What purposes does the water have in a wet tile saw?

There are several purposes which water serves in a wet tile saw, here we will discuss in details of how water comes handy in tile saw and the specific purposes water serve in a wet tile saw:

Purpose of water in a wet tile saw at a glance:

  • Carries away cut materials.
  • Eradicates the dust which is airborne.
  • Lessens noise.
  • Cools down the blade and it makes it last longer.
  • It helps in damping the effect of blade vibration being slurry. As a result, you will get a smoother cut.

So, basically, water helps in eliminating dust, it initiates smoother cut, cools down the blade. Without water, it is impossible to cool down the blade and lubricate the cut.

To put it in a broad manner, water in a wet tile saw carries away the material emitted from cutting. The airborne dust or any other type of dust gets eliminated with the help of water. Also, water is vital in dampening blade vibration and providing smoother cuts.

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It is to note that the indulgence of water makes the self-life of the blade far more extended than it is without it. If by any chance you decide to cut dry any diamond blades, it would lose diamonds after a few strokes.  It would be such a waste to cut the expensive blade dry without the help of water.

Maybe you can avoid the usage of water and inhibit dry cutting in terms of masonry blades. And for that, you have to take extra precautions like wearing a good dust mask. It is because the ceramic dust is quite dangerous to inhale.

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