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Why Were Chainsaws Invented? Don’t Miss To Know The Horrific Reason.

Chainsaw is relatively light in weight but can do the job efficiently. These are great tools for cutting wood with high productivity and reliability. Why Were Chainsaws Invented? If you don’t know, now is the time to know the purpose.

The initial answer may sound scary to you, but it’s not as bad as you might think. Initially, the purpose of the invention was to help women give birth to a child. Not always, only for special reasons. If a woman gives birth to a baby in the Reach position or is too big or ‘stuck,’ this tool is needed to cut the cartilage and ligaments to get the baby out. In the past, the need for such devices was less when all babies were born normally through the birth canal. But why was a chainsaw invented? Now you must want to know.

This version of the chainsaw was invented in 1780-Credit: Sabine Salfer/WikiCommons.

Why Were Chainsaws Invented For

Mainly the chainsaw invented for childbirth. The image of a modern chainsaw came to mind to make it uninterrupted, no matter how stuck the unborn child was. However, it is not like the chainsaw usually cutting trees, like a big knife with a chain. You may not have thought before that there was a relationship between chainsaws and childbirth, or what was the original use of a chainsaw? You may know why were chainsaws originally invented but there were some after effects using the chainsaws.

According to the Canadian Medical Association Journal, German physician and orthopedist Bernhard Hein invented a medical device called the “osteotome” in 1830, a revolutionary weapon for cutting bones. The 1830 chainsaw was a handheld device that included a long blade. It is attached to a sprocket wheel that rotates a handle and indicates a chain with sharp teeth around it.

Some reports say that in the early twentieth century, John Muir, an inventor, and naturalist, transferred the idea of ​​osteotomy to the large mechanical machine. Muir’s invention of the logging chainsaw weighed hundreds of pounds, which required a crane for operation.

Who invented the chainsaw?

Why was the chainsaw invented? or when were chainsaws invented? In this context come the names of two Scottish doctors who first invented and used it in the 1780s. John Aitken and James Jeffray designed their watch based on the teeth of a watch chain positioned with the crank of the hand. They are the ones who invented the saw. In 1780 chainsaw was used for other medical procedures such as removing diseased bones, cutting infected flesh, and amputating limbs. However, the history of chainsaws suggests that these were originally designed to deliver babies, although initially used for primary treatment purposes. At this point, hopefully, your question about how was the chainsaw invented has been resolved.

Credit: WikiMedia Commons/Public Domain

Chainsaws Invented for Childbirth

Were chainsaws invented to help with childbirth? If it is, so why were chainsaws invented for childbirth? The use of a medical chainsaw for delivery continued into the late 1800s and improved from the 1700s. However, according to many, it is still used in some parts of the world when a cesarean is impossible. Both chainsaws and giggle saws were used to mutilate limbs, including dead flesh and bones. Anyway, the main purpose of the chainsaw invention was to help women with childbirth problems.

Chainsaws Invented for Childbirth

Doctors used a chainsaw during symphysiotomies, a procedure performed during the delivery of a woman in a cesarean section, which is now a modern practice. In symphysiotomy, the cartilage and ligaments of a pelvic joint are widened to allow a baby to be born without difficulty. At symphysiotomy, chainsaws were at risk for women for infections, pain, bladder injury, and even long-term walking difficulties.

Problems With Using Chainsaws For Childbirth?

You understand why chainsaws were invented for childbirth. The method of using chainsaws for delivery is called symphysiotomy. Many people interpret this procedure as an old surgical process. It allows the mother’s pelvis to be widened by splitting the cartilage symphysis to make it easier for the baby to access. Undoubtedly, the answer to your question will be positive if you know where chainsaws were invented to help with childbirth.

Unfortunately, this method brings several problems for women. In many cases, it has been observed that people in Ireland had health problems, mostly in many pregnant women, due to continuing this method. Also, after chainsaw childbirth, mothers lost the ability to walk and stand on their feet. Chainsaw childbirth has many lifelong reactions where women may have problems with their vagina and small bones inside.

Here are some of the ones that cause chainsaws:

  • Bone breaking
  • Breech birth
  • Baby head failing to move through the mother’s birth canal
  • Shoulders stuck

It has been widely used since the invention of the hand crank chainsaw, but because of all these disadvantages, doctors have researched and found more simple and advanced methods. Currently, a cesarean section is the best replacement for the chainsaw procedure, where women are less likely to have significant harm.

When Did They Stop Using Chainsaws For Childbirth?

As physicians discovered better methods, the use of chainsaws became unnecessary. People in the West, in particular, fully agreed to stop using chainsaws in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The use of chainsaws during delivery remains incomplete. Although closed in Western countries, many underdeveloped countries still use chains for medical purposes when a cesarean section is impossible.

What was a symphysiotomy?

If you have questions about why chainsaws were originally invented, symphysiotomy was originally used in place of the Caesarean Section. The procedure, however, carries the risk of some intricate complications such as urethral and bladder injury, infection, pain, and long-term walking. It is estimated that between 1944 and 1987, about 1,500 women in the Republic of Ireland underwent symphysiotomy without their children’s consent.

With the evolution of technology, symphysiotomy began to lose its support. While it was considered less suitable for surgery, a logger from San Francisco realized that the chainsaw could be useless for cutting giant redwood trees.

What Is The History Of The Chainsaw, And When Were They First Used?

How were chainsaws invented? It is what you know about the history of chainsaw inventions and why chainsaws were invented. You must know that the original use of a chainsaw was to help give birth to a child. This chainsaw, invented by two doctors, could have been used as a substitute for a cesarean section if the baby was stuck during delivery. Gradually this method became extinct because the use of chainsaws during delivery caused women to face many problems later on, which lasted for a lifetime.

The first chainsaw was operated only by hand, which has turned into an electrically powered device and instantly completes tree felling. Electric chainsaws were invented in 1926. The early models were much larger and needed to be operated by two men. Later, after World War II, the chainsaw improved dramatically because aluminum made it even lighter.

Was The Chainsaw Invented With Tree Cutting in Mind?

Do you know what was the chainsaw originally invented for? It is important to know why were chainsaws created in this long discussion. The idea of ​​cutting down trees was not in the inventor’s mind when the chainsaw was invented. Doctors used chainsaws during childbirth because the cesarean section was not available then. It was not used in normal childbirth, but chainsaws were very effective if there were interruptions during delivery, and that is why chainsaws were made.

Was The Chainsaw Invented With Tree Cutting in Mind

The idea of ​​cutting down trees came much later when its use in childbirth almost ceased. Cesarean has taken the place of chainsaw childbirth with many benefits which are continuing. With the help of a chainsaw, wood or tree can be cut in a very short time. Cutting down trees or wood is a lot of hard work. But with this machine, you will be freed from toil. Also, pocket chain saws are very popular as cutting tools because they are lightweight, foldable, easy to carry, sharp, and strong enough to cut large and hardwood.

Since the chainsaw is one of the most traumatic tools, in order not to lead the operation to unpleasant consequences, all components and processes of this unit need to be maintained in good condition. Installing a new chain or a refined old one is an easy process but requires some experience. Electric chainsaws are a useful tool that people can use individually. Whether cutting down trees, cutting down timber, or cutting hedges in the garden, electronic chainsaws ensure that the work is done efficiently and quickly. But before you start working with it, you must read the attached instructions carefully and do several preparatory activities. They will help avoid damage to the unit and ensure safe operation.

Most models have an ergonomically sized handle so that people can handle them perfectly. On the one hand, a difference is made between the electric chainsaws in the cutting length, which can be up to 40 cm, and on the other hand, the motor power can be up to 2,400 watts.

What Was The Original Use Of A Chainsaw?

Why was chainsaw invented? Well, see the picture of a chainsaw and think of what’s on your mind. In general, you’ll imagine that it is a very effective tool for cutting wood. But is it really made for this purpose? No, the history of its invention may surprise you. John Aitken and James Jeffray were Scottish surgeons, and they created this dangerous device to simplify the treatment process used to cut human bones and dead flesh. Now a simpler method has been discovered.

Giving birth in the best possible circumstances has not been a pleasant experience in the past. Delivery was incredibly dangerous before the development of anesthesia and other modern surgical instruments in the 18th century. Even babies bodies are stuck in the birth canal when it is impossible to cure it in the usual way. At this time, women need to cut the cartilage and bones to widen the pelvic area, which cannot be done with just a sharp knife. So a chainsaw was invented as a more precise and humane alternative that helped in childbirth for a long time. This is how chainsaws were invented.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What were chainsaws originally used for?

Ans: Chainsaws powered by hand cranks were originally used to make childbirth less time-consuming.

Why did they invent chainsaws?

Ans: In 1780, two doctors discovered chains to make pelvic bone removal easier and less time-consuming.

What was the first chainsaw used for?

Ans: In the past, there were various complications in childbirth, at which time chainsaw was invented as an effective medical device.

What did the first chainsaw look like?

Ans: The first chainsaw looked like a modern-day kitchen knife with little teeth on a chain and wound in an oval.

How do I tighten the chain on a Husqvarna chainsaw?

Ans: To tighten the Husqvarna chainsaw, Rotate it clockwise and counterclockwise to loosen it. The chain should not be over-tightened as it may break.

What year was the chainsaw invented?

Ans: In 1830, German orthopedist Bernhard Heine designed the first chainsaw, called the osteotome, which was used for many later treatments.


Reviewing Chainsaws’ present and past usage, you will notice a huge difference because you know why were chainsaws invented. The main purpose of the chainsaw invention was to use it for medical purposes because first aid and childbirth were often complicated. Since there was no cesarean section, the chainsaw would have been enough to handle the complicated situation when a baby had been born. However, the subsequent response to the use of the chainsaw was not pleasant as the women suffered from a variety of lifelong problems.

There is no use of chainsaws in childbirth treatment for all these reasons and the evolution of time. It has gained widespread popularity due to the advantageous features of the Caesar method. Chainsaws instead of medical equipment are working as a great tool for cutting trees. Before cutting down trees with chainsaws, it was a dangerous task and time-consuming.

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