Pole Saw Cutting Techniques- 3 Easy Steps

You can’t use a regular saw to cut overhead branches of your yard tree. In this case, a pole saw will be your best bait as you can extend them to cut high tree twigs. 

Besides, the pole saw is lightweight and portable. So, you can efficiently carry it around your yard to clean up dead tree branches. 

But what happens if you don’t know how to use a pole saw correctly?

Using a pole saw improperly will cause a dangerous situation. Even it may take you to the emergency room of the hospital. 

In this guide on the pole saw cutting techniques, we will show you how to use a pole saw properly to trim away tree twigs. 

So, let’s dive into this step by step guide. 

Cutting Techniques of Pole Saw-Step By Step Guide from A Pro.

Cutting Techniques of Pole Saw-Step By Step Guide from A Pro

Step 1: Preparation for Cutting

In the very first step, we let you know what safety precautions you need to take. It keeps you safe from potential accidents. 

At first, put on non-slip safety gloves to ensure maximum grip and protection. 

Secondly, make sure you grip the unit firmly when the motor starts running. With your right hand, hold the rear handle of your pole saw. On the other hand, use your left hand to grip the pole shaft firmly. 

Thirdly, you must grip the unit firmly using your both hands. Always keep your body to the left of the chain line. 

Fourthly, don’t stand directly under the limbs or branches you are going to cut. 

Finally, make sure you tighten the collar correctly before operating the unit. It helps you to prevent severe injury. 

Step 2: Basic Cutting Procedure

Follow the below step by step guide to learn the basics of cutting using a pole saw. 

Firstly, make a superficial first cut on the underside of the limb close to the main trunk. 

Secondly, make a second cut from the top side of the branch outboard from the first cut. Continue the cutting process until the limb is separated from the tree. Be ready to balance the weight of your pole saw when the branch falls.

Lastly, make a final cut near to the trunk. 

Note: Grasp the first cutting guide against the limb you are cutting. It helps to keep the branch steady and makes it easy to trim. Let the chain cut the tree twigs for you. Never try to force. Otherwise, it may damage the motor, chain, and bar. 

Step 3: Final Cutting Procedure (Limbing and Pruning)

Cutting Techniques of Pole Saw

This is the final chapter of this guide. From here, you can learn how to use a pole saw to cut tree branches like a pro. So, let’s dive into it. 

Firstly, clear the workspace where you are standing free from people and property. In this way, you can avoid potential damage by falling the tree on them. 

Secondly, before cutting the tree or branches, make a proper plan. Don’t trim away the branches without thinking. It doesn’t only protect you from potential accidents but also helps you to save your time. 

Thirdly, make sure you are trimming away the lower tree twigs & limbs first. It will help you to create a clear path to cut the overhead branches effectively.

Fourthly, firmly stand on the ground and position yourself correctly. Never stand directly under the branches you are going to cut. The right way to cut is- stand off to the side of the tree twigs. 

Fifthly, now, it’s time to adjust your pole saw length. Make sure you extend the pole saw according to the manual guide. Position the pole at your chest level and lengthen it in a way so that it can reach the branch. 

Sixthly, position your saw blade rightly to start cutting the tree branches. 

Seventhly, it’s time to cut the branches. However, you need to make sure that the first cut will be slow and at a controlled speed. 

If you cut at a full or fast speed, the blade will slip away, which will make the cutting process hard. 

For avoiding this issue, it would be best to create a groove. And cutting the branches slowly will help you to do that. 

Once you create the groove and the blade is secure, you can increase the speed. Keep your eyes to the branches until it falls. 

Make sure you are in a convenient position so that you can move if required. 

Finally, clean the work area by removing the cutting branches. 

Pole Saw Cutting Techniques


Cutting or trimming away tree bunches with a pole saw will be fun if you do it rightly. 

But it will be a course for you or make you injured severely if you don’t use the saw correctly. 

And here our guide on the pole saw cutting techniques came into place. Follow the step-by-step guide we provided to cut the tree twigs rightly. 

Otherwise, you will suffer a lot.

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