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Pole Saw Vs Pole Pruner-Detailed Differences

There are many newbies out there in pruning their trees. And most of the time they get confused between a pole saw and pole pruner. Because the functions of both tools are almost the same. They both are used for pruning trees. However, there is much more depth in this matter.

That’s why we are here to clear all the confusion for you. We will go through an overview of pole saw vs pole pruner and how they are different. You will get to know the purpose of using each of them and how they work. We take a look at both of them, one by one.

Pole Saw Vs Pole Pruner-What’s The Difference?

Pole saw

Whenever you have to cut down a thick branch of a tree you can use a pole saw for that job. There are two other options. You can either ask for professional help or use a pruning saw with a ladder. But as you can see pole saw is the best choice for such jobs in terms of convenience. It’s a faster and affordable way to cut the thick vines of a tree.

A pole saw can reach up to a certain height and let you cut the thick branches easily. It’s much safer than using a ladder. With a pole saw you can easily cut down 2 to 4 inches of branches. You can go thicker depending on the capability of your pole saw. And you can do all that while standing on the ground. So, whenever a branch falls you can move away quickly. But still, you have to be cautious when you are doing the job.

You will need to clear up a lot of space around the place you will be working. Otherwise, it’s very dangerous for anyone to move away in case anything goes wrong. Before you start cutting with your pole saw make a mental blueprint of how you are going to approach this. Because even removing a single branch would require a lot of small cuts here and there. So, you will need to plan while using your pole saw.

Pole saws are usually a bit heavy. The lighter models can weigh from 7 to 13 pounds. So, you will need some strength for keeping a better balance. You have to position yourself and the saw perfectly before you start cutting. It’s harder to control a pole saw. You have to keep adjusting and pause now and then to make it stable.

Let’s get something straight pole saws aren’t the most affordable tools out there. They can cost you from $60 to $500 depending on their features and quality. However, they are worth it because of the safety aspect. Also, it’s much more affordable than opting for a professional service regularly.

The crucial thing to look here is if you need to prune those high thick branches of your trees. It’s a necessity if you have a large tree at your place. Otherwise pruning those thick branches isn’t necessary. However, it’s always a better choice to prune them. And for that purpose, a pole saw is the best option for you.

Pole Pruner

You have to use a pole pruner when you want to cut lighter branches from a height. Using a pole pruner will get you the most perfect look in your trees. Because there are times when those small branches completely ruin the outlook of your trees. So, you can’t compromise that for just a few minutes of work.

Using a pole pruner is much safer than climbing up on a ladder and using a saw. There is no better option for cutting those small cuts on your trees. The main purpose of a pole pruner is to get your trees rid of new growth edges. Other than that pole pruners are great for cleaning the tree trunks. In many mature trees, you get to see an epicormic growth. You can remove them with a pole pruner. Also, you can use a pole pruner if you don’t own a spotter.

When you are buying a pole pruner, make sure to buy one with a drop cast metal. Or you can go for die-forged ones as well. There are pole pruners in the market that come with weak steel for a cheaper price. They won’t surely be the way to go. Also, try going for a fiberglass pole rather than a wood pole. Because they are lighter and easy to maneuver. You can get one with telescoping functionality.

While working with a pole pruner be cautious about the branches that fall. Even though they aren’t very dangerous to your body they can still damage your eyes. You can wear safety glasses if you want. Also, pole pruners aren’t that heavy either. They can weigh from around 2 to 6 pounds. So, there isn’t much trouble in controlling them.

The technique for using a pole pruner is a little bit tricky. The manual ones require some precise control to cut down the branches. However, you will get it naturally after using it a couple of times. And the price can get from $30 to $300 depending on the quality. Considering the safety and usability it isn’t that much. However, if you have no issues leaving some small branches overhead then you shouldn’t spend on a pole pruner.

So, if you want everything to be clean overhead on your property then you should get a pole pruner. It’s a safer choice than using ladders and more affordable than professional services.


To sum things up, you need a pole saw for cutting thick branches in a height and a pole pruner for cutting light branches. Both of them have different functions. It’s up to you which one you need more. None of them are compulsory for preserving your property. But if you want to make it better and look much more appealing, then they are necessary. Hope all your confusion regarding pole saws and pole pruners is all clear now.

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