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What is the most versatile type of saw?

Are you looking for the most versatile type of saw? Depending on the projects, you can choose too many saws as the most versatile one.

According to the customer’s thought, you can choose a hacksaw, circular saw, compound miter saw and jigsaw as the most versatile types of saws out on the market. Let’s take a look at the in-depth discussion.

The most versatile type of saw:

The most versatile type of saw

Hacksaw is familiar as one of the most multipurpose types of power tool out on the market. It allows you to cut different kinds of materials, including metal.

Besides, some people claim that a circular saw, including some attachments, could be the most versatile unit. If you want a decent, a good squire and a long or short cut, choosing a circular saw could be best. 

The blade of a circular saw is a bit affordable that makes it relatively preferable to the customers. Besides, it is more portable than a table or miter saw. 

Benefits of a circular saw:

  • With this versatile power tool, you can make different types of cuts. 
  • It is easy to store, and it needs less area for storage. 
  • Highly portable 
  • It allows you to cut long pieces of wood

However, in some projects, you may find a reciprocating saw as more beneficial than others. Most significantly, the jigsaw is perhaps the one you can go without, but they are inexpensive and perfect for dealing with weird projects and completing the job.  Also, it allows you to cut long cuts. 

Finally, when it comes to doing any kind of cabinet or finishing a woodworking project, choosing a compound miter saw could be the best option. On the level of safety, ease of use and versatility, a basic compound miter saw could be your favorite as the most versatile unit for your cutting needs. 

There you have a list of the most versatile types of saws for both DIY and business needs. You can choose anyone according to your projects’ needs.

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