Worx WG309 Electric Pole Saw In 2022

Do you face difficulty trimming branches at the top of the tree? Are you tired of trimming branches through the old version saw? Are you looking for a high-quality pole saw through which you can cut branches easily?

My father was a carpenter. He used to cut branches and sell them. So I grew up with a passion for making products of wood. But for a long time, I was facing difficulty trimming branches at the top of the tree. So I was looking for a saw through which I can cut branches of the tree easily. That would be comfortable.

Some of my friends suggested that I should use an electric pole saw. Then I started to research about the best saw. After searching a lot, I found this wonder.

WORX pole saw can change your life radically. This machine works like magic. 

Today, I will review one of my favorite WORX pole saw models: WORX wg309 pole saw.

Worx Wg309 Electric Pole Saw Reviews

I must say this machine has got a lot of outstanding features. I’m sure after knowing it’s technical and operational features you will be excited to buy it.

Its Company Name is WORX. The model of this upgraded pole saw is WG309. Check the model before you buy. It has got a very high speed, that is 28 ft/s.

You won’t be disappointed by color. Usually, this machine is available in orange and black color. It is very lightweight. WORX pole saw is 9.5 (Ibs).

It is an 8amp saw. Its bar length is around 10inch. As it is corded, so its power source is corded electric. Moreover, it has three years of limited warranty. 

WORX WG309 8 Amp 10″ 2-In-1 Electric Pole Saw & Chainsaw with Auto-Tension

Product Specifications:

  • Motor – 8 amps
  • Weight – 10 pounds
  • Extension pole – 8 feet
  • It is very lightweight
  • Auto-tensioning system
  • Automatic oil pump

Worx pole saw has a switch through which you can start and stop your work. As it is electric, there is no worry about the battery. You can extend the pole saw and trim.

This WORX electric pole saw is very well built, which comes with a plug. 

  • It is lightweight.
  • Easy to move.
  • This electric pole saw is very smooth.
  • It is cheaper than a cordless pole saw.
  • Reduce fatigue.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • It is available almost everywhere.
  • Ensure accurate cuts.
  • You don’t need to be worried about the battery.
  • It is reliable while cutting.
  • Very much comfortable.
  • It maintains all possible safety issues.
  • It reduces over-tightening.
  • Efficient for a faster cut.
  • Not so friendly for beginners.
  • As it is an electrical product, you need to be a little careful.
  • It always needs to be plugged in

Let’s Give A Glance At How The WORX Pole Saw Can Help You.

We all should try new upgraded products which will give us comfort. Using reliable and upgraded products makes our work easy. Well, if you think about why you should buy a home depot pole saw, then let me give you all of your answers.

We all want products that are easy to use. When you are trimming branches, then easy use does matter a lot. That’s why you should use this machine because it will make your work easier and more comfortable.  

If you are on the floor and don’t want to climb on a ladder, this WORX pole saw is perfect. You can extend the chain according to your feasibility and prune limbs. You can extend this up to 10-inch.

Don’t we all love to finish our work on time? We do. However, this machine will help you to manage your time better than a manual one.

Moreover, a pole saw helps you to save energy. For example, you don’t have to climb a tree to cut branches. You can do it by extending the extension pole. 

I am giving a glimpse of exciting facts of the WORX wg309 pole saw in the next segment.

Interesting Facts About WORX wg309 Pole Saw.

This Worx wg309 electric pole saw 10-inch is super flexible. These flexibility features attract me more to this machine. You don’t need to pressure yourself to work with it. It is very smooth and flexible.

We all buy products with which we can do our work correctly. At least I prefer such products. This corded pole saw is ideal for trimming branches. It ensures an accurate cut.

The electric pole saw is exceptionally lightweight. So it is easy to carry. Moreover, it has such a beautiful colour that will attract you.

Many people get confused between corded ones and cordless pole saw ones. Let me clear your confusion from my perspective. I suggest a corded one. Let me describe why.

This well-built electric pole saw comes with a plug system. You have to plug it in.

We all want a product to be durable, right? I prefer this feature more. Worx 8amp 10inch electric corded pole saw is durable.

If you are looking to buy this pole saw, you might need a proper buyer’s guide. So, I am giving you a helpful buyer’s guide which will assist you in choosing the best WORX pole saw. 

A Complete Buyer’s Guide About WORX Wg309 Pole Saw

Well, I believe in multiple-use, durability, and comfort. When I first saw this machine, its colour and design attracted me. I jumped to buy this machine. Trust me, after buying it, I was impressed. 

You can buy it from their website. Besides, you will find many online stores and websites also. Such as Amazon, homedepot.com, and many more websites are selling this machine.

Easy using

It is so easy to use. You can use it on the tree-extending pole saw. After that, you can also use a typical chain saw on the ground floor. This electric pole saw is so smooth and comfortable while working.


Moreover, you can adjust the pole saw using the standard chain saw on the ground floor. It is ideal for medium-height trees. It is easy to attach and detach. Very fast and efficient to cut. This electric pole saw will make your trimming very easy by rotating the pole saw. 

Reasonable price 

I never get worried about battery and charging. Moreover, it is cheap and affordable. WORX is giving a limited warranty also. So, isn’t it great news?


When it comes to the use of an electrical product, the first question jumps in our head if it is safe. This pole saw has no safety issues. If you be more careful, that is enough.

Reduce fatigue

It reduces fatigue. Moreover, its low kickback bar provides safety. So, if you give priority to your safety, then You must have this machine. 

Auto chain tension

However, this pole saw has a fantastic feature of auto chain tension. Auto Chain Tension decreases over-tightening. Moreover, it helps the machine smooth while working.


Comfort is one of the most valuable qualities. If you give priority to comfort, then this machine is super perfect for you. Your fingers will not be cramped while working. So you won’t have any problem working as much as you want.


WORX pole saw is durable. Moreover, it is easy to control through the switch. Anytime you can turn it on and off according to your wish.

Easy moving

It is not so heavy so you can move it very quickly. You will feel comfortable. Your finger will not be cramped.

Multiple-way of use

Well, You can use this WORX wg309 pole saw in multiple ways. As it has an attached pole saw with a chain saw, you can use the pole. Even you don’t want to use the pole, then you can use only the chain saw.


We all like our product to be beautiful, right? Thus this machine is the perfect one. I must say WORX wg309 pole saw has got a fabulous design. It comes in some beautiful colours.

I can’t finish counting the good qualities of the WORX pole saw. When you can get the best pole saw with some fantastic features, you should miss the chance? No!

I genuinely recommend this one because I think this company has made the best version of the pole saw. In a nutshell, this WORX electric pole saw is my favourite one to use.


Moreover, this electric pole saw has terrific features of maneuverability. It has eight amps. It also has the feature of auto tension. It is two in one. Besides, it is well balanced while working. You can rotate it to 180°.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I’m excited to buy this machine, but does it come pre-assembled?

No, it doesn’t come pre-assembled. But it is effortless to adjust and use. You can adjust according to your work using the pole saw.

If it doesn’t come with oil, which oil. Will it suit it?

It usually comes with oil. But if it doesn’t, then you can use any bar and chain oil. It is very smooth, so you can use any of them.

If it starts to leak oil, what should I do to prevent it?

Normal oil leakage is acceptable. But if it starts to leak more, then I would say you should use only enough oil and not put extra.

Do I have to use gas to operate it?

No, not at all. As it is electric, so you don’t need to put gas into it. You have to use oil to operate it.

Is it complicated to adjust the pole?

No. It is effortless to adjust. You will find plastic housing at the end of the pole. You have to notch it to adjust.

Where is this product made in?

This WORX wg309 pole saw is made in China.


Indeed, a lot of confusion is coming to your mind. Confusions come to while thinking to buy an electric pole saw. But I can assure you that the WORX pole saw will make your life easier. I’m sure you will have a great experience using it.

It gives us extra happy when we can conduct our work in multiple ways. At least it gives me extra pleasure. You can use it by keeping limbs on the floor.

You will get two features in one machine. It is both reliable and durable. Moreover, it is cheaper. It is also not so heavy to carry.

All these things that I mentioned above should be considered before buying a WORX chainsaw, or pole saw. I can say it will be the best one for you.


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