Tile Saw vs Table saw – Which One Is Better For You?

People generally use a tile cutter, or tile saw to cut ceramic tiles according to the required shapes and sizes. Manually, a tile saw is a fundamental tool that has different forms. However, it may have some complex attachments as power tools.

Moreover, there is the use of water in the tile saw as a coolant that makes the diamond blade cool. It has adaptable fences that allow square and angled cuts in the tiles. Besides, a portable wet tile saw provides the same size for several cuts.

On the other hand, the table saw, or bench saw, is a fantastic woodworking tool. It consists of an electric motor-driven and arbor-mounted circular saw blade. The blade works through a table and provides essential support for wood for cutting. In this article, we will discuss tile saw vs table saw by outlining different aspects.

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Tile saw vs table saw

A wet tile saw has a similarity to a small miter saw, or electric table saw. However, it has some distinct features, and they allow it to cut stone and ceramic tile. This tile cutter uses a diamond blade instead of an old circular cutter blade.

To discuss tile saw vs. table saw, we have to highlight them individually. There are two kinds of tile saws. They are sliding and fixed tray or bridge tile saws. We will discuss bridge tile saw vs sliding table saw here.

The sliding tray tile cutter is more extensive and more expensive than the fixed tray tile saw. Therefore, the fixed tray tile saws are more convenient and appropriate for simple tiling activities and household projects.

This tile saw is light and has a compact design. Therefore, a single person can handle it without any effort and can set up and place it on any surface.

In addition, a table saw has a circular saw, and an electric motor operates it. Its blade sticks out through a table and provides provision for the substance. Generally, this kind of tile cutter has various types. They are benchtop, compact, contractor, Jobsite, cabinet, hybrid, and sliding saws.

The modern table saws have different cutting depths. It depends on the up-down moving of the cutting blade. Higher projection of the saw blade above the reference table provides a deeper cut of the material.

What causes kickback on a table saw?

What causes kickback on a table saw?

Kickback is a dangerous situation while using a saw for cutting wood or other material. It occurs when the blade’s teeth move fast, and the table saw kickback speed rises to 120 miles per hour.

This phenomenon occurs when the wood is picked up and aggressively thrown at you by the blade. It happens faster, and you may have a table saw kickback injury because of this situation. Sometimes, it may cause table saw kickback death at any time. So, the users should apply a table saw kickback guard before starting their projects.

The reasons behind kickback on a table saw are here,

If the table saw is highly potent, the sharp blade may push the board or flip it up to hit your face.
Sometimes, the wood or workpiece can get stuck between the back of the blade and the rip fence. During spinning, it can throw it towards you, and you can get a severe injury.

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Tile saw kickback

If you cut brick or stone with an electric tile saw, you may have a potential kickback from it. However, it depends on which material you are slicing. If you cut a tile, then it will break before kickback occurs.


Can you use a tile saw dry?

In the case of large projects or works, wet tile saws are advantageous. On the other hand, you can use the nippers of a tile saw that performs as a dry cutter on any material. There are two blades in the nippers and handles, and the cutting edge is in a squeezed form. Nippers are suitable for small projects or jobs and work perfectly for mosaic tiles.

How thick can a tile saw cut?

A 7-inch blade of a tile saw is enough for most of the home projects. However, it depends on the specification of the tile saw. Generally, the saws are perfect for cutting a 12-inch square tile with 1 to 1.5-inch thickness. For special cutting, the user may need the assistance of some other attachments.

Can you use a table saw as a wet saw?

Can a tile saw be used as a table saw? Yes, you can use a tile saw as table saw. Besides, you also can use a table saw as a wet saw for some purposes.

Suppose you have purchased a wet tile saw to repair something at your home. However, you want to use it for other purposes by converting the tile cutter to table saw. It is better to use a table or circular saw in this case. Though using tile saw as table saw has risks, you can still cut wood by cheap wet saw if your budget is short.

On the other hand, we can convert table saw to wet saw. In this case, you have to place the material, for instance, tile or wood, onto the display place of the table saw. Then make alignment of the cutting line with the blade. Remember that the tile saw blade you have attached should be applicable to cut the tile material.

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To wrap up the debate tile saw vs. table saw, we suggest using a tile saw or table saw according to the purpose. Most importantly, you have to be conscious about the kickback of both the tile saw and the table saw. Before purchasing a saw, analyze different features to select the best one.

Pacesetter tile saw is one of the best Tile Saws in modern days. It is so handy that it has a water reservoir system for lubrication and cooling during use. You can go through different marketplaces to get an idea about it.

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