in detail.

Black + Decker PP610 and Husqvarna 525PT5S:

Black+ Decker PP610 is similar to Husqvarna in many senses, for instance- the automatic oiling system, lightweight and powerful performance. The good thing about black decker is that it is relatively less pricey than Husqvarna and the weak point is that Black + Decker PP610 is not as extensive (9 feet) as Husqvarna 525PT5S (13 feet). Check the product in detail.

Who Should Buy it?

Having some marvelous features Husqvarna is suitable for both households and professionals. The air filter at the sides protects the machine from quick wearing-out effects.  Also, the metal skid plate at the front is situated to guard the fuel tank and engine. As a result, even if you slip it accidentally, it will only hit the skid plate making less injury.  It is to note that Husqvarna offers the highest reach- 13.19 feet, so, you don’t have to use an extra tool to stand up and reach the tree.  All of these make it ideal for frequent and rough usage.  So, the professional trimmers who are looking for a pole saw that can provide high performance should take this product into consideration.  Those of you who are beginners might find it a bit complex to function since it doesn’t offer an auto chain adjustment system and needs a bit more maintenance than the electric pole saw.

FAQs About Husqvarna 525PT5S Pole saw .

1.What Is The Length Of The Chain?

The length of the Husqvarna 525PT5S is 12 inches.

2.How Tall The Pole Is Able To Extend?

The pole is able to extend up to 13.19 feet.

3.How Do You Start a Husqvarna Pole Saw?

To start the Husqvarna pole you have to press the air button on the left-front side. Also, you need to set the choke control to the choke position. 


Husqvarna pole saw 525PT5S reviews from different users show that it is a powerful and durable pole saw for regular use. Also, there are a few people who complain about its maneuver. So, overall we can say it is user-friendly for its lightweight and ergonomic design and easy maneuver.  Coming with a top-notch engine, it is undoubtedly well-fit for commercial usages.  However, if you are not a fan of the cord system then it might not be the product for you. Having said that, we would also like to mention that Husqvarna is known for its best extensive length, so having a cord should not be a problem.

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